Audi Confirms VW Up-Sized Autonomous EV And New Efforts With Porsche


Audi e-tron Sportback concept

Audi recently outlined its electric future plan, but now the automaker confirms that it will be producing an autonomous city car for Volkswagen, and upping its efforts related to Porsche’s EVs.

Volkswagen e-Up!

In May, Audi recently solidified its previous announcement that it will release three new electric models by 2020. Now we can add a fourth shortly thereafter (albeit initially a Volkswagen), and likely some collaborations with Porsche as well.

Audi will be the go-to brand within the Volkswagen Group to satisfy autonomous applications. By 2021, the German luxury automaker will build one of its smallest cars to date and its first A-segment vehicle, in the form of a self-driving all-electric city car comparable to the Volkswagen e-Up! The car will be VW branded, but there’s always potential for an upscale Audi variation, if the need arises.

The automaker announced that the technology should be ready in about four years, for the A-segment vehicle(s), and an initial small production run will precede any mass-market plans.

If Audi moves forward with the platform for its own use, it would most likely be coined an A0 or an A2, with the E-Tron moniker. Plans for the Volkswagen vehicle revealed that it will be a bit bigger than the current e-Up!

Also announced was Audi’s agreement to collaborate with sister brand Porsche on upcoming vehicle platforms, and more specifically EVs. Potentially, any or all of its three new electric vehicles could share platforms with the highly anticipated Porsche Mission E, among other electrified Porsche models.

Source: Autocar

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We’ll see

CARB hounds VW, to build more chargers in urban centers with their diesel settlement funds. Now comes VW’s news of an urban electric. CARB is helping the image manufacturers are shooting for: “EVs are only for the city”. To me, it looks like CARB is shooting EV adoption in the foot and this announcement is related.

Social Policy = urban public charging
Environmental Policy = electric miles

Are you aware of the world population that live in cities?

Urban L3 (DCFC) charging is already sketchy. Not comparible to either a garage (w/plug), or a gas station. Even at a reliable 100kw, lines would quickly form with any success, and EVs unable to draw >40-50kw would squat. People wouldnt be “topping off”, to finish trips (highway charging). They will be parking, and leaving.

Not talking abouy L2, if yhat is what you meant.

VW’s plan very clearly shows an intention to install fast charging infrastructure of up to 350kW along highway corridors, including in California. The urban charging is *probably* going to be more L2 than L3 and way more distributed too.

“The automaker announced that the technology should be ready in about four years,”

Typical. Talks cheap.

I Agree, typical Vaporware nothing really has changed..

In the auto industry, it is common for a vehicle to take 4 years from proof of concept to production. It was the same for the car you’re driving and the same for most cars for at least the past 20 years

That’s how long it takes to develop a car.

That was in Yesteryears .They should get with it and take advantage of the newer advanced Technologies . Don’t Tell me.,They’ll Probably use Lead Acid Batteries too , Because they were Proven!….lol

Where is Tesla going to be at in 4 years? I would guess it will have 2 new models by then after M3 and doing over 1,000,000 cars a year.. Should be interesting..

Well. That’s a guess.

“…The automaker [Audi] announced that the technology should be ready in about four years, for the A-segment vehicle(s), and an initial small production run will precede any mass-market plans…”

Durring those 4 years…

Tesla will likely sell over 1 million electric cars and will have Model Y (midsize SUV/cross-over) in full tilt production…

Traditional Audi/VW/Porsche customers wanting to join the EV revolution will make up a good chunk of those Tesla sales.

The traditionals continue to look at EV development as a forced compliance transitional thing…and that time & legacy market presence is on their side.

After posting I see @Dee above already said it but better with fewer words.

Hey Audi – check out Tesla’s electric future plan.

The first one rolled off the assembly line Friday!

4-500,000 preorders, wow! Maybe the Germans should stop dorkin’ around with their concepts and plans and actually do something significant.


Like earn a profit.

Not your call to dictate or determine that any company should make a profit – just look after your own affairs if you can and let them do theirs.

Just around the corner, the mantra that VAG lives by.

So Audi, part of VW will do a car that’s badged as a VW but probably not as an Audi…I appreciate how VW is the master of badge engineering these days even badge engineering their EV concepts but this is getting confusing.

Is this site trolled by just pro-Tesla soldiers trying to mock other manufacturers’ intentions to offer future EVs instead of doing what Tesla has been doing for a long time – promising its shareholders some discernable profit in the future? At the very least they could try and overcome their hypocrisy – on the one hand they want other mainstream automakers to move toward EVs, and when the largest mainstream automaker in the world does it, it’s inane insults galore. Shameful.