Audi And Lamborghini Both Reportedly Considering Electric Supercars

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The Now Defunct Audi R8 e-tron

Audi and Lamborghini might be building electric supercars

VW Group is rolling out the EVs in the next few years, it seems.

Former Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann wasn’t convinced that the Italian supercar maker would ever produce a vehicle with anything other than a pure gasoline engine under the hood. But with new CEO Stefano Domenicali at the helm, that could change.

According to Automotive News, the Lamborghini boss shows an interest in building an electric supercar. With parent Volkswagen Group’s push for more hybrid and pure electric vehicles in their lineup, that thinking could trickle down to the performance-oriented automaker in the form of a low-slung supercar.

“Electrification is an area of great attention for us, but I’m not expecting it will happen in the short term,” Domenicali said in an interview at the Geneva auto show. “We need to be realistic,” Domenicali suggesting that if a pure electric Lamborghini does happen, it won’t be for the next few years.

Lamborghini Urus

Already, the company has confirmed reports of a plug-in Urus SUV, which will be on the market by 2020. The proposed electric supercar, meanwhile, won’t be ready until at least 2025, if at all.

Even though Lamborghini is still on the fence regarding its electric supercar project, another famed VW subsidiary, Audi, is reportedly moving forward with plans to compete with the likes of Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin, and others. According to Autocar, Audi CEO Rupert Stradler said that an electric or hybrid hypercar could be here by the end of the decade.

No word on whether the car will be purely electric, or use some from of hybrid powertrain similar to the technology found on Audi Le Mans cars. “I am looking forward to what’s possible in terms of new technology,” said Stadler.

Source: Autocar, Automotive News

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5 responses to "Audi And Lamborghini Both Reportedly Considering Electric Supercars"

  1. Someone out there says:

    Of course they will. Internal combustion has reached end of the line. It’s time to shift to something better

    1. trackdaze says:

      I thinks its more likely to follow the example of the i8 or the konneigsegg regara.

  2. Philastine says:

    Electric is a stop gap that will develop the drive technology for the real replacement that is hydrogen fuel cells.

  3. SJC says:

    The Audi R8e has been off and on again for quite a while.

  4. bogdan says:

    Are sick and tired of getting beaten by every Tesla on the road?
    Tesla isn’t drag racing supercars anymore, cause they stand no chance. It’s just dragracing specially modified drag race cars now.