Audi CEO Promises One New Electrified Vehicle Every Year Starting In 2018

MAY 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 21

Audi e-tron quattro concept

Audi e-tron quattro concept

Audi Q7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro

Audi Q7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said at the company’s Annual General Meeting that starting in 2018, Audi will launch a new electrified (all-electric or plug-in hybrid) car each year.

For year 2018, Audi has scheduled the e-tron quattro SUV with about 500 km (310 miles) of range. The e-tron’s assembly and battery pack production both to be located in Brussels.

Audi currently offers the A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid, which will be followed by Q7 e-tron plug-in hybrid.

“The key points are a course of systematic innovation and the expansion of the product range. “Our model and technology initiative will ensure our growth of tomorrow,” stated Stadler, “Electrification and digitization represent an historic shift. We will play a large part in shaping this change and will thus further enhance our strong position.” A large proportion of the planned investment will flow into these projects. In addition, Audi will strengthen its team this year, in Germany alone with 1,200 experts in strategic areas for the future.”

Next year Audi intends to present the new A8, which will be the brand’s first series-produced car capable of piloted driving (traffic-jam pilot and on the autobahn at speeds up to 60 km/h / 37 mph).

Fully automated driving to be achieved by 2025.

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Well, they need to make hybrid versions of all their models in order to sell in China, and to abide by EU law.
One per year is actually pretty slow roll-out of hybrid powertrain.

1 per year screams COMPLIIIAAAAANCCEEE!!!

Yup. Stillll talking about it. Musk is far earlier with his promises, than Audi.

And now it’s only 310 miles…but in NEDC for sure.
The (hopefully some months from now)next Tesla X 100D should get that to, with seven seats, then fully autonomous system two or three years from now (if lawmakers let it running the streets) against the 2025 Audi time frame.
Fortunately the more affordable Tesla Model Y Cross-over should be available five years from now when I will need to change my ICE car.
Sorry Audi, once you were my preferred German Brand, over Mercedes or BMW, if I would had the money for, but now, every time I dive behind an Diesel car and have to breath its exhaust, I remember your cheating behaviour and how you became pissed when US gov refused (in 2011?)to give you the same tax rebates for your so “clean” diesel cars equipped with “Bluemotion” engines!

Mean “I drive behind…” not dive obviously! lol.

The whole VW comapany is a joke, telling everybody to develope great EVs, for saving the environment and in the very same time they’ll develope a new V8 diesel engine or cars like an Audi SQ7.
There’s no ture will, vision or ambition to zero-emission cars. It’s just embarrassing.



This was pretty funny…….lol 😛

News Flash: Tesla hires a longtime Audi executive, Peter Hochholdinger, (formerly Audi’s Senior Director of Production behind the manufacturing programs of the A4, A5 and Q5 vehicles) to take over vehicle production.

Maybe that’s why only 1 per year for Audi

Ok. this makes sense why Josh Ensign and Greg Reichow are leaving neither had prior experience with producing a car vs the 20 + years this Peter apparently has.

Things are looking up for Tesla.

Fantastic news.

The article about Hochholdinger leaving the dark side to join Tesla.

“We will play a large part in shaping this change and will thus further enhance our strong position.”

Wow, dude, you need a scoop shovel for the amount of B.S. you’re shoveling out.

VolksWagen dragged its feet for years about jumping on the bandwagon, and now that you finally have, you’re desperately trying to catch up from your weak position. Good luck with that, but depending on luck is a poor substitute for planning.

And any sympathy I might have had for VW’s predicament vanished with the “clean diesel” scandal.

Well, they can say whatever they want. My $1k is on Tesla Motors.

The legacy car companies are part of The Oil Orbit. Anything they say about electric cars should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

When Ford uses the term “electrified, ” they mean, “mostly non plug-in hybrids about as efficient as a gen 2 Prius, but we’re happy to mislead people into thinking we mean EVs.”

Are we sure Audi is actually talking about plug-ins?

Audi: The Promising Promise of Promises.

Frankly, I don’t want to hear another darn word out of Audi that doesn’t include the phrase “Available at your Local Dealership Now!”

Go talk to Nike, and Just Do It.

InsideEVs, RE: Audi… I am surprised you haven’t covered this news yet –

I wonder if the “trio of BEVs starting in 2020” includes the 2018 Q7 BEV which they were still talking about just TWO MONTHS AGO, or are they now slipping that car by two years into 2020?

Heeh, it has just been a busy news day. We actually have article on the subject “in the pen” ready to go on it…but figured it best to just wait until tomorrow at this point and start fresh, as an ambiguous future-tense product foreshadowing can stay relevant a day or so, (=