UPDATE e-Tron Priced: German EV Wave: Audi e-tron vs. Mercedes EQC vs. BMW iNEXT


The Germans are coming.

In recent years, many have already written the epitaph for the German car industry on several; occasions. They are slow to move. They will lag behind. Tesla is killing them. The Chinese are coming. We will see (input any German car maker here) go the way of Nokia after Apple released the iPhone. However, nothing of that kind has happened. Yet. And the German automakers seem fully aware of the problems ahead.

Audi e-Tron Debuts, Price Undercuts Tesla Model X

***UPDATE: Audi e-Tron revealed. Pricing info below:

E-tron Pricing

Watch the Audi E-tron livestream event here

Even Volkswagen, hit hard by the dieselgate scandal and the fines imposed by the U.S federal government, is now at work in bringing over a dozen fully electrified models in the coming years. However, the most game-ready models that are slated to hit the market in the following year or two come from Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. While the latter actually produces a fully battery-powered vehicle – the BMW i3 – it’s gearing up towards several fully electric models in the city car, sedan and crossover ranges.

While many will not agree and call this excuse making for the German automotive industry, there’s a reason these guys are taking it slow. Unlike Tesla, which entered the market with a clean-slate design, targeting buyers that were early adopters in tech that was both appealing & scary at the same time, for the Germans, the business model is quite different.

With so many models, markets and production facilities geared up towards ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) production, the transition to new and cleaner technologies takes time. But, judging by how fast the ball is starting to roll, we envision Tesla coming face-to-face with some rather stiff & aggressive competition in the following years.

The German Trio

For these German automakers, there are three distinct models, seemingly in the same SUV/Crossover model range that the companies are set to use when entering the EV market. For Audi, it’s the e-tron. For Mercedes-Benz, the EQC. For BMW, however, a conceptual iNEXT Crossover that fits right in the middle of their (current) model range. Even though the iNEXT looks radical and many of its design aspects won’t see the light of day production-wise, the size, some design cues, tech and price range, all fit well into the same category as the other two.


The BMW Vision iNEXT Concept represents just one of the building blocks to BMW’s EV future. It’s a vehicle that caters to the whole “Ultimate Driving Machine” world, where the Bavarian company doesn’t just build cars, they build machines that are meant for driving. But, in recent years, what it means to drive has changed quite a lot. The advent of autonomous driving, perspective on mobility and the way we use our vehicles is changing. Fast. Hence, the iNEXT represents a vision for the future by the German car maker.

For BMW, the entire idea behind the BMW Vision iNEXT is to produce a vehicle that sports highly advanced autonomous driving systems, but can also be driven by the driver if needed. With a crossover body style, the vehicle comes with an interesting look and a fetching “trailblazer” vibe. BMW is set to reveal a series-production car in 2021, slated to be heavily based on the themes and designs seen in the Vision Concept vehicles. Hopefully, something that looks good, drives better and affords a range of at least 300 miles (482 kilometers) could be expected.

While the BMW presented a conceptual electric vehicle, for Mercedes-Benz and Audi, progress is further along. Both companies revealed production vehicles, with Audi slated to provide the full technical specifications on their Audi e-tron production vehicle later today.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

The Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC was revealed in August. The vehicle comes equipped with the latest generation of a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery serving as the energy source for both electric motors. According to the carmaker, the EQC should attain a 450-km NEDC figure (approximately 279 miles). The official U.S. range will be communicated closer to market launch. For the powertrain, Mercedes-Benz decided to go with two asynchronous motors – one for the front axle and one for the rear axle. System output of the all-wheel-drive EQC stands at 300 kW and 564 lb-ft (765 Nm). Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (almost 100 km/h) will be possible in 4.9 seconds.

Add the rather impressive looks, and the EQC makes for a highly powerful argument for a brand new all-electric vehicle. For a vehicle to kick-off the German automaker’s plans to invest more than $12 billion into fully-electric vehicles, the EQC doesn’t sound too shabby at all.

Audi e-Tron

For Audi, the e-tron marks their entry into the mainstream EV world. Featuring the same two-motor layout as the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the vehicle features a 95 kWh battery, a WLTP range of 249 miles (473 kilometers) and can sprint from 0-60 (0-97km/h) in 5.9 seconds.

