Audi Boss: Tesla Owners Want A Plug-In Hybrid Audi Q7

JUL 30 2014 BY MARK KANE 82

A3 Sportback e-tron Cutaway

A3 Sportback e-tron Cutaway

Audi is reluctant to introduce all-electric cars, however a series of plug-in hybrid Audis are in the works.

According to Rupert Stadler, Audi Chairman of the Board of Management, PHEVs are what customers really wants to buy, even those who have a Tesla.

“We have tested the technology, but we have always been clear that, from a customer’s point-of-view, plug-in hybrid technology is best.”

“Plug-in technology gives efficiency and it gives range. I’ve spoken to Tesla customers, and they say that if the plug-in Audi Q7 was available that is the car they would choose. We are confident we have chosen the right path; an electric car that lives only in the showroom does nothing for the CO2 agenda. We want to build cars that sell.”

Well, only time will tell how well the plug-in Audi Q7 will sell in general and to Tesla customers (also against the Model X).  However, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales in Europe indicate that plug-in hybrids are on the rise.

Another topic is electrification of existing models instead of designing new ones like in case of BMW:

“By sticking to proven vehicles we have flexibility. We can build plug-in cars in many of our factories, and on many of our existing cars, very quickly.”

After A3, there are plans for Q7, A8 and A6 long-wheelbase plug-in hybrids from Audi.

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Yeah, a pos Audi, just what everybody wants.

Myopic post. Different car manufacturers offer consumers choice. Just because it doesn’t fit your ideal, that doesn’t mean a large number of customers feel the same.

Not feel, worthy of the money they charge.

taser: Ardent defender of the inane.

A less inane and easier way for you to understand would be for me to say that this particular manufacturer builds overpriced vehicles. I am comparing them to other vehicles of much better design and build quality for quite a bit less money.

Yea better cars like Bentley… Err, Porsche… Lamborghini?.. I mean Bugatti!

Actually Audi (VAG) is pretty good stuff… they just have to get rid of the de Nysschen slime left all over the company.

Big, my comment was meant as a dig on taser, not on you or your comment.

ok, sorry bout that.

Audi has grown its appeal a lot in the last decade:

I’m excited to see Audi actually care about the Q7 PHEV. They’re going to have a tough time competing with the Model X in space and performance, so we’re going to find out how much range will matter.

But for those that aren’t sold on pure EV, PHEV is way better than pure gas/diesel.

It’s a no brainer that PHEVs are the ideal right now. Cheaper, no range anxiety, no battery supply issues. And gets 90+% electric driving anyway.

Gentlemen, the correct acronym is EREV. Still vaporware, to these guys.

At almost $15k more, or $1,361 per kwh, Porsche is selling the idea a diesel is better than their <15 mile PHEV. I suspect many would say that's right. So, it's EREV, not PHEV.

I won't be calling any of these expensive, 5,000+lb machines EREVs until they pack at least 20-25 kwh. At that, I'd watch competitors kwh, like I used to watch mpg. Not that hard.

Porsche’s Cayenne diesel has far less power than the gasoline Cayenne S or the PHEV. You’re comparing the wrong models.

Yep, their A4 is basically a more generously speced Skoda Octavia.

nonetheless to say that the Tesla Model S outsold the Audi A8 in the US market. To which “an electric car that lives only in the showroom” he was referring to I have no idea. Maybe was to the Cadillac ELR that is a… hybrid!

Very mixed messages from Audi:

Audi plans EV version of A6 with 430 mile range, and EV version of A2 with 300 mile range:

If you can’t read German, here’s the translation:

looks like something Colonel Klink would drive.

I know nothing. NOTHING!

Thank you, Schultz.

“if the plug-in Audi Q7 was available that is the car they would choose”

Yeah, maybe when they bought their Model S. The Model X is not yet available, and the supercharging network is in its infancy (but growing fast). We’ll see what customers actually say once their choice is a Q7 or a Model X with a robust supercharging network…

That’s total bull – I follow some of the blogs, and people who buy Teslas rave about the fact that there is no gas to worry about – thumbing their nose at the gas station is always mentioned – as well as the cargo space, the quiet, the smoothness, etc.

