Audi Debuts Electric Longboard


German automaker Audi is a bit behind when it comes to electric mobility, so in order to catch up, the automaker thought it wise to unveil an electric longboard at Auto China 2016 in Beijing.

The longboard won’t win any drag race, but it’s a clever last-mile transportation device that is actually integrated into the rear bumper of the car.

Here’s what Audi says of the electric longboard:

“Tailored to markets with growing urbanization such as China, this lifestyle concept was developed at Audi Research& Development in Beijing and focuses on young, progressive drivers.”

“An electrically powered multifunctional longboard, measuring 1.05 meters in length, is integrated into the rear bumper of the car for convenient storage and removal. To ensure permanent usability, the device is charged automatically while loaded in the car. The board’s premium design includes superior materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum.”

Audi's Electric Longboard

Audi’s Electric Longboard

Sounds useful enough, but we’d much rather see Audi put out some pure electric cars instead of what’s essentially a fancy skateboard.

Audi adds:

“In case the longboard option is faster, the system will recommend a parking space nearby so that the driver may continue the commute to the destination with the electric board.”

“The multi-functional longboard has a battery range of more than 12 kilometers and reaches a maximum speed of 30 km/h.”

Just like most plug-in vehicles, the longboard has multiple “driving” modes:

  • In “scooter mode”, the phone is conveniently clipped to the unfolded handlebar to display directions. The speed is adjusted via remote control attached to the right handlebar grip.
  • In “sport mode”, the rider controls the speed via remote control in his or her hand.
  • In the third mode, the board is used as a transport device for luggage or shopping bags. In this mode, the board automatically follows its owner.

There’s no info on when the electric longboard will become available. Pricing has not been announced.

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Can it get any more STUPID Than That??

Stupid Gimmick.

I can imagine some executives congratulating each other for figuring out what Das Millennial wants. SMH.

Audi’s design team takes the “skateboard” design very literally…

Now Audi can post a PR Blitz they have an EV Skateboard like Tesla uses. 😉

Thanks to that, diesel gate is totally forgiven.

Well played.

Seriously, Audi?

So that’s their aproach for a range extender…

That’s a scooter. You would look an idiot riding on a kids scooter.

Correct, I am agreeing with you big time.

Audi needs affordable e-tron

That’s them first fully electric vehicle for 1 person.

It certainly is a creative approach to range anxiety.

Not news. I do this already. Its called a Nissan Leaf with my Zboard electric skateboard in the trunk. Works great when you are going to a destination thats 80 miles way and you would like to charge your car while you’re there all day. But the parking garage is 3 miles away from where your activity is. No problem, park your EV at the charging station and ride your Zboard to your destination. With a 20mph top speed and 18 mile range, it’s more fun than the Leaf although not as practical. But you do need to know how to ride a skateboard.

Forget the car. I just want the skateboard.

Because when I think of longboards, I think of Audi.

No I don’t.

GM showed off a prototype (that would have made a better looking Bolt, btw), that included a rear storage tray and a couple folding Segways in the rear, back in 2009.

Adding scooters to a car isn’t a new idea…

Yep, I like the Segway idea.