Audi E-Tron SUV Spied In As Close To Production Form Yet


Debut scheduled for August 30.

In a bit more than three months time from now, we will finally see the final version of Audi’s first-ever production electric crossover. The Tesla Model X-rivalling E-Tron SUV will be revealed on August 30, and a fresh set of spy photos shows the engineers are putting the finishing touches of the vehicle.

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Our talented spy photographers have sent us this batch of shots with a near production prototype of the EV, undergoing testing in southern Germany. Only a thin layer of camouflage, very similar to the disguise the E-Tron prototype from March this year used, is covering what is likely the last version of the body. The only detail that’s still shrouded in mystery is the rear lighting cluster, which appears to be a large single LED bar with two LED taillights.

Under the clothes will be an electric propulsion, which will produce somewhere in the region of 435 horsepower (320 kilowatts), and even 503 hp (379 kW) during a temporary power boost. What’s more important, the vehicle will be able to travel up to 248.5 miles (400 kilometers) at a single charge, measured by the new Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), which gives more realistic range figures than the optimistic NEDC.

Using a high-power charging station, the 95-kilowatthour lithium-ion battery, mounted within the car’s floor, can be recharged for just 30 minutes. If a 400-volt three-phase outlet is used, the charging time increases significantly to about eight and a half hours.

The crossover will be joined by a more stylish Sportback variant next year, and Audi wants to add a third EV member shortly after with the launch of a purely electric sedan. It will reportedly borrow the underpinnings of the production Porsche Mission E and will feature a four-door sedan body. By the middle of the next decade, the German automaker wants to sell no less than 800,000 electrified vehicles per year.

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21 Comments on "Audi E-Tron SUV Spied In As Close To Production Form Yet"

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It still looks like a Q5.

One thing that stands out to me is the liftgate opening appears to be much smaller and does not have the clamshell design found on the Q-series crossovers.

“can be recharged for just 30 minutes.”
It will be 80% full by then. This thing charges at 150kW from start to finish.

I think the most important charge time specification is 20 – 80% charge time and range. This is what you are likely to do for highway travel. If I had a Model 3 LR and was driving long distance I would try to drive it down to 20% and charge it up to 80% to minimize time wasted at chargers. This is pretty close to the 170 miles in 30 mins Tesla quotes. Top off over night at hotel to balance cells on an L2 charger.

It is exciting to see it getting closer to production, Hopefully unveil this summer?

But it is vaporware (rolls eyes). Looks great, not far off at all. I am excited to see all the new EVs coming.

Can’t wait for this thing to be released. Not because I consider buying one, but because people have to finally shut up about VWAG not being serious about EVs.

Releasing one vehicle late doesn’t make them ‘serious’.

Yelp and still waiting for the production id here in USA they been proclaiming since 2016

It will arrive 2020 in Europe, so you’re either getting it 2021 or not at all.

Thats too long. The Jaguar I-Pace electric will be in the U S in August 2018. Waymo already ordered 20k of them for self driving.

“Just around the corner”

How can this thing have a range of only 248.5 miles with a 95-kW battery, while the Jag IPace has a range of 298 miles with a 90-kW battery?

Its much larger, heavier and probably less aerodynamic by the looks of it.

It also has three motors.

Because it is a freaking tank.

EPA vs WLTP probably, also what Vik wrote

Nope, both the i-Pace & Audi have their ranges given under the WLTP test — AFAIK this will now be a requirement for every car in the EU.
Going by a few cars which have now had their WLTP numbers quoted, and that also have official US EPA range numbers, WLTP generally looks to be about 10%-15% more optimistic than the combined EPA range number.

These are hardly “spy photos”. The camo is poor, they were taken close up professionally while the car was sitting still and has #etron printed right on the side so you can go and look up more info on twitter, or the web. Legacy manufacturers have figured out that the “leaking” of “spy” photos is a good way to create a buzz for free.

The good news is, the car looks for real and it is coming. Probably still priced high.

You know, there are photographers specialized in taking pictures of new cars. Those guys know the spots ,e.g. around Nürnburgring or in Scandinavia and are usually equipped with good cameras. Manufacturers know that and with new cars they nowadays try out new marketing concepts (therefore the # to create some buzz).

I would not impute that audi paid that guy. It is more the case that they jump on the train and try to profit from it. And why shouldn’t they. I mean the camouflage thing, it is really childish. Everybody knows that this car is gonna be an AUDI E-SUV.

I’ve read that they’re going to ask around $100,000 US for this thing. If they think they’re going to move 800K units a year at that price, they’re out of their flipping Teutonic minds. I hate to sound like a Tesla fanboi here, but it strikes me that the mainstream car manufacturers are doing to EVs what they did to the manual transmission — build cars that have either undesirable trim levels (Chevy Bolt) or are prohibitively expensive for what you get (e-tron) and then claim that the public doesn’t really want them when they don’t sell.