At least 99.999999% of people who buy Teslas don’t want anything to do with ICE.

“According to Rupert Stadler, Audi Chairman of the Board of Management, PHEVs are what customers really wants to buy, even those who have a Tesla.”

Cheeky, very cheeky.

Wishful thinking. I doubt Tesla owners want a PHEV, they want an EV…

Exactly – read the forums – people who buy Teslas don’t want anything to do with ICE.

“.. an electric car that lives only in the showroom ….”

What EV could he possibly be referring to? The Tesla Model S is backlogged for months. Thousands of pre-orders for Model X. The Leaf is selling well.

Maybe it is the very “electrification of existing models” that he wants to do that isn’t selling well. The Ford Focus Electric for example.

Amazing what the industry laggards will say about EVs. Remember what the Lexus top dog said just last week?

BlackBerry is still insisting that users want smartphones with physical keyboards, Microsoft that users prefer Windows in a tablet, cable TV that users want to pay for packages and so on. Let’s Audi join the industries that will be out of the market in the next decade…


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

“People who buy apples _really_ just wanted an orange we don’t sell. All fruit’s the same, right?”


Well said

It’s more like.. “People who buy red apples and also want yellow apples will certainly want our yellow pears even though the company that sells the red apples will be offering yellow apples long before we can offer our yellow pears.”

The Model S owners I’ve talked to wanted a Popsicle but maybe it was just a hot day.

You just have to laugh at this stuff.


Yep – read the blogs – people who want/buy Teslas are trying to distance themselves as far from ICE tech as possible.

I own a Model S and I have absolutely no desire to own an Audi Q7 plug-in hybrid. When it’s time to replace my wife’s Acura in a few years we’ll probably get a Tesla Model III. But if Audi decides to make an A4 EV with at least 200 miles of range and fast-charging capability we’ll certainly consider it.

“Tesla Owners Want A Plug-In Hybrid Audi Q7”

Conventional car-makers remain in denial. A Tesla Owner has learned the joins of an EV: Charge up at home, no oil changes, no smog checks, almost no maintenance, no drips, very cheap fuel, no lurching transmission, can grow your fuel on your roof with solar PV, very quiet, etc. An ICE car cannot do these things. Period.

The only advantage the PHEV has is refuel speed and you don’t need that if you have 200+ miles of range and recharge every night.

It is highly doubtful. Tesla sales have fallen off the cliff, while Outlander PHEV and Prius sales have gone over the roof.

Besides the pure EV enthusiasts, EVs remain largely unknown to masses.


I second Kdawg. What’s your source of data for this statement?

Stop feeding the trolls – the guy is completely full of $hit – Tesla still can’t keep up with demand…there are no declines anywhere that I’ve seen or read or can find. They keep cutting back US-bound production in order to catch up to global backlogs, but they are still producing Model Ses as fast as they can, and every vehicle is sold before it is produced!

The day that Tesla has inventory is the day when we can say that demand has leveled off.

Our Model S doesn’t live in a showroom. It has 52000km well earned kilometers on it.

Hey, Audi! Listen, I loved my 2006 A3! But eventually I sold it to go electric… a LEAF first and now a RAV4 EV and all electric is fantastic. (Tesla Model S/X is just too damn big for my tastes.) So, no, you’re wrong, I don’t want anything that still has to burn gas/diesel. But I do want a small, sporty, all wheel drive, 250+ miles range, all electric hatchback… like an all electric A3, so get on it!

(Okay, yes, I realize you have to try to sell what you can make right now… so I’m just saying what I’m waiting for when the next gen battery tech starts rolling out in 2016/17.)

I’ll take the Audi – commute in EV and longer drives to mountains using limited gas a few times per year. Just like my Volt.

