See Lot Full Of Audi e-tron SUVs Outside Of Factory


We get a first glimpse of Audi e-tron electric SUVs parked outside the factory.

InsideEVs’ reader and supporter Ashot Hovhannisyan reached out to us via email with some exclusive shots at the Audi Brussels factory in Belgium. He was able to snap some photos of a number of Audi e-tron vehicles at the factory. In addition, he is waiting for them to start factory tours so that he can attend and keep us informed.

The Audi Brussels plant is slated to become the automaker’s core for its current and future electrification efforts. According to Jan Maris, Production Manager at Audi Brussels:

Audi provides the mobility of the future, and the Brussels factory plays a key role. One of the things that is completely new in the Audi e-tron is that the battery is fully integrated into the load-bearing structure of the vehicle’s floor. This means taking a lot of safety precautions during construction, and exercising a level of precision in battery assembly which is itself setting new standards.

If Ashot is able to get us more definitive shots or information about his factory tour, we’ll share in the future.

Below is a gallery of the images of the Audi e-tron he has secured to date:

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“One of the things that is completely new in the Audi e-tron is that the battery is fully integrated into the load-bearing structure of the vehicle’s floor.”

Isn’t this how the Bolt and Teslas work as well?

Also, it’s going to be pretty embarrassing for Jaguar if VAG can successfully volume produce these things before they can do so with the I-Pace.

Jaguar does not have the same financial ressources than Audi / Volkswagen.

Even so, they’re both extremely low volume cars.

Compare Audi’s gas model production with the measly number of these 2 row, $90,000 tall station wsgons. Now you get the picture.

It may be no coincidence that Audi rhymes with Saudi! 😀

OK, but they were outsourcing the production of the I-Paces to Magna, which was supposed to mean they would start rolling off the line pretty quickly and at high quality. Something isn’t going quite right with that.

Jaguar is owned by Tata which also owns Land Rover. Audi was just hit with another $1B penalty.

Welcome to the party!
Can’t wait to see EV sales figures clime once again.

OMG. Cars stocking up! No Sales! Call the SHORTS!
Fing stupid short arguments.

It’s proof, no one wants to buy Ev’s!
Damn you beat me to it!

No, no, no! They are all just piling up waiting for those 1cm panel gaps to be reworked.

Yep, if this were Tesla even the New York Times would print the FUD about how unsold cars are piling up on lots.

Take your meds Rex. It’s going to be ok.

When I see the lots full of cars (whoever the maker is) I think “yes, more EV’s to be rolled out to customers!” I just can’t wait for a cheaper end small electric ute to come out. Even a Kia Soul with 200+ miles would be great for me

Neither their main production line nor their profit suffers from few low volume pre-production cars stocking up. I don’t think shorts will care.

Though unlike certain competing CEO, they were quite effective criminals with “epic burn” of shorts when manipulating market some years ago. Now some from the gang sit in real jail, others are locked in their home country avoiding extradition, and the company (shareholders) pay billions in fines & settlements to everybody around with no end in sight. As usual neither securities fraud nor all other kinds of crime pays off in the end, whatever is your product drivetrain, diesel or electric.

Beautiful cars!

..”why can’t American companies make those cars”

And there will still be some guys in a couple month calling this vaporware.

Is it non vaporware when they make 12,000 units per year, then?

Well, Audi said there are more R8 eTrons.

Thank you Ashot for the pictures.

If you go back there, you can hold your phone or camera between the fence bars to get cleaner shots.

My question is: Is this the whole production run for 2019? 😀

OK, it’s a joke, alright? Audi will make AT LEAST TWICE this many e-trons for all of 2019…

small lot.

Audi will take a huge share of the Premium-SUV Market!

I had an interesting interaction with an Audi mechanic last night, I asked him what he thought about the eTron, he then psent about 15 minutes telling how electric cars are bad, how they are expensive to repair, blah blah, how I should wait until the ‘Gen 1’ cars have been working through. Trying to feed me BS that EVs are worse for the environment than ICE. I just sat there and let him prattle for a bit, I didn’t see any point in trying to educate him, as I’m pretty sure he knew he was spouting lies. Going on and on about how expensive the repairs for this and that were. Basically all the crap that I’ve heard that dealers tell prospective EV buyers.

More or less convinced me that Audi techs either don’t have good diagnostic tools, or that their parts are ridiculously overpriced. I hope some dealerships are wiser than this one and convince them that if they miss the boat for EVs, they’re going to be struggling pretty mightily in 5 year.

I don’t see the stock-piling an issue. Who knows, maybe Audi is waiting on the necessary legislations (crash tests, NEDC/WLTP) to be finalized before delivery.
Has there been an official release date for the E-Tron yet?

Official release date was September 2018 for Europe