Audi e-tron All-Wheel Drive Capabilities Tested: Video

OCT 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Audi e-tron passed the desert test.

Autogefühl recently had the opportunity to test drive the Audi e-tron prototype (with a production version of the powertrain) at Namibia’s salt flats and savanna.

Tests were focused on driving dynamics and the all-wheel-drive capabilities in different driving modes. As it turns out, the all-new e-tron is the most agile car of its size, according to Autogefühl.

The Audi e-tron seems very stable, without much wheel spin. Has quick response from its motors, an impressive driving experience and is very stiff and quiet.

In the night driving part, everything was positive too, although cameras and displays are probably not as accurate as standard mirrors.

The exterior and interior overview of the production model in the studio revealed strong build quality, intuitive infotainment with a clean, open design of the cockpit, similar to other Audi models.

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Another Euro point of view

I thought EVs could not go on gravel roads without starting to self destruct. So perplexed by those new EVs….

Another Euro point of view

when I see this video I understand why they took their time before revealing it. Typical German taking their time but leaving no stone unturned. I would give an arm and a leg for our German neighbor to take over the software industry and free the world of the hugely pain in the @zz current half backed often stupidly designed softwares we use in our computers. In my career in structured finance we are often driven nuts by the attention to details of the Swiss or the Germans but now looking back with 20 years of experience all those deals they participated in are rock solid and because of that make us save a huge amount of time and paying back hugely our impatience we had in the beginning with them while drafting agreements. To all Germans and Swiss reading here, RESPECT for your work ethics.

Yes, lets all congratulate the European engineers that successfully cheated emissions tests for years, with their brilliant software, which could figure out it was being tested and turn on pollution controls, found out, incidentally by American, not German engineers..
This looks like a decent car, but don’t go all tribal, which is usually the case, and simply praise them for doing something right.
Their backs are against the wall. to do something of note, but Tesla should probably get most of the credit for their efforts.

Another Euro point of view

Exactly, agreed. I take it that if it would have been a MS software for example they would have been busted immediately as so many cars would have stopped working altogether. It was Bosch doing it so it lasted a very long time.

You do know that Americans are responsible for more pollution per capita than probably almost everyone else?
It’s not even close. In average one American emits about 3 times more CO2 than a Chinese or European.

I’ve been in the software (and related tech, including HW) field for nearly 40 years. The German record on SW in general isn’t that great. SAP is a grossly burdensome and overly-complex mess, and there aren’t other well-known German SW companies.
Swiss banks have some good internal systems, but not better those of other international banks.

The recent cheating scandal aside, I’ve seen Bosch engine-management software source code. It’s atrociously written, though no worse than Toyota or any other company. Automotive companies are clueless about software.

The one field where German companies lead unquestionably is in audio-processing tools and codecs, to a large degree due the Fraunhofer Institutes.

They gave us their first infotainment system, BMW iDrive. It was a worst system, but very innovative at that time. Audi perfected it with its MMI. BMW improved its iDrive a lot next few years. I believe that Mercedes Benz nailed it with its Mercedes ME.
I agree with you on SAP part. I dislike the old version of SAP. However, right now, SAP ERP offers endlessly better features and functionality for all types of manufacturing industries, such as discrete, process and repetitive. And, it’s planning (MRP, S&OP, Forecasting, Demand Management, LTP, CRP) are way too powerful and in-depth than most companies will ever need to use (and they don’t!). Now more user friendly.

Is it known when they deliver the first e-trons? Should be really soon!!!

Only thing I have read: End of 2018 in Europe .

Not sure a specific date has ever been mentioned; but IIRC it’s supposed to be near the end of the year?…

Audi has internally promised its US dealers 50K of these in 2019. Hope they can pull it off for all of our sakes.

Do you have a source on that? They have been saying that the US is their largest market for the e-Tron and given that they are building 60k+ per year that’s at least 30k for the US in 2019, but 50k seems a bit much. That would only leave 10k for Europe. In Norway alone there are 6k pre-ordered.

Driving a crossover off-road! What a concept! Nice to see marketing the capabilities of an EV for AWD.