Audi e-tron Is Quietest EV In Bjørn Nyland’s Tests: Video

JAN 29 2019 BY MARK KANE 36

Bjørn Nyland on the Audi e-tron noise level: it is superb

Audi e-tron turns out to be the quietest electric car ever tested by Bjørn Nyland, averaging just 63 dB.

The silence, even at high speeds, was earlier signaled by the Autogefühl review, which clearly said that it’s better than in the case of Tesla.

Bjorn revealed that e-tron is around 2-3 dB below the second best Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-PACE, despite not necessarily having the quietest winter tires on it, at all speed levels (80, 100 and 120 km/h, which is 50 to 75 mph).

The difference of 3 dB is considered by humans as a change of a noticeable level – you will feel the difference. If other tires improve the results, the e-tron will stay on top of the list for quite some time.

Noise test results by Bjørn Nyland:

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Bjørn, add a couple gas cars for reference. That Audi seems really quiet though, nice to hear. Thanks for indicating tire and size used, as that is very important for this type of test.

I noticed that too, as a passenger in a dealer demo car. I wonder if the new Mercedes is even quieter?

A 1 dB change in a sound equates to about a 26% difference in sound energy. A 3 dB difference is a doubling of energy levels. In terms of subjective loudness, a 1 dB change yields just over a 7% change. A 3 dB change yields a 100% increase in sound energy and just over a 23% increase in loudness.

Too bad the test is on different tires.

Thanks for your post. In comparison this “The difference of 3 dB is considered by humans as a change of a noticeable level” is clearly a load of crap.

I may have not expressed myself correctly. What I meant was a difference of 3 dB is not just noticeable. With 3 more dB the noise level is doubled and even a 1 dB difference can be noticeable. And imho the phrase from the article is clearly not shows a lack of information.

I agree my previous words may have been too strong but it may be because I’m fed up with people who think that a difference of 3 dB is negligible because they think of the decibel scale as a linear one.

The article is correct. The amount of energy is entirely different to what is the experience of the volume.

Luxury ICE cars are in the 65dB range. However that is only when the engine isn’t wide open for acceleration.

Edmunds actually do sound level tests when they review cars at idle, full throttle and 70mph, they just seem to make the pages with them on impossible to find. A lot of cars have them however.

I’d suggest only comparing the same sites numbers however, as the methodology and equipment will be different, so probably not directly comparable.

On a similar note, it’ll be interesting to see how quiet the Rivian R1T is. The current ICE pickups are extremely quiet (much quieter than the average sedan) and an EV version may well put even the e-Tron to shame.

Of all the EVs I have driven nothing comes close to the BMW i3 in quietness. I have not driven the e-Tron but I have driven the rest on the list (except the Fiat 500e).

I would argue the Leaf 40kWh, I run Michelin X-Ice3’s for winters and they are super quiet. I’ll have to measure DB next time I’m on the hwy.

I have noticed also how silent the Michelin tires are. I bought them for the good grip in wet conditions and for the long life, but the sound level was a nice bonus.

Michelin XIce3 tires on my Clarity are very loud at highway speeds compared to factory no season tires. Compared to the Blizzaks on my i3 they are similar.

The 2017 BMW i3 is nicely quiet at 45 mph or below.
Above that I do get wind noise.

Chevy Bolt EV is missing in the test results

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I don’t think he’s had much testing opportunity in the Ampera-e. He only ended up doing the Fiat 500e because he got it as a loaner.

I’d pay a premium for a quieter EV over a louder EV.

How much? Ear plugs maybe?


Why even have a car? You can go on a bike and still get there, right? What does a car gain you? Protection from weather? Get a coat! Maybe an umbrella?

In fact, why bother with a bike? What does that gain you? Just jog!


Oh lighten up ,just a little joke…

What does Kia e Niro “treated” mean?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

A rust-proofing treatment some people get on cars in Norway.
Bjorn Nyland says that people also think that it makes them a bit quieter.

As a comparison the new Peugeot 508 is at 66.9 dB at 130 km/h (measured by the independant ADAC likely with summer tyres). And 68.4 db for the Peugeot 3008 at 130 km/h (also measured by ADAC). Both Peugeot, the petrol 508 and Diesel 3008, are more silent at higher speed than almost all cars here at a lower speed (only 120 km/h), excepted Audi e-Tron.
And, byt the way, both Peugeots are much less expensive than a Tesla and are not as luxurious as an Audi.

There is no way you can compare tests unless they use the same methodology

Exactly, I would trust a number from Bjørn to be collected in the same manner as the other cars, some random publication could be totally different depending on where they placed the sound sensor, etc.

Considering these are numbers at a higher speed, which is not in favour of the Peugeot 508, and that the 508 is still significantly quieter (1.1 dB less noisy than the next quietest car), it still gives a pretty accurate idea. Electric vehicles are not particularly quieter at high speeds, if at all.

Seems like a lot of money to pay for 63dB and not much else.

My summary of the Bjorn etron test drive was that you’re simply buying 4 German rings and some bling. It’s not efficient, not that quick and certainly not setting the standard for EVs in 2019/20.

Ah the reason it’s quiet is because it’s made better. Electric car fans only rate the efficiency and that’s it, it’s like download speeds on a router. The Audi is better built down to a nut and bolts level.

Because you have torn them all down? How do you know that?

Actually I have….Or it’s just basic common sense

Lest we forget the nearly flat charging curve at 150+ kW to nearly 80%

That Audi well be sold out for quite some time…..

That’s a nice machine

I think we all like the E-Tron.

Just stop teasing us and give us the car!!!!

Im not an e-tron fan. A gas car chassis with a long hood, two rows of seats and no where near Tesla sexiness or efficiency. Check off a couple of options and we’re at 3 row, proprietary design, more aero, more efficient Model X price. Stress dba readings on the highway? Stretch for interest points if you may. I own an AWD Model 3. Its truly the first car I’ve ever just sat inside at home in the driveway to listen to it’s amazing audio system. I often just make excuses to take it for a quiet run. I have 2 teens and a wife that can make home a pretty loud place to be. Driving my 3 with no radio on is sheer silent bliss. My Volt had it’s smooth, quiet moments when the electric motor was driving the car. This, being my first BEV, the 3 clears my head as the interior at speed is silent. Electric cars unique in offering that experience. Making e-Tron out to be A) worth the money, and B) superior to Teslas using this article takes splitting hairs to new heights. Teslas are so quiet namely because they slip through the wind better… Read more »
“A gas car chassis with a long hood, two rows of seats and no where near Tesla sexiness or efficiency.” Certainly one Tesla fan’s own opinion. In my opinion. Tesla Model S is one of best looking car on the road, but Model X is one of the most fugly vehicle money can buy. Model X also cost way more and have questionable design if one doesn’t want the stupid door. On top of it all, the head room of the 2nd row of the Model X is severely compromised. The 3rd row leg room is a joke. With that said, it is good to have choices. I am glad that you love your Model 3 and have been converted to a Tesla fan. It doesn’t mean everyone else should. “Teslas are so quiet namely because they slip through the wind better than Audi or Mercedes’ tall station wagons with fake ICE grilles.” How much noise heard in the cabin is only partially depending on the amount of noise generated. The other part is how much insulation there is in the car. “Check off a couple of options and we’re at 3 row, proprietary design, more aero, more efficient Model… Read more »

The Model 3 is only average looking, the rear 3/4 view being the best view . The Model S is better looking. The Audi is better looking than either IMO.

Refer to previous article that explains why this is quieter