For the Audi e-tron and the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the similar looks to the comparable already-in-production ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models are what many envision as the car’s biggest selling point. After all, both companies have a drastically different customer base than that of Tesla.

Compared – With Tesla Model X tossed into the mix – e-tron pricing starts at $74,800.





With both slated to arrive on the world’s roads in mere months, we’re a short time away from seeing how the Germans fare up against the new kids on the block. With more than 40+ all-electric models slated to be revealed by the Big German Three in the forthcoming years, we’re definitely witnessing some rather interesting times for the car industry.

And as Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has often hinted at in the past, competition in the EV space is welcomed and it serves the purpose of driving the entire electric segment to new heights. So, bring it on.

BMW iNext

12 photos

Mercedes EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC
7 photos
Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC

Audi e-Tron

Audi e-tron
9 photos
Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Audi e-tron Save the date: world premiere of the Audi e-tron
live from San Francisco

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E-tron pricing is taken with German VAT, so to make this chart comparable you should use correct pricing as well same standard for range. My X90D is rather far in real life(225 miles) what the X75D has here. Head to head range race we expect to give some adequate picture. Yes, I know that X is bigger, heavier and has better charging network. This play with range and it’s standards is one big obstacle for EV adoption.

Not sure what your point is. The X75D figure in the table seems a typo (it’s 237 EPA); yet it’s almost as high as the (generally more optimistic) WLTP number for the EQC and e-Tron — so it should actually have more range in the real world…

Big, heavy SUVs are not the most efficient cars, even if the announced values for WLTP or whatever are different in the end a combination of weight, size and battery size will tell how these cars will do regarding range (maybe with some small differences).

The BMW iX3 (crossover) will arrive well before the iNext.


Will arrive in 2020.

I’m pretty sure the iX3 won’t be on market until 2021, at least that’s what BMW communicate. The article you link to is a bit old 🙂

The mini is 2019, the i3x 2020 and the iNext 2021.

The ix3 will be smaller than the iNext (said to be around X5 sized) – the iNext will be closer in size to the Audi Etron and MB EQC so a more fair/better apples to apples comparison?

…It doesn’t look like either of the three are going to offer third row seating like the X though…. to be fair, the X is 11″ longer than the MB and 6″ longer than the Etron….wouldn’t really classify either in the exact same class as the X…..

Tesla is one size larger. I guess they will offer larger EVs later, but not necessary one with 3 rows.
Do they offer ICE models with 3 rows now?

The iX3 is based on the X3 not X5 to my understanding.

In the ICE range the X3 is the BMW competitor to the GLC and Q5 so presumably the iX3 will be the competitor to the EQC and the E-Tron.

The X5 is an altogether bigger vehicle akin to the Q7 and GLE (and Landrover Discovery/ Jeep Grand Cherokee).

The Model X is more akin to that latter group (both the Q7 and Discovery offer seven seats). The Model Y will (presumably) be the direct competitor to the iX3, EQC and E-Tron, but it’s currently vapourwear as it’s not been officially announced or even spotted in the wild – that’s probably coming in 2021/22, after all these three have entered the market.

It is, but unless they make the Y dramatically more expensive than the 3 it will undercut the other MB, Jag, Audi, and BMW by $20,000. My hunch is there is still little competition here except the X in the meantime.

More like $35,000 less for comparable vehicle/range.

Good point about the price. Presumably the Y will start at around $40-45, about a year after launch (so late 2022-2023)? It’ll be interesting to see if the price of the German rivals go down over the (up to) four years they’re on the market. Battery and EV tech should have reduced in price significantly by 2023 so even if the smaller SUV’s don’t appear by that point hopefully the starting prices of these will be lower. We will see.

Personally I like the Audi. At the moment I have an Mercedes E-Class T Model because I need the big trunk for my familie’s luggage. But the Audi looks better than the BMW or the Mercedes (for what I know so far seeing the teasers) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwkfUTeX8B8 There is also a video about the Audi e-motors being built https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zttC2x9nMEw Seems to me they have the technology to make a cool and reliable product.

