Audi CEO: Our Sporty Pure Electric SUV Is Coming In 2017 – Will Compete With Tesla Model X


Audi Q4 Concept

Audi Q4 Concept

We don’t yet know what it’ll look like on the outside, but we do have confirmation from Audi CEO Rupert Stadler that a Tesla Model X competitor is coming from Audi in 2017.

Audi Plug In Concept

Audi Plug In Concept

During his recent conference keynote, Stadler confirmed that Audi will produce a fully electric, sporty SUV beginning in 2017.  This marks the first time that an Audi exec went on record confirming the automaker’s upcoming electric SUV.

This SUV will no doubt compete directly with the Tesla Model X.

Even more details on the Audi electric SUV poured from Stadler’s mouth.  Those details include inductive charging (likely to retain the plug port too) and range that should surpass any pure electric vehicle on the market.

Rumors suggest that the electric Audi SUV will have a 370-mile range rating (NEDC), compared to the 310-mile range rating (NEDC) for the 85 kWh Tesla Model S.

Some have hinted that the electric Audi SUV will be called the Q8 E-tron, though Stadler did not confirm that in his speech.  Likewise with price, reports say $130,000, but again Stadler did not offer comment on the subject of pricing.

However, we do know that the Audi SUV will make use of the same battery chemistry and electric hardware that will be found in the confirmed-for-production Audi R8 E-Tron.  Both vehicles will feature some sort of undisclosed next-generation battery technology.

With both the R8 E-tron and what’s likely to be called the Q8 E-tron, Audi will have a stable of two electric vehicles that can match or beat the best that Tesla can offer.  It’s shaping up to look like Audi will become the first automaker to challenge Tesla head on.  Who would’ve thought that Audi would become the first true Tesla challenger?  Audi?

This Audi Concept Hints at the 2017 Production Q8 - Rumor Has It That An Electric Version With Up to 370 Miles of Range is Under Development

This Audi Concept Hints at the 2017 Production Vehicle – Rumor Has It That An Electric Version With Up to 370 Miles of Range is Under Development

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Not too long ago, Musk stated that he actually owns a Q5 or Q7 (dont remember exactly anymore). I think he said that during the introduction presentation of the Model X.
Funny story that Audi will now likely be the first real competitor 🙂

He said during the 2012 reveal of the Model X prototype that he had a Q7.

Important input here: Musk will never talk about “competitors” in the first place since he just wants to accelerate the worlds transition to electric mobility. (Of course he still needs TSLA to be economically successful)

Aren’t those two objectives mutually incompatible? Since when does someone who want to maximize his company’s success want competition?

Not so much. There are plenty of highly successful companies which have intense competition. If Musk really wants to move the world to electrified transportation, he clearly knows that Tesla cannot be the only electric car manufacturer in the world. If they are, then either they have a complete monopoly on automobiles (that will never happen), or electric cars will remain a small niche of the market.

True. The curmudgeons among us would be ripping into Tesla a lot more, if alternatives made it constructive. Then, they’d improve some things I won’t bring up 😉

When you’re creating a whole new category, you want competition. It grows the market faster.

There is also the network effect, in a few different ways.

A second pub on a quiet street is more of help than competition, as long as EV market grows, TSLA will grow, too.

There will be time for cut throat competition hopefully after EVs make 75% of all sales.

Well he is building a mega battery plant that will sell batteries for 30% less than what auto manufacturers can get them for today. He will make money both ways. Kind of like Panasonic did on VHS and Sony on Bluray.

If he can really deliver batteries that cheaply, he & Panasonic will have a foothold in the stationary storage market too.

Let the EV Wars, commence! 😉

I suspect that most all Tesla S owners own multiple vehicles which offsets the negatives of long or complicaated trips with a pure EV. Other EV manufactuers offer a number of rental car credits per year for the same reason. I wonder how Musk will address this issue with the model E.

