Audi Finally Ramps Up e-tron Registrations In Germany Into Triple Digits

DEC 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

Customer deliveries to start in early 2019

In much of 2018 (January-October), Audi in Germany was registering on average more than 20 all-electric cars every month (234 total). In November alone 220 BEVs were registered.

Audi’s electric flagship e-tron has been in production since September 2018 but we didn’t yet hear of any customer deliveries as the German manufacturer encountered some problems and delays.

With new registrations coming in at a three-digit volume, we should now expect first deliveries and ramp up in sales in early 2019.

A similarly slow ramp up was earlier seen with the Jaguar I-PACE.

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I don’t see how Audi registering cars has anything to do with delivering cars to third parties. Cars are registered by the customers, you buy cars unregistered in Germany. This is what makes it a new car.

Audi easily needs the first couple thousands of the etron quattro themselves as training and advertising material. Than there are demo cars for the Audi dealers and VIPs.
Sales for German customers are much more attractive next year since taxation for EV company cars basically is halved on the 1st of Jan 2019.

The wording above is slightly misleading. KBA Data just means that this Type has been issued an official license plate in a certain quantity, no matter to whom.

And btw this number is probably already above MX for November… Total Sales for Tesla in October in Germany were 62 cars…

European November numbers for Tesla are generally much higher than October. Though still down compared to last year in most countries, as most shipments are staying in the US or going to the Netherlands right now because of upcoming tax changes…

A fact that escapes Alex the serial anti-Tesla FUDster.

The total number for November is 122 Tesla’s in Germany, incl. 1 M3.

A couple hundred demonstration etc. units seems normal; I don’t see why they would need thousands…

The changes affect only ongoing taxation AIUI; so it shouldn’t matter whether cars are bought right now or next year?…

A lot of those will likely go to fleet customers.

That would be a good thing, since fleet cars tend to have high mileages… Though I fear most will just keep buying alibi-PHEVs that they never charge 🙁

Really. Etron has yesterday’s range in tomorrow’s car.

Yes, the range/efficiency remain a big question for this, the i Pace and the upcoming MB and BMW EV SUV/wagon things. It will be interesting to see how they do in tests by (methodical) third parties and whether these manufacturers will be able to make improvements.

Otherwise this Audi it seems fantastic and preferable (range/efficiency aside) to the Model X IMHO. The Europeans have nothing yet to compete with the Model S and Model 3. Exciting times over the next couple of years for those in the market for a premium EV (not me). Hoping the Kona/Niro and 60kwh Leaf come to the US in significant numbers.

Already enough practical numbers for the e-tron out there. 29kwh when you drive 100km at the speed of 120km/h. i-pace like…
besides that a likeable audi, very quiet and calm driving, high interior quality

The software is far from fantastic or preferable. And that’s a big part of the ownership experience.

The 220 registered ones are probably registered by Audi themselves. There are no customer registrations as of yet.
The production of the car still continues. Supposedly they need to get a software update approved by the authorities that affects the drive train. Makes you wonder how Tesla can do OTA updates and Audi can’t update the software before shipping and still get the car registered. We’ll see.

Wake me up when they deliver 2000 a month minimum….until then…YAWN

Are you going to buy how many? 😉