A Jag would be more stylish!

You sound like you prefer German cars. Why? I think it’s fantastic that you have money and are in the upper end luxury market. We need top earners in the marketplace, although you are not in the majority. Top dollar luxury cars will not change the world. The Ford Model T, Volkswagen Beetle,Toyota Carolla, Honda Civic and Accord changed the world. Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and BMW have never set their eyes on changing the world. They make automobiles for upwardly mobile higher income people. There’s nothing wrong with that. They have brought much safety and innovation into autodom by means of trickle down technology. Anti lock brakes , airbags and shoulder belts all appeared in luxury cars first and made it down to affordable everyman cars over decades and by competitive free market economics. It is green government mandates only that are driving automakers to make EVs and electrified cars. They make absolutely zero economic sense for the profit engines of the big companies. We vote with our wallets in free markets and by our spending decisions we reward the decisions made in boardrooms across the world by executives who really make things happen. Why spend $60-90,000 on a car… Read more »

Good article – thx!

Tesla will face competition for every market segment they enter from now on. The Model 3 is the last high volume market segment vehicle that Telsa can enter without immediate competition, and in some cases, they’ll be playing catchup. Tesla may still have the best offering, but they won’t have the free ride that the Model 3 has.

It will be very interesting to see who gains traction in each segment over the next couple years and whether Tesla can dominate each segment they participate in.

The race to cost/range parity with ICE is most certainly going to result some casualties. Fun space to watch.

Not with the planned production numbers.
Tesla will own the market for the next 5-6 years.

Also, did you look at that pricing?
A good $20,000 over Tesla and their ICE production.

I mean some will pick this option, but competition for Tesla?

$20000 below the S&X. Wait until tonight and the pricing of the etron quattro will be official.

The S and X are not the competitors for that car.

Obviously not. They are a lot cheaper than those. Tesla doesn’t have a mid sized CUV in its lineup so those cars are not competing with Tesla at all.

Neither is Model 3.

All these German EV SUVs are $20,000 over priced. They barely meet a few of the specs of base X and cost the same. They have some features that will appeal to old school buyers, but the future is with Tesla (you know I am no Tesla fanboy, they constantly call me a troll over at electrek). The Model Y will undercut these by $20,000 with better performance specs (with a few luxury amenity option exceptions that the Tesla generation doesn’t care about anyway). Just calling it how I see it.

It will be cheaper even if it is an Audi. Only Tesla can charge what they want because the fanboys will obey.

Lmfao at veggie001, aka Alexnays .

You must be getting pretty upset now that Tesla is truly dominating the EV scoreboard.

That is what gets me, to beat Tesla you need to steal away a large percentage of their customers. But so far the production numbers add up to a small fraction of the demand we see out there.

They don’t have to steel customers, they have to offer an OK car for their customer group. Tesla and other EV manufacturers will (at least to begin with) benefits from growing EV demand.

No one manufacturer is going to eat Tesla’s lunch, but 10 manufacturers each selling a comparatively small quantity can collectively make it difficult for Tesla to rack up big numbers. That could make the Model Y sales a different story from that of the 3.

Difficult for Tesla to rack up big numbers? Tesla could sell a million cars a year right now if they had the production capacity. They will get there, eventually, and then beyond. They are not competing against EVs, they are competing against ICE. As long as there is any ICE offering out there, Tesla will grow rapidly. And if ICE are all gone at some point, in order to get sales from Tesla, one has to offer a better product. So far I don’t see anyone that can do that.

No Tesla could not sell a million cars right now, even if they had the ability to produce a lot of vehicles, yes,they are in competition with other Ev makers, the market is expanding so there is room for lots of players.
We applaud Tesla for being the preeminent player in this space. Places like Norway are important battle grounds and we’ll see how the ipace and etron do there. The 3 will arrive in EU early in 2019 and will be disruptive.

No, as it will start $20,000 cheaper than these overpriced German EVs.