I have three long range cars. Two are gassers: a Lexus and a BMW. These would normally be great cars to take on trips but we never do anymore. The only car we drive long distance is the Tesla Model S. Several trips over a thousand miles.

In fact, those gassers are going to get sold soon, nobody wants to drive them anymore. Obsolete.

Tesla plans to cut down the charge time of Tesla cars to 10 minutes or less.

Even though as-is, considering the fact that you charge while eating and sleeping, a Tesla Model S does just fine for road trips with the family.

I think it would be more constructive to explore how much people would say “What’s the difference” the extra 15-20 minute top-offs can take, if they’re taken care of with some other kind of service. Coffee? Cell service? What more do we really need?

Actually, some Tesla Supercharger locations do offer free coffee and wifi. Such as the Hawthorne Supercharger.

I think a staffed massage chair and car detailing service would be a nice addition to all supercharger stations.

just sayin’

Audi has confirmed and unconfirmed production of EVs several times. With Audi, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’ll second that. I’m still not 100% sure on the A3 e-tron until it gets into the hands of curstomers in a decent number.

If its priced that high it will be substantially more than an X.

Maybe not if there is a 100 or 110 kWh battery to get similar range (370 vs 310) plus the Audi may have a lot of options built in to that price.

It’s the same or even a bit less than they want for the Model X (according to the statements of it being slightly more expensive than the Model S).

The Model S is now about $110k (85 kWh, no options included) after the price cuts.
So $130k seems reasonable depending on options.

That’s not a correct price Mikael. A 85 model with no options is only about $79,900 (before incentives). Cheap? No, but nowhere near $110,000

How can you compete with Tesla without a similar offer of a nationwide “supercharger” setup?

good luck to the unsuspecting buyers

Audi could sell many more of them if they were “SuperCharger Compatible”. Making their own Model X clone, pretty much endorses Tesla as a legit automaker anyways…

And at the price Audi wants, shouldn’t be a problem for them.

The German auto makers, in general, aren’t too keen with competition in their back yard. They are working hard on making Menekkes / CCS Combo2 as not only the German standard, but the EU standard.

I just cant imagine Audi signing uo for any foreign charge network in EU, regardless of how logical it qould be.

For a US market car, i guess I can say “maybe”. But, we havent heard a peep out of Tesla concerning licensing their product for quite some time, so I’ll be surprised if Tesla is even pursuing it.

As to the range claims, and other “fantastic” data, it just reminds me too much of BMW advertising of the i3. If you didnt know that was a 90 mile range city car for four people, youd think it was a supercar by reading some press releases (provided by BMW), and certainly a big Tesla competitor.

The best thing is that these guys are finally realizing the threat from Silicon Valley.

So lets see longer range than a tesla but your only DCFC choice is a 50kw CCS unit…
If you can find one.

Audi is press release happy on EV’s and short on real products

THIS is the first car Cadillac should have tried. SRX EV would have been great at the 75k price point.

“We don’t yet know what it’ll look like on the outside,…”

Seriously??? It’s an Audi. It will look exactly like every other Audi SUV, either bigger or smaller.

We don’t really know if we will ever build it, but it sounds cool.

…and it shots unicorns from its tailpipe

If the metal/air/li on batteries ever come to fruition, 370 miles of range, would be on the low end. How come there’s no discussion on this possibility?

VW needs to hurry up, because the MX is likely to wipe out the Cayenne sales. My only hope is that the Q8 E-tron (a) doesn’t have the useless center console and (b) isn’t sold through useless dealers.

… I forgot – I hope Audi also plans on supplying world wide fast charging stations that allows to go beyond 370 miles.

Charging stations? We don’t need no stinking charging stations!
We have solved the long range travel problem……..

Yup right. Huge battery and a non- existent dcfc network equals a cool suv EV you can’t go to far in without a multi hour stop at. A dcfc or a overnight stay.

Is Ferdinand Piëch in a deep coma or what? He usually vetoed everything electric but apparently for whatever reason he is now really out and his successor is changing the course 180° towards electrics.

That’s all good news folks!