Audi E-Tron Now On Sale In UK: Priced From £71,490 ($91,875)


…once the government’s Plug-In Car Grant has been applied.

Audi’s new all-electric e-tron SUV has gone on sale ahead of the first customer deliveries in April.

Prices start from £71,490 ($91,875) after the £3,500 Plug-in Car Grant has been applied, but the top-of-the-range Launch Edition variant comes in at £82,240.

The much-awaited model is the first all-electric model from Audi, although the brand has dabbled with hybrid technology for some time. E-tron badged versions of the Q7 and A3 have both used plug-in hybrid powertrains offering short-range electric capability alongside conventional internal combustion engines.

The e-tron, however, uses a 95 kWh battery to power a pair of electric motors, which combine to produce up to 402 bhp. That’s enough for a 0-62 mph time of 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph. More importantly, though, the car can be charged to 80 percent in just 30 minutes with a rapid charger, while a full charge will elicit a total range of up to 241 miles.

Audi e-tron

And because one motor is mounted on the front axle while the other sends power to the rear wheels, the e-tron is four-wheel drive. It gets adaptive air suspension, too, allowing it to modify its ride characteristics to suit the conditions or driver preferences.

But that’s not all you get as standard. Included in the asking price is Audi’s latest touchscreen infotainment system, while the driver’s instruments are replaced with a customisable digital readout called the Virtual Cockpit.

Other technology on offer includes a wireless phone charger, satellite navigation and a 360-degree bird’s-eye-view manoeuvring camera. And the e-tron gets other safety assistance gizmos too, including the lane departure warning system that alerts the driver if the car wanders across the white line without indicating.

On the outside, the standard e-tron gets 20-inch alloy wheels and LED headlights, but the Launch Edition ups the ante with black styling touches and clever cameras instead of door mirrors. These rear-facing cameras offer less air resistance than ordinary mirrors, and project the image they see on to small screens inside the cabin.

But the Launch Edition is also marked out by its high-end leather upholstery, panoramic glass sunroof and privacy glass. And the top-spec model also benefits from a “pre-conditioning” system that allows you to choose the climate control and heated seat settings via an app. As a result, the car can be warmed up before you get in and while the car is still plugged into the power, making the car more comfortable when you use it, as well as maximising the available range.

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They probably choose to launch in UK because this is a market where the model 3 is not launched already in order to avoid comparison and bad reviews.

You should be able to order them in all European countries. You certainly can in NL/DE/CH/A/F and so forth.

First deliveries in April. That’s POST-Brexit.
Big fun.

Change: spoken like a true tesla fanboi. Can’t you be happy that there are more and more EV’s available for the buying public, which I (maybe not all) can say is due to Elon (give credit where it’s due).

Doesn’t “the top-of-the-range Launch Edition” for Audi mean, you can still add five figures of extras? The German configurator doesn’t offer such an edition, but for example you can have cheap and cheerful auto folding mirrors for 350,00 EUR….

The launch edition was only available prior to the launch. Now there is only build to order.

In the Netherlands they won’t sell a lot with the new tax regime. A journalist configured the car with some options that other manufacturers deliver as standard, and came up with a 40% higher price compared to the base price.

This is going to be an important car, even if it doesn’t sell 500,000 copies a year.

We need more EVs in more form factors from more companies, ASAP. And Audi bringing out the e-tron creates a very useful aura effect for all EVs. People will see it, lust after it and all its techno-sexiness, then buy something much more affordable, like a Leaf or Bolt or a $35K Model 3.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Or a 3LRD.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Hey downvoter, a 3LRD is over 20,000 euros cheaper than the e-tron in Germany.
How much money do you have that you think that’s not much more affordable?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

None of you downvoters want to answer that question? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Büller?

They are different cars..
If people want a cheap EV they buy the “egg” triplets from PSA/Mitsubishi, or a VW e-up..

I don’t see the eTron driving people to a Leaf, Bolt, etc. but I do see it driving people to less expensive all electric SUVs. There should be a slew of less expensive all electric SUVs coming out in the next few years for people that don’t want to compromise but don’t want to pay the price of the eTron. I’m not terribly happy with my 2018 Leaf but right now I’m leaning towards keeping the Leaf and replacing my smoker SUV with an electric SUV (maybe even an eTron) for my wife to drive when they come out.

My wife drives a 2015 Fusion Energi but she won’t drive our 15 year old 4WD SUV (even though she’s the one that put all the miles on it when it was new). The last three cars I bought were all electric that I used to drive to work in place of driving the smoker SUV. My wife says that she gets to drive our next new car but letting her drive a new BEV SUV would let me get rid of her car and the smoker SUV and get me out of smokers once and for all.

They’re not able to manufacture 500K of this at the factory in Belgium. If they get 200-300K they should be stoked. It is not a cheap car – and generally cheap cars sell way more then expensive cars.

A huge fake grill, 2.5 mi/kWh, a year – or two – late, for $90K+ ?

…. next please.

No, for $73k+. Author has done the usual and just converted pounds to dollars, without considering there’s 20% tax built in to the UK price.

Little wonder it was delayed, in fact maybe they should delay it a bit longer. Not that that would help that price tag. Ouch!

Remember that this price includes 20% VAT.

For comparison: the least expensive Model X currently on sale is 115.980 EUR (roughly $131,000). The Model 3 LR AWD is 56.380 EUR (~ $64,000).

The Model X is 110,900 EUR Model 3 LR AWD is 53,500 EUR in France?

Yes but with French 6000 € incitives included.

It got top score in a Norwegian EV real life test. . So they must have done most things right. The car with a lot of extras can be really expensive though.

In Denmark the prices including VAT/taxes are
Model X: 152.000 EUR
Model 3 LR AWD: 63.000 EUR

Wanna pay extra for worse performance , nice seats though, less range , nice ride , less efficiency
Even their engineers admit it not as good as Tesla and just the drive train alone is 3000 € more expensive. Sorry guys no matter how you slice it, Tesla’s got you beat( not that they are perfect either but still way ahead of you)

So true – that is why Audi is going back to the drawing board after reverse engineering a 3 – Just saying..

Never liked it and probably never will. Fully off-road capable SUV that will probably never see anything else than asphalt.
Go make an A6 Avant EV, Audi.

They delayed the release till April to avoid winter and bad reviews. 241 miles European cycle is like 200 miles EPA. If you add winter cold then you only get 150-170 miles at best. This car is worse than the Jaguar I-Pace in efficiency!!
When people get a wind of this news next winter they could have had some traction in the market. It cannot even compare with Model 3 -standard with 220 miles. Because model 3 has excellent changing infrastructure and tech that this car doesnt and cost a whopping
($91,000 – $35,000) = $56,000 LESS

It got top score in a Norwegian EV test, in winter, doing what most people do. To and from work, to and from kindergarten, to and from stores, to and from the cabin in the mountains. I’ve only been a passenger in one and liked the seats a lot and the low noice level. I’m not a fan of Audi design, but the interior was very nice. I would have made some changes to the design of the headlights and the front (first 20cm) of the vehicle. But I’m not a potential customer, and I’m sure they have done research for what their customer group wants. After the first 20cm of the car, I think it is very nice. I’m sure I get used to the front soon enough. I think the over all package is very solid – and would work for most people. It’s another choise, and choise is good. 2 years from now, we’ll have another 15-20 BEVs to choose from. As for range, og covers what most people need. It’s not like people compare ICE vehicles, and think the car which drives the longest distance between fuel stops is the best. We need solid build quality,… Read more »