They will have competition. But IMHO, the competition is pretty damn weak. All these German vehicles will be more expensive and specs will largely be not as good. I really want them to put out better products but for some reason they just still don’t get it. Maybe they are stuck in an old mind-set. Maybe they are afraid of cannibalizing their ICE vehicle sales. I KNOW they can do better but for some reason they just are not doing it.

Hey F-150. Your tag indicates you love you some big gas burnin` truck! How is a 2 row, plain-looking, $90,000 crossover with no frunk and slower performance, built in boutique car numbers even close to being called “competition” for ANY of Teslas products?! You are living in Dreamland by making such corny assertions. Most of this so-called competition is 3-5 years out. And nobidy expects them to be mass produced. The only way to drive costs down is to build lots and lots. When your total EV production worldwide for a year is one tenth of one percent of your total product output…How is that competition for ANYTHING? Volkswagen was caught with their pants down, cheating consumers and regulators in Dieselgate. It nearly destroyed what had become in 2015 the largest automaker in the world. By promising governments they’ll build lots if green cars, they are trying to regain credibility. How many and how soon,in your opinion, shall we see these vapor vehicles? Do you really place your trust in trustworthy VW to rival Tesla? I am “owning” you with this response and I am not sorry for making you sound unwise. I am most disappointed that 11 or 12… Read more »

Thx Vanja,
I like your table comparison!

Keith and I will have an article comparing the German battery designs. I think everyone will like it. It’s really great that there’s some competition with Tesla.

The Germans definitely seem to be serious about all of this!

Another Euro point of view

I think one of them is revealed tonight in the USA but am not sure. If I remember well I read this in a site specialized in gardening tools a few days ago. I will try to find this info again.

ElecDreck or something. But yes, the etron unvail is today. In a couple of hours people will have to accept that the etron quattro has a starting price of well below $80000.

Another Euro point of view

Yes that’s the one. I remember now.

Bring On This Fugly Expensive Fictional Vapo’ German Ware…Variety is the “Spice Of Life” ……. These are the Result of Forcing Some one to do , What they “Loath Doing”

They Loath Building Proper & Genuine Electric Cars with a Proper Charging Infrastucture, These are a “Forced to Build” for Compliance Reasons ONLY !.

The cars are very real. Not fictional nor vapor. But expensive? Yes. Ugly? That’s subjective…I think they look OK…but the aerodynamics are gonna stink.

A range of 370 miles WLTP was communicated for the iNext (i6?) by BMW. That is certainly acceptable. I think the iX3 is more in line with the MB and Audi. The iNext seems to become a much more innovative (and expensive) car.

Actually it is supposed to be a cheaper car in line with combustion car prices. That is why they called it iNext, it is supposed to contain their next generation drive train which comes without a cost penalty for being electric.

Well, I’m looking forward to this car, but that un-aerodynamic grill?
Are they trying to handicap it’s autobahn performance?

It will still Be Expensive “BMW Overpriced” , And then, Where is the Charging Infrastucture ?

The charging infrastructure depends on where you live.
Where I live, I can charge at home, at work, outside ALL public buildings like schools, hospitals, almost all gas stations, many grocery stores, stand alone charging stations and not to mention all the block heater outlets that is “all over the place”.
I usually charge at work. It cover 99% of my charging needs.

They can use Electrify America/Canada and IONITY in Europe, alongside the other networks. IONITY isn’t as spectacular, but Electrify America and Canada will likely compete closely for number of chargers by 2021.

One thing that appears glaringly obvious with every new announcement-
These prestige autos EV’s don’t have the range or the acceleration of comparable Tesla vehicles. Why?

To limit production and competition with their own gas engine production?
Along with price.

They’re faster then probably 90% of all the cars they sell.
I guess price, warranty calculations (I know a friend of a friend that has a Model S, and drives like all starts are a drag race – and is on his 4th drive unit on warrenty. .., and if he don’t loose the license, he will ruin another set too. ) and things like that.
Handling, quality and so on is probably more important for most people.
I would get an EV that takes 10 seconds from 0-100, if it is quite a bit cheaper then a sub 5 second car. I would also choose a car with nice interior, before a fast car. I just need a car with a firm ride. I don’t need autopilot, but auto breaking would be nice to have.
People have different prorities.

