Audi E-Tron CUV Spied Out Testing

DEC 14 2017 BY C SMITH 27

The all-electric crossover will have a range over 300 miles and should enter production next year.

We’ve seen Audi’s soon-to-come all-electric crossover testing off-and-on over the last year or so, but these are some of the clearest spy photos of the lot.

This time the E-Tron Quattro is spied navigating sparsely populated streets, though we suspect it’s under full driver control since we don’t see any curious components up front that could be tied to autonomous functionality. In fact, this prototype seems surprisingly free of external gadgets, antennas, boxes, or other sensors that might suggest in-depth evaluation is still taking place. This could mean we’re getting closer to a reveal.

Audi E-Tron Spy Photo

There’s no question that, in addition to offering an all-electric crossover, Audi is also interested in injecting the E-Tron with some measure of fun. With the Tesla Model X being its primary competition, the automaker will pack a 95-kilowatt-hour battery pack into the CUV to give it an estimated range of over 300 miles.

Audi E-Tron Spy Photo

That is, provided drivers are judicious with the E-Tron’s accelerator pedal. That’s because it will sport two electric motors at the rear and one driving both front wheels, producing a combined horsepower rating of 435 (320 kW). Or, if drivers need a little extra punch, more electricity can be injected to deliver 503 hp (370 kW). We don’t know how that will translate specifically to acceleration given what’s sure to be a rather portly vehicle weight, but 435 horsepower should be enough to make this mid-size people mover plenty exciting, never mind tapping into the temporary power.

Audi E-Tron Spy Photo

Audi is embarking on an aggressive electric path after suffering at the hands of parent company Volkswagen and the Dieselgate scandal.

A smattering of E-Tron vehicles are in the works, with the Quattro being followed by a Sportback version and eventually a sedan. It will all kick off, however, with this E-Tron Quattro, which is slated to be released next year (locked in a virtual race with the Jaguar I-Pace for first to debut). As for when we can expect an official reveal, it could happen as early as next month in Detroit, though later in the year seems more likely.

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I wish there was something to replace an Outlander PHEV with. This and Model X are too expensive for my taste.

Keep your eyes open for Ford’s Escape Energi PHEV. Although it will likely be another 18-24 months, it is the closest Outlander PHEV competitor in the works (that I know of)

The dimensions are spot on but while the European refreshed version, Kuga, will arrive in a 2019 but the PHEV version is still some 4 years away according to Auto Bild 🙁
By that time model X will surely be cheap enough.

I wonder how much range the Escape Energi will have?
Hopefully it has more than 50 miles of range.
I want a small SUV with 50 to 60 miles of EV range + 6.6kW charging.

So the implication (competes with Model X) that the Audi and the Jag will be in the >$80k range?

I think the implication is, that both are electric SUVs.

IMO they don’t really compete, since the Model X can be ordered with 6 and 7 seats and this Audi seems to be a bit smaller.

Concerning the price, Luca de Meo, Audi’s sales and marketing boss, said it will cost as much as a well specked A6. Whatever that means. The A6 starts at roughly 50k (probably not well specked) and ends at about 70k fully equipped.

It’s placed between the Audi Q5 and Q7 in size. . so it will seat 5 people.

That’s what I said, right? It seems a bit smaller than the Model X and won’t have 6, or 7 seats. So they don’t directly compete.

I don’t think there is any question about it. The battery alone will drive that price way up, and Audi has a premium tied to it as well so I bet it will be Model X range with tighter manufacturing.

Another Euro point of view

Our Norwegian friends will like to see the towing hook on this test car (questions about new EVs having a towing hook or not is allover their EV forum).

So what’s the battery chemistry?
NMC 622??

Another Euro point of view

…and cylindrical or prismatic cells ?

Battery pack spec: 8.8 kWh; 280 – 390 V depending on state of charge; 96 prismatic cells from Sanyo (part of the Panasonic); eight modules of twelve cells each; total battery system weighs 125 kilograms (275.6 lb).

8.8kWh? Wow, with over 300 miles of range, they really eeked out the efficiency there!! 😛

Another Euro point of view

Thanks ! (88Kwh instead of 8.8Kwh)

88 kWh out of 96 cells? Very unlikely!

He probably looked at the Q7 e-Tron(PHEV) specks. Hence the 8.8 kWh and 96 cells.

I would imagine prismatic. None of the major manufacturers are using cylindrical cells. Only Tesla thinks using 1000’s of cells makes sense.

I can’t wait for this thing to be released. It’s the Model X that, for lack of a better term, normal people wanted. No huge front window, no falcon wing doors, no additional cost for self driving that doesn’t actually self drive. Only downside though is that it’s an Audi and that likely means lots of repairs 🙁

Bring it on!

It’s laughable to think that this Audi will be less that a Model X.

I’m laughing because you think so. Tesla has more overhead than any other auto manufacturer. The Tesla wow factor is the only way they can justify the price but real competition is going to eliminate that wow factor real fast.

The eTron appears almost identical in proportions to the Q5. The Q5 starts at about $46,000. I would expect a BEV Q5 to cost a little more but not a whole lot more.

A Model X starts at around $80k. Yes, I am laughing but I’m laughing at you for thinking a Model X will cost less.

I agree with this:

>> It’s the Model X that, for lack of a better term, normal people wanted.

The utility with the Audio looks better than the Model X.

Finally! A real electric SUV!

It’s 2 inches taller than a ford fusion sedan. I wouldn’t consider this an SUV as much as an all wheel drive station wagon. Not to say this is bad, but it’s definitely not an SUV. For another comparison, the BMW X3 is 8 inches taller than the ford fusion sedan.

Maybe he’s 5 ft tall….it’s all about perspective.

Well the Bolt EV is 5” taller than the Fusion and the Bolt EV is definitely not an SUV. That trailer hitch indicates that the eTron has some real towing capacity which is very important to me. Factory tow package plus all wheel drive make it at least a crossover in my book.

At least with the eTron you’re not paying for a charging infrastructure that you you might seldom if ever use. I also bet the Audi assembly line will be well vetted before production starts. I can see myself driving one of these but I can’t see myself ever driving a Tesla unless they give in on their proprietary charging infrastructure.

Unfortunately, since it’s coming out of the VW Auto Group, it’s probably going to be a compliance car not sold in Texas. I’m probably going to have to wait for Ford or Chevy (or Nissan god forbid) to come out with something similar. Maybe I’m wrong and Audi will decide to sell the eTron in all the states they were forced to install EV chargers under Dieselgate.