Audi e-tron SUV: The Electric Car Guys Nerdy Ad

DEC 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Those nerds know everything about the e-tron.

We are accustomed to a particular image of car guys or petrol heads. Some car enthusiasts even think that they – as “real car guys” – will never switch to electric cars.

And here comes Audi with a brilliant idea to make an e-tron ad – The Electric Car Guys – but we are not sure whether you will be pleased with the outcome. Regardless, it’s fun to watch.

Audi e-tron SUV: The Electric Car Guys

The first-ever all-electric Audi e-tron SUV isn’t just ushering in a new era of driving, but also an entirely new way of talking about it.

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Are they anti-selling the car? Who is this supposed to appeal to? If it’s purely parodying what “car guys” are like by portraying nerds as the car guys of EV’s, then it’s gonna sell zero cars. Nerds don’t want to be patronised to, most people don’t want to be nerds. Am I missing something here?

You do miss the point that it’s actually cool to be a nerd or geek!

Yes, but “Car guys” are not nerds… I think that’s the point he wants to make.

Nerds buy the latest and greatest and change it like fashion every couple years to the latest. Car guys buy one and keep it and pass it on to their grand kids…

Car companies like nerds.

I don’t miss that point at all. I’m a huge nerd. I’ve gone to LAN parties, which they mention in the video. But I don’t act like a stereotype from The Big Bang Theory. My point is that I think it’s a bad ad that won’t sell the car.

They’re targeting California nerds, the largest and they may think only market for this car.
This is def-anti-selling for the general public.

The thing I don’t get is why this would appeal to a California nerd. Do California nerds like The Big Bang Theory? Being talked down to isn’t normally a great sales strategy.

You all here, reading these websites are EV nerds.

And proud of it!

Excuse me, but the PC term you’re searching for is plugheads.

And as for the ad, I liked it. It was a good mix of techie details and inoffensive “guys being guys” humor. At this stage of the lifecycle of EV tec, this is an excellent ad, as it helps mainstream the notion of (gasp!) buying a vehicle that doesn’t use ANY LIQUID FUEL AT ALL!!!

As I keep saying, we’ll know EVs have arrived when we plugheads have to endure friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers telling us breathlessly about the shiny new EV they just bought and why (wait for it) EVs are so much better than “regular cars”. It will be annoying as heck, but I can’t wait for it to happen. I’ve been practicing my knowing smile response since I got my first EV in 2013.

One of the managers at work just bought a used Volt. He stops by my area each morning to report yesterday’s range. Lol. This is a 700hp custom Camaro guy.

I traded my HEMI for a Volt years ago.

I don’t know if identifying as an EV qualify as EV nerd. EV queer?

Which one is Mark Kane and which one is Steven Loveday?

I am also like this EV nerds in the comercial when I should explain the technical things for an electric car and I like when I can people explaine this things.
I like Tesla and also every other EV. Your every people is the perfect EV outside.
The well looking Ipace, the normal looking Audi, the Konas and the Teslas.

“and the geeks shall inherit the earth”, this is awesome, its introducing stats and new verbate to bat back and forth, giving gearheads security in knowing that they can still talk slap about cars and confuse those of us who just drive to work.

This ad wouldn’t work well in most States. And the Big Expert in the ad claiming that an “Aluminum Asynchronous Rotor” is some how of a technology advance, when all extra-cheap motors have aluminum bars in the rotor. If that’s the extent that they can claim that a 19th century design is something to draw attention to, it just shows the miracle of advertising and nothing more. If pushed – they will probably claim the nonsense that other Motor manufacturers do – that of “100% Copper Windings”. (The fact that the current conductors in the rotor happen to be aluminum is still ok since they are bars and not ‘windings’). To most normal people, this ad is a ‘turnoff’. Perhaps they cannot go in to the relative strengths and weaknesses of doing things one way or another, but they surely don’t want to be associated with a Snarky know-it-all. This ad is not so different from the first AT&T desktop computer ad (from around 36 years ago) (lookalike to the 8086 family based original IBM PC) that had a yelling supervisor DEMANDING people buy the AT&T machine because, among other things this was the first computer that didn’t need air… Read more »

“This ad wouldn’t work well in most States”

Most states are empty space with an idiot GOP voting redneck and 40 miles of scrub brush.

The states this would play well in also have most of the population and most of the money and most of the economic activity.

Those other states can blow me.

They don’t need commercials. I am already sold on it. I just need lower price! =)

And deliver it.

Still delayed I believe.

Why is there so many criticism about the commercial. Shouldn’t the consensus be that we’re all happy that at least Audi is promoting their EV’s unlike other brands. I have never seen a Prius Prime, Volt, Soul EV, e-Golf, Clarity or any other PHEV/BEV commercials on T.V (in the Toronto area on cable).
I’ve now seen the Electric has gone Audi more than 10 times.
The Outlander PHEV is the only other commercial I’ve actually seen.
Maybe with this “push” by Audi marketing, there will be more brands willing to promote their EV’s.

Nerd! I don’t know what it is, but i want one!