Audi Confirms 2018 Arrival Of Electric SUV

JUN 7 2015 BY MARK KANE 17

Audi Q7 e-tron

Audi Q7 e-tron

Audi again mentioned the all-electric SUV when presenting its goals at its Annual General Meeting.

The company intends to invest €24 billion until 2019 (record high in its history), expanding its model range from today’s 52 to 60 automobiles in 2020, increase production capacity and introduce new technologies.

In the near future, Audi will begin sales of Q7 e-tron plug-in hybrid, while the all-electric SUV is scheduled for launch in 2018.

Expected range stands at 500 km (over 300 miles) in NEDC.

According to Automotive News, Audi SUV e-tron will be based on Q5.

“The full-electric SUV will be Audi’s first foray into the mainstream market for electric vehicles. It will have a 500km (310 mile) range and will challenge Tesla’s Model X crossover. Company sources say it will be based on the next Q5. It will have the e-tron badge that Audi uses for EVs and plug-ins.”

Audi Q5

Audi Q5

Source: Automotive News

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at that time Teslas range will be possibly around 450miles(over 600 km)….plus the supercharger Network allover!!!(unless the germans come up with something(…)exactly…..similar.

Tesla’s execution velocity seems to be stalling. Tesla first showed the Model X prototype in early 2012, and talked about it in 2009. Delivery won’t start in significant numbers until 2016.

If Audi can ship an SUV only two years after the Model X, it will be quite an accomplishment given that Tesla will have worked on the X for seven years before it shipped.

Audi said: “The full-electric SUV will be Audi’s first foray into the mainstream market for electric vehicles.”

Audi using the word “mainstream” instead of a more limiting term such as “niche” shows how much the EV space is gaining traction.

The platform needs to be more than just an electrified Q5 with batteries crammed in it.

Hope Audi builds a BEV-centric design, and not go down the cheap / design compromised path for this.

I think VW group has shown with the MQB platform that they know how to make adjustments to each variation so that each variant does not have its utility compromised. Golf TSI, TDI, GTI, GTD, GTE, and e-Golf are examples. The e-Golf batteries do not intrude into the passenger or cargo areas at all.

There is a very big difference in getting 20-30 kWh of batteries in and 80+ kWh.

Audi will and must make a totally new platform to manage to fit that amount and to make the batteries intergrated enough to not increase the weight too much.


Good point. Ford lost 9.3 cubic feet of cargo space by essentially throwing the 23kWh battery into the trunk area. I can see how the MQB platform can accommodate that.

However at an expected 80+kWh (3-4x as much capacity) even with a higher density chemistry, I don’t think the MQB platform can accommodate this (the e-Golf already fills up all the space in the bottom with its 24kWh pack). They either need extensive modifications or will need to sacrifice some trunk space. Either way, I don’t see it as likely it’ll just be a clone of the Q5 like the e-Golf was of the Golf.

Rumor has it the car is based on the new MLB Evo platform. That platform likely has at least some accommodation for an electric drivetrain. An SUV engine and transmission top 500 pounds and take up a bit of space, so there is at least a little bit of wiggle room in a large SUV platform even if it’s not designed only for BEVs. I don’t think we’ll see a frunk, however.

300 miles NEDC = Under 200 miles EPA.

Putting good news in perspective.

Model S 85D is rated at 502 km / 312 miles NEDC. If Tesla has not upgraded the capacity of their 2012 85 kWh battery pack by 2018, then the Audi SUV will likely have more range than Model X.

For NEDC to score the Tesla 85D at 315miles comes up way short, I think. NEDC ends up, for the most part, reliably 60% higher than EPA, when it comes to range. To get the 85D down to (315/1.60), or 197 EPA miles would be difficult.

You can blast the heat, below freezing, in awful driving conditions, and still reach 200+ miles with Tesla’s 85kwh.

2018, ha ha. That was a good joke. But good that they want to do something.

Talking about going to a party, isn’t the same as already being there, dancing and showing your stuff.

But it’s nice to know they are interested in finally attending…

Audi “confirms” it. No, really. They mean it this time. Honest.

How do you ‘confirm’ something that is 3 years away? Do they have a time machine? If so, why don’t they sell that?

Audi Specialist Garage UK

This is certainly some really exciting news. But it’s pretty obvious Audi have got their work cut out if they plan to hit the ground running with this in the next five years.