Audi E-Tron Quattro Caught Testing in New Jersey


Montclair, New Jersey? Who would have thought it would be a hotspot to see pre-launch EVs testing public charging stations?

InsideEVs has seemed to identify one of the most-frequented charging station locations to catch prototype EVs charging during their validation period before launch.

The latest catch was an Audi E-Tron Quattro as well as an A8L e-Tron Quattro PHEV sedan.

This is the same location where we spotted a Porsche Taycan about 6 weeks ago. Earlier in the year, we caught a Range Rover HSE P400e PHEV there, and then a whole pack of Jaguar I-Paces back in April. It’s unclear if this is the same e-Tron Quattro spotted by InsideEVs reader, Doug B. a couple weeks ago in Colorado. If it is, it’s certainly getting around the country quickly.

Audi has announced that they will unveil the production version of the e-Tron Quattro on September 17th in San Francisco California, and begin taking reservations for the vehicle that same day. Audi is requiring a $1,000 deposit to reserve an e-Tron Quattro (Hmm, sounds familiar), and deliveries are projected to begin in early 2019.

Last summer at the Audi Summit in Barcelona, an Audi spokesman told InsideEVs that the PHEV version of the new A8 would be available in the US sometime in early 2019. It will come with a 14.1 kWh battery and is expected to deliver about 31 miles of electric range.

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Dazzle camo + hashtag make up your mind Audi.

Cool you get to stop these pre production EV there Tom! These automakers must have their base of operations somewhere not too far away.

*spot, not stop 😛

Tom, you have a good eye… Always catching the prototypes…

Nauna’s wouldn’t be offering these prototype drivers free yummy Italian food, would they? 🙂

This car appears to be equipped with different wheels than any of the other pictures I have seen (and normal mirrors). Perhaps a base model?

14.1KWh of battery, in a 2019 A8.

It’s looking like a sure thing the Germans will be up to “Volt” sized batteries, by 2020. You’ll just have to pay three times as much.

Being nice would be so much easier, if 70k worth of car would buy more than 4k worth of battery.

If all you want is an engine, you could also just get a John Deere. Most people are looking for other things in a car beyond the size of the battery.

Technically, the Volt has 14kw of usable battery, so this is still under that capacity.

Why do automakers put their vehicles in these “camo” paint/wraps/whatever? These patterns are everything EXCEPT incognito. If they’d just put a normal, inconspicuous paint job on it (you know, a grayscale color: white, black, grey, light grey, dark grey, grey, grey, grey), nobody would notice!!

I think you are underestimating fans…

I can’t wait for the e-Tron to come out! Am convinced this car is, for me, the most desirable EV to date, bar none.

It’ll be too expensive for my wallet, but I reckon getting a used one after a few years with the KONA (that I should receive in Q2/19) might be of interest!

Of course a LOT of cool cars are coming before 2021-2022, so I’m not planning beyond the KONA or anything. But so much will happen that I fear the desire to get a new car will be there after just a few years with the Hyundai, and it’s fun to think about even now. Although I’m also pretty sure the KONA will be an absolute revolution for me, my 2012 US- imported LEAF SL having lost it’s second bar on the capacity gauge (the first went at 50k km, the second at 74k km; I’m now close to 75k km on the odometer).

In five years Audi will say it’s still testing the prototype.

Hi Tom. I’m Christopher Maag, a columnist at The Record newspaper and the USA Today Network. Montclair is in our coverage area, and I think it’s cool that this spot has apparently become some sort of testing ground for new EVs. I’m wondering if there’s a story here for us. I’d love to talk to you about it. Could you call me when you get a chance, or let me know a good way to reach you? My work phone is 973-569-7121, and my email is Thanks!