I agree especially on the auto braking. A functioning AEB is probably the biggest innovation in safety since ABS and traction control. Active cruise controls are just a comfort gimmick I can do without.

The EQC accelerates faster than it’s ICE bretherin (5.9 seconds) and the Q5 does 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, so the 5.9 seconds of the E-Tron is almost exactly the same.

The EQC has the same acceleration as the X 75d as displayed in the chart too so only the E-Tron is lacking, by a second… I doubt that’s going to affect many peoples choices. If acceleration is that important you don’t buy a CUV anyway…

Range is another matter, we don’t know yet, but it’s worth pointing out that the X 75D has a range of 237 miles (not 247 miles on the chart) and the estimated EPA range of the EQC is around 220, so not that far off. Hopefully we’ll find out the EPA range of the E-Tron today, but with the WLTP range it’ll probably be in the 220-240 mile ballpark too.

the batteries are smaller, isn’t it that simple? By now we didn’t know what the real range will be for the e-tron. even with the MB EQC we havn’t seen any real comparison by testers now. What we know now is, that the consumption of the e-pace from jaguar is higher than the from the model X if I am right. We will see. with 75 kWh batteries in the Model 3 Tesla can provide 310 miles but the model 3 is no big SUV. I think that Tesla has the biggest advantages in energy density. in all other fields the German carmakers will be better. Build Quality, service, and Design…. just my thoughts

Tesla leads in software and charging as well as the overall design of the 3,slackening demand in the US means that soon there will be an invasion of EU by the 3,prepare to be boarded!

Actually somewhat more than 310 for the Model 3 with rear drive. It is apparently understated to not make the dual motor version look inferior.

Based on the numbers that have come out it DOES look like the i pace and the Germans are getting lower MPGe than Tesla which is disappointing. When the EPA numbers come out for these cars we will have something a little better to judge by. Also we don’t know whether the stated battery capacities are gross or usable.

Nevertheless it certainly does seem that Tesla still holds a real lead in battery/drive train performance.

The biggest factor in MPGe is drag coefficient. Teslas get good MPGes, but Model S is cramped for such a big car, Model 3 has the unusual glass roof that is inconvenient in summer, and Model X is unattractive. Jag, Audi and Merc have higher drag, but they look better than X and have better packaging than S and 3.

Wrong. Their batteries are bigger, but the range is smaller. This signifies sufficiently inferior efficiency in the cars developed by MB, Jaguar and Audi.

The only effect of 3.x instead of 4.x seconds 0-60mph is more dead people. No car needs to accellerate quicker than 5 seconds in my opinion.

It’s more fun, which is a big selling point.

You definitely have a point and I agree for most consumer cars. But at the same time, these are the “German Sports Sedan” companies that have LONG TOUTED their performance specs. So it’s kinda hypocritical for them to suddenly say “Uh, you really don’t need great performance” when that’s what they have been selling FOR DECADES.

Oh really. Because quick acceleration kills people all the time? It is why the death rate on Tesla’s is so high?
People die from distracted driving and alcohol for the most part. Someone accelerating quickly is usually paying attention. Now of course some will die from doing something stupid but 1 sec slower is not likely to fix stupid.

No car “needs” to accelerate more quickly than 10 seconds 0-60. No one needs to drink and drive – somehow that is far more important.

Civic hybrid (12 sec) to Leaf (11.5) to Model S (5)….

I lower your 5 and say that 8 is quick enough for this senior citizen.

I’m sure their build quality, reliability,a re much superior and their price, range and acceleration are competitive, if you have an accident in one you will be able to get it repaired while that is not possible with Tesla,something the owners found out in Norway to their dismay.
No question Tesla still leads, but I welcome the competition, more EV;’s!!

They don’t quite match Tesla specs, because at the time development of these vehicles started, they were intended as low-priority compliance cars. When it became clear in 2016 (after Model 3 reservations started) that there is a large demand for competitive EVs, these in-development vehicles got more prominent; but it was too late in the development cycle to improve the specs. That will require entirely new designs, which were started only in 2016, and thus won’t arrive before 2021 or thereabouts.

