Audi E-Tron CUV Spied


This CUV is just the beginning of Audi’s electrified ambitions.

Audi will take a big jump into the EV scene in 2018 when the German company will put the E-Tron Quattro electric crossover on sale. A new batch of spy photos show off the test mule for hotly anticipated new plug-in offering.

Also of note:  Audi debuted the Elaine (details/photos) – an altered E-Tron Sportback concept with a slightly different look and a new  highly autonomous driving system meeting Level 4 requirements.

Audi continues to test the E-Tron Quattro under heavy camouflage, but this one has a few tweaks in comparison to the example in the previous set of spy photos. On the upper section on the driver’s side of the grille, there’s a black sphere. This piece is very likely for a driver assistance system. It could be a panoramic front camera or some other type of sensor. There’s also a rectangular panel sticking out from the upper center of the grille, and this would also be for a safety assist. A tiny box at the bottom of the fascia could be another device for supporting high-tech systems.

Audi E-Tron Quattro

The production E-Tron Quattro uses a 95-kilowatt-hour battery from LG Chem and Samsung SDI. The company estimates that it should give the crossover a range of around 311 miles (500 kilometers). At least in concept form, three electric motors – two at the rear and one in the front – make 435 horsepower (320 kilowatts), and a temporary boost takes the output to 503 hp (370 kW). The all-wheel-drive setup could get the EV to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in around 4.6 seconds.

Audi E-Tron Quattro

Audi’s factory in Brussels, Belgium, will start building the E-Tron Quattro in 2018. The more stylish E-Tron Sportback (gallery above) with a sharper rake at the rear will join the lineup about a year later. The Four Rings will also develop a dedicated EV sedan and city car. All this work will be part of the automaker’s goal to make 30 percent of its volume to be fully or partially electrified by 2025.

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Looks like an Allroad all jacked up.

And like they stole some Paisley Camo from BMW.

Texas FFE

Finally, a pre-production BEV SUV prototype for the Volkswagen Auto Group! This BEV SUV could could really be a hit.


It looks as if they are dotting all the i’s and crossing all their t’s.
Hope you and yours are ok. I know it’s South of you, but it’s bad.

Texas FFE

We are high and dry. Thanks for your concern.


Is this a Model X competitor or a model Y competitor?


Given the horsepower and size I would say X. Also, how can anything be a Model Y competitor when the Model Y doesn’t exist? Even the Model 3 is just a little more than a prototype at this point with approximately 100+ running around. Hopefully that will change next month when actual end users will get vehicles.


Oh, really? Now please tell us how VW is the clear leader of the EV market…


Model Y sized… length (4880mm) and width (1930mm). Basically slightly longer than a Model 3, but it has a longer hood/bonnet, and within 2 mm on the width. It’s 100 mm taller, or about 4″. And it’s fundamentally a 2 row CUV, not a 3 row CUV.

But it will likely cost Model X prices and reportedly less efficient than a Model X.


Stop making stuff up. The Y don’t exist yet and specs are not confirm of its in preproduction


He is not making anything up. I have a Model Y myself. Right here on my desktop wallpaper!


Let’s see how many of these they are going to build, 100k then it’s a real deal less then 80k then it a a compliance car


You have an interesting definition of “compliance car”


It will be 50k max!


Haven’t we already seen this thing without the camo on?

The Germans are coming, the Germans are coming!

This vehicle looks pretty interesting to me. Anyone (Jay?) have a guess on pricing? I expect lower then an X. This car looks far more practical for our uses (hello roof rack!)


It looks identical to all other AUDI SUVs with an ICE inside. They just hidden the tailpipe this time better.
I wonder what level of developement the defeat device has.


$75-90,000 2 row EV SUVs from Germany and the UK!!! Yay!!!

And, they’re “Tesla Killers”! Watch out!

Daimler ,BMW, Audi and Jaguar all heading down this silly, silly dead end of making 25,000 of these per year and thinking they are beating Tesla.

Meanwhile, Toyota and Daimler publically state that EVs are too limited by charging issues and price to be viable.

Tell that to the guy charging up at the Supercharger while checking up on his kid in His Model X’s 3rd row!

Trickle down is here in 2 months with the 3 and 2 years away with Model Y.

Watch these companies scramble then! It’ll be fun.

Not spoken as a Tesla homeboy, it’s just fact.


Yup. There’s no winning. Competitors will say “The first real”, and some variation of “ours is better”, while Tesla is out there dropping 72KW chargers, like cruise missiles.

No matter how compelling the I-paces and E-trons, all they have to work with is a sparse, unreliable, max 40-50KW public network. Like taking the subway, instead of a coach service.

On the bright side, it looks like Audi may be doing both weak, and stronger BEV, while BMW painfully turns up the weak-PHEVs. It isn’t BMW that had to spend 2 billion on EV related infrastructure.


Do you know that taking the subway is literally the fastest thing you can do to travel in large European city?

Get Real

This is interesting and hopefully will put pressure on the American OEMs to compete.

We shall see.

I don’t think its much of a threat to Tesla.

For one thing, it appears that Audi hasn’t yet figured out that making an EV highly aerodynamic is like getting free battery and range.


Looks like a jacked up 2018 Nissan LEAF