Watch As Audi e-Tron Electric SUV Gets Tested


Once again, the Audi e-tron conducts a  braking energy recuperation test down Pikes Peak.

When the Audi e-tron concept was revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, everyone held their breath. It was finally something we’d all wanted from a major carmaker. It featured refined, futuristic looks, a luxurious interior and electric drive.  Furthermore, the e-tron was by no means an over-the-top concept that would never see the light of day. Audi actually intended to build it. And after the first conclusive specs were released, everybody concluded that the German carmaker is on the right path with their first all-electric model (we’re ignoring the uber-expensive R8 e-tron on purpose here).

The current e-tron prototype features two attractive traits: impressive power and efficiency. The vehicle features a combined system output of up to 300kW, allowing the full-size electric SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) to sprint from 0-62 mph in under six seconds. Furthermore, even its range is impressive enough that some call this a Tesla Model X challenger. The vehicle comes with a 95-kWh battery pack and promises a 249-mile (400 kilometers) range on a single charge (the EPA has yet to rate the SUV though). According to Audi, the e-tron can recharge to 80 percent battery status in less than half an hour by utilizing a DC charging station.

Since the world premiere of a production model is slated for next month, Audi is hard at work presenting the vehicle to journalists worldwide. We’ve already seen the test drive performed by carwow a few weeks back, and now, Auto TV gives us a more detailed look at the entire event where various journalists are seen hitting Pikes Peak with the Audi e-tron. Just like in the video by carwow, the object of this exercise is to test the e-tron’s braking recuperation system.

The recuperation system contributes to up to 30 percent of the electric SUV’s range. It involves both the two electric motors and the electrohydraulically integrated brake control system. For the first time, three different recuperation modes are combined: manual coasting recuperation using the shift paddles, automatic coasting recuperation via the predictive efficiency assist, and brake recuperation with smooth transition between electric and hydraulic deceleration. Up to 0.3 g, the Audi e-tron prototype recuperates energy solely via the electric motors, without using the conventional brake – that covers over 90 percent of all decelerations. As a result, energy is fed back to the battery in practically all normal braking maneuvers.

How times have changed since Walter Röhrl, rocketing up the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb some 40 years ago, won the event by setting the track record. Now it’s all about energy recuperation, range and eco-friendliness. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You can take a look at the entire video above.

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The camo is growing on me. I wonder how many will order a similar camo on their car..

I wonder if this will start a trend in the wrapping business.

Germans best. Goodbye Tesla

Wow, this Audi EV will have regenerative braking! Amazing.

Will be best EV out there, will put Tesla to shame

Right…..and how many is Audi going to make Hans???

About 60k in the first year.

60K would be awesome…

That is quite likely… I cannot wait to actually see it and drive it to judge…

Looks awesome, and 150KW charging…. Top of the Line…

I am hopeful that then sub-six second time 0-100 is going extra conservative. It’s pretty poor for an ev. Perhaps trying to avoid poaching their S and RS customers? Or will an S and RS badge be released at the same time… Hmmmm…

Apparently Audi is holding its costumers for bunch of idiots! One needs to climb those hills first and “the rule” is, one spends 1km of electricity on every 300m near uphill driving. So what is the point of this video again? Warm water??

Kinda lame they didn’t get to drive up Pikes Peak. At least regen is better than ICE that continues to burn fuel on the way down.

Did anyone else notice this nugget of information from the video? The eTron effeciency is 2 miles per kWh. About 1/2 as good as the Hyundai Ioniq and Tesla Model 3.

– 10 kw generated going down hill
– 29 km travelled (18 miles)
– Regren increases range by approx 1km per km travelled down hill.
– 18 miles divided by 10kWh = 1.8 miles per kWh.

Let’s round it up to 2 miles per kWh.

With a 95 kW battery I’m now taking bets to see if eTron EPA range will be above 200 miles.

Title should be:

Watch As Audi e-Tron Electric SUV Gets Rolled Down Hill

It’ll be nice if an indy reviewer(s) were to pit various EV’s against each other going down Pike’s Peak and see how each performed. Same conditions, same route, same everything.
The total regen at the bottom and the brakes heat check at the mandatory stops (for me the heat check would be really interesting).

I would say that is the best looking one among the European offering between the EQC, I-Pace and this thing…