Yet their modified “compliance” cars are extremely close to the top flight equivalent Tesla options only released two years ago (the X). That’s worrying for Tesla if their competitors are only two years behind, without even trying (apparently)..

Your argument can go both ways.

Yes, the Model 3 is faster and has more range but it’s also a lot smaller and a different market segment, just as most ICE sedans are more fuel efficient and faster than their equivalent ICE SUV’s I predict the Model Y, when it eventually comes out several years after the direct competition, will be both slower and have a shorter range than the 3 that it’s based on. It’s pure physics (as the X is both slower and has a smaller range than the S).

They’re not extremely close. They have 20% larger batteries, with 10% lower range and 20% smaller cabin. Add that all up and they’re 50% behind Tesla in EV vehicle efficiency.

Except they do not quite match the specs of the *entry* Model X, which actually started selling *four* years earlier, and using a power train mostly identical to the original Model S that started selling *seven* years earlier. So yeah, I don’t think Tesla has much to fear just yet.

It will be interesting to see how close their proper new designs a few years from now will come to what Tesla will have available by then…

Range is weak because aerodynamics suck.

Acceleration…probably because they lack the experience of Tesla. Tesla has been refining their designs for years now while the Germans are still 2nd or maybe 3rd generation cars. They haven’t been identifying and fixing the bottlenecks.

Also Tesla pushes their car much harder. They openly admit if you use full performance frequently the car will fall apart.

I find some “childy” the argument about acceleration. Are people usually buying a car to make drag races?. I think has no sense to give a geat value to this arguments in cars like those.
I would be happy to sacrifice a 0-60 in 3 or 4 seconds for “only” 5 seconds, if the car has better quality made or design for example.

We are all big children. As people often say: flooring a Tesla never gets old 🙂

It’s like someone yells Surf’s Up, the German wave, you get to the beach and the wave is still out to sea.

Unless they can make their own batteries in the same quantity, cost and quality as Tesla they are going to be crushed as Tesla cannibalizes their market share. Tesla can grow without stranding it’s assets unlike the incumbents who have sunk big money into yesterdays technology. Sad!

All automakers including Tesla are facing headwinds, yesterdays tech still provides billions in profits, something that Tesla has never had, but is expecting soon. I read Mercedes EU sales are down a lot.

I think you have a good point on battery supplies & cost. Not sure why everyone is voting you down. Maybe they’ve got their battery supplies lined up. But I kinda double they can match Tesla that jumped in 100% and built a massive battery factory out in the Nevada desert.

It’s getting down votes because, true or not, it’s just unprovoked bashing not really relevant to the article at hand.

Model X 75D starts at 95k€ in Europe, so the Germans will be quite good priced.

But none of them are available yet. And even when they do start shipping, it will likely be months/years before they are readily available. Their are a lot of promises out there to get our hopes up. But until they are on the road, we can see how they really perform, and you can actually get one, they are just dreams.

Audi E-tron production started already on 2018-09-03 at dedicated Audi factory in Bruxelles BE. The E-tron will soon be available.

I Love That “Brick Like” Efficiency Design…lol …. Great Aerodynamics !

Yep. I’m shocked that that they still haven’t figured this out. The Aerodynamics of an EV is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE. You can extend range of a boxy ICE car by making the steel gas tank just a little bigger which costs almost nothing. But to extend the range of an EV, you have to add more batteries that probably cost them hundreds of dollars per KWH on a pack level.

Buyers don’t want a car which looks like it was pooped out of a dinosaur.

That seems very childish to me. I think people will look at range & price and factor those things in much higher.

Unfortunately aerodynamics seriously affect the look of a vehicle, and most people don’t like the ultra aerodynamic styles. Want to make EV’s mainstream? Make them look like the sort of vehicles people want to buy.

You can get away with something “ugly” when selling to first adopters, where spec and tech is more important than anything else (as shown by many on this site), but that’s not going to cut it for the mainstream markets – at least not yet.

We’re still in a transition phase, in a market where things will probably change beyond recognition technology wise in 5-10 years. If that happens the aerodynamic requirement (or style requirement) may well change too (i.e. much lighter, cheaper batteries).

