Audi Chooses Plug-In Hybrid Over BEVs For Green Charge Into China


2015 Audi A3 e-tron Headed to China Soon

2015 Audi A3 e-tron Headed to China Soon

Audi A6 e-tron To Be Audi's Flagship Plug In For China

Audi A6 e-tron To Be Audi’s Flagship Plug In For China

According to the South China Morning Post, German automaker Audi will roll into China with a bevy of plug-in hybrids, not pure electric vehicles.

Audi chief executive, Rupert Stadler, stated:

“With the limitations in battery technology today, you always suffer a lack of range and there is still missing infrastructure.  You cannot wait on the fourth ring road [in Beijing] to recharge your battery. No premium customer will accept this.”

“At phase one [of the development of China’s new-energy car industry] it is very clear that plug-in hybrid technology will be at the forefront in the coming years.”

“You can do a lot of marketing efforts to create a brand experience but if a customer has doubts because there is no fuel station for the battery, [they] will not be happy.”

Tis true that China has a lacking charging infrastructure, so this is a wise choice for now by Audi.

According to Stadler, Audi will soon launch both the A6 PHEV and A3 PHEV in China.  Both of those vehicles will be manufactured in China with Audi’s joint venture partner FAW.

As of right now, there’s no firm launch date for either of the two plug-in hybrids that Audi will sell in China.

Source: South China Morning Post

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In the end, they all lead to an electric highway. Would love to see China allow BEVs and long range EREVs a pass on their city lotteries. This seems so much simpler than tax incentives to accomplish their city emission problems. I am sure it is more than just emissions though. The roads are crowded enough as it is. Expediting infrastructure is tough.

Would love to see BEVs and EREVs get a pass on their city lotteries.

If you don’t have at least a dedicated parking spot with power I doubt any plug-in is a good idea. Most in the USA have that, I’m told it is less common in Europe. I have no idea what the situation is in China.

Nearly 50% of cars are kept on the street without a garage in the US, so are equally stuck in reality for plugging in.

Of course that is even more the case in densely populated European cities.

Those who advocate battery only solutions and are entirely anti fuel cell vehicles don’t seem to consider those so situated at all.

I want ‘All of the above’.

Dave: Another way of looking at that would be to say that the other 50% of the market is still a big potential market. Obviously some of those other 50% have other reasons not to be a realistic EV buyer right now: Cost, range, etc. However, there is a decent potential there. For example, many people have 2, 3 or even 4 cars in the household. One of them could be an EV.


That is why I support BEV electric cars.
The other 50% or so without a convenient place to plug in is also a ‘decent potential’, and that is in the US.

If one includes the 500 million or so vehicles in the world without a garage, the market is more than decent.

There is plenty of room for electric vehicles of all sorts, and not having to plug in is the only realistic way for vast numbers of motorists who deserve the option of electric mobility.

And with longer range BEV’s and proper infrastructure there will surely be some people using just fast chargers in the same way as they use a petrol station today.

There are many different solutions but all lead to electrification of the vehicles. =)

Two words: extension cords. You don’t need a garage, just an outlet. And they’re typically located everywhere people are…

Í don’t live in a real BEV hotspot in Europe, but there is a charging place 200 m to the north of my place and another 200 m to the south.

I know these without me actually ever looking em up.

Of course Audi would go PHEV. 😛

This article makes it sound like they did not know that Audi vehicles are just not more upmarket VWs.

Golf = A3

Jetta = A3

Passat = A6

So it’s expected that there will be an Audi version of each VW model that it offers a PHEV or EV.

The Chinese don’t need to save money on fuel, as in Europe. They need to be able to breathe. I suspect the Chinese government is going to get behind that faster than anyone thinks.

Even so, the PHEV are not interesting compared to EREV because the EREV is already able to do 100 miles in EV mode and if the Rex has a normal tank size it can provide for further autonomy. The EREV has the extra advantage to be compatible with a direct free piston generator as demonstrated by the German DLR made tests. This in turn makes it possible to improve generator efficiency, compacity and also allow for still more efficient detonation cycles instead of combustion cycle and also allow the addition of intermediate vapor cycles giving extra electricity and free cooling of the cylinders which in its turn allow for an even more compact and lightweight packing.