I think this is wrong. People are going to look at the price and the range much more than the “looks”. You can get away with boxy ICE cars by making the gas tank bigger…but with EVs that means adding expensive batteries.

True, but that’s not going to change overnight. People still have the choice of an ICE or PHEV, so if they don’t like the look if the BEV… they just don’t buy one and get the ICE/hybrid equivalent instead.

I’m pretty sure they have figured it out; but at the time these cars were designed, they just didn’t care, since they thought they would just be low-volume compliance cars anyway, and developing a proper design from scratch wouldn’t be worth it.

He man car manufacturers will be burning thru the cash to build this new infrastructure.

I get that MB wanted to seamlessly integrate the EQC in the manufacturing line of the GLC. And some make a big fuzz out of it not having a frunk. I don’t think I’d miss that very much. But damn, that ground clearance is horrible for an SUV style vehicle. I know that 90 % of the 90 % soccer mom customer base for this car will never take it anywhere near even a dirt covered road, but still, this really bugs me for some reason.

The 3 is not covered by warranty if it ever leaves the pavement.

Really? I find that very hard to believe. Please document your claim.

Well, kinda. The manual contains a pretty long disclaimer section. If your car gets hit by a stone, or one of the wheels crashes into a deep hole, or something like that, the damage is obviously on you… Just common sense basically.

Daimler EQC appears to me, at least to be a ‘Me Too’ electric – I see nothing particularly noteworthy about the vehicle, unless they offer it for a Song in the States. If high priced it probably won’t sell.

I am quite curious about the E-Tron release later today – that car is interesting enough to perhaps take a chance on.

Lol… these “competitors” are equivalent to Tesla 2012. And they aren’t slated to be released until 2020? They have no chance

Well the Germans better come to the BEV party or Tesla will steal all their sales ,ICE or Not. Detroit is still sleeping , says Sandy Munro,he says only one of Detroits Auto co. bought or was interested in the Mod 3 tear down results research papers, I think I know who.

Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics! Ugh…all of them look weak. They just don’t get it. If you want your EV to have a decent range AND be affordable, you must pull out all the stops on Aerodynamics! And they just are not doing it.

Yeah, you’re the one who gets it. That’s why 6 people voted against you. They don’t get it.

Oh, I think Tesla’s sales volume are much better evidence as to why I am right. People may SAY they like the look of existing cars….but when they look at the price and range of the cars, those aerodynamically Tesla cars are where people are actually spending their money.

But go ahead…place your bets based on people voting me down.

I wonder why the Model X 100D was not used in the comparison since it’s $87,800 price is more comparable to the new German competition, while offering a longer 295-mile EPA rated range. The base 75D just shows that Tesla offers even more at a lower price point. Then there are the Autopilot features one just can’t get anywhere but on a Tesla.

The price of 100d starts at 99,500. Be careful of the Tesla website they start with a TOP LINE price that is actually the cost after the fed tax credit, CA rebate and expected gasoline savings over 5 years.

When does Audi’s federal tax credit expire?

180000 cars into the future.

At the rate they’re going sometime around 2025

Do you have to always refer to Tesla when a new electric car reaches the market? The germans will dominate the segment as they always do. Jaguar and even Tesla will have their share, but nothing more.

More than half of all the plug-in cars sold in the USA are Tesla cars. It would be foolish not to mention Tesla in any discussion of the new EV. That’s the fact.

My guess is that Tesla will dominate in US, Germans will dominate in EU, and they will fight in China. I fully expect Tesla Model S and X sales in EU to drop significantly in the next year or two.

But curiously you did not mention Tesla’s biggest selling car.

That is because Model 3 doesn’t have competition yet. Also with zero sales it can only go up.

I agree in general; except I doubt Tesla sales will fall significantly in Europe. Those who prefer sticking with the German brands probably just didn’t buy BEVs at all until now. Those more open will mostly continue buying Teslas. It’s not a zero-sum game.

Very nice product from Audi. My favourite in its class. Wellcome the competence.

Too little, too late!
These are much smaller cars than Model X and cost the same.
Overpriced piece of …