Why choose this if you can go all in electric power? The official EPA-estimated range for the Volt is 380 miles and for the Tesla Model-S 265. The Volt isn’t better in anything than to be cheap…

Because he wants to ever so rarely hike between mountains, not supercharger locations. What is cheap about that?

compared to the Tesla Model S, the Volt is cheap 🙂 – not that the Volt is a cheap car…

The Volt is not a cheap car in terms of build quality, but it is actually quite cheap to own and operate. It has a TCO almost as low as a Chevy Cruze over 5 years (lower in some cases), and that is a cheap economy car!

This tesla owner has zero interest in an Audi, or any hybrid for that matter.

what a fortunate man you are. And I’m dreaming with a Nissan Leaf 🙂

this one too….

How wrong he is. Once you go to EV, goodbye exhaust systems, cam-belts, spark plugs, oil changes, oil, air and fuel filters, refueling (at expensive prices), glitches, blowing, leaking, engine failures and so on…

What Tesla owners want are the promised and more then once delayed Model X. No one wants hybrids. No one wants crossovers or SUVs with 20mpg average…

DPF delete, baby!

Entitlement runs deep in this country…

I’m sure early Model T owners were thinking “Boy, I sure wish horse doo doo was coming out of the back of my fancy newfangled car”

Henry Ford’s wife drove electric cars btw. She never liked the model T. LOL

“By sticking to proven vehicles we have flexibility. We can build plug-in cars in many of our factories, and on many of our existing cars, very quickly.”

We made them so quickly that we have none yet for sale. And by sticking to proven… flexibility we have now to attack Tesla.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandhi.

…then they laugh at you
Remember this quote from then Audi boss Johan de Nysschen:
“The Chevrolet Volt is a car for Idiots…No one is going to pay a $15,000 premium for a car that competes with a (Toyota) Corolla. So there are not enough idiots who will buy it.”

OK, so now Audi has discovered the secret of electrification in PHEVs. By building them on an existing patform… quickly. Sounds a bit like the idiots have won.

I wonder what the next Audi executive is going to say when they’ll start making full electrics, ahem, quickly…

No Audi here. I’ll only go for Nissan, Mitsubishi or Tesla. They are the pioneers and deserve my support. I have a Leaf already, I think I’ll reserve a Model III whenever they open the line.

Yep, look at Audi (fail to) push their way to the forefront of vehicle electrification. Their current strategy doesn’t require expensive new platforms, nor superchargers to deploy, and keeps their maintenance revenue streams flowing. Meet the New Audi, same as the Old Audi….
I can’t wait to see the numbers for the 1st year their plugin Q7 goes up against the Model X.

Well, that’s not going to be pretty! Well, for Audi at least. IIRC, the Q7 is one of the benchmark vehicles for the MX, so it should prove to be interesting. 🙂



“I’ve spoken to Tesla customers, and they say that if the plug-in Audi Q7 was available that is the car they would choose.”

Who’d he speak with? That guy that hired the Lemon King lawyer?



As an American, I want to stand proud to own an American car after decades of owning foreign ones because they were intrinsically better or their quality made them a better value. Today, I can buy an American product that is made in America by American workers. Since the Tesla is something Germans, Japanese, South Koreans, Italians nor anyone can supply – and it is superior to their much-refined 19th century product, and every Supercharger makes their product more inferior. As an American, I take pride in that. I’m glad Audi comes out daily with another silly talking point as to how they know what I want. I like that they’re arrogant, and used to owning a large chunk of the premiere auto segment. In the ’80s and early ’90s, Audis often were seen sitting by the sides of our freeways in Seattle, busted down. Audi had an awful, terrible reputation – they had build some real dogs. Under VW’s wise guidance, Audi has recovered today into one of the most respected brands. Right up with BMW and probably past Mercedes – which today has had surprisingly many reliability and quality issues per vehicle. Good for Audi. Good for those… Read more »

Why Americans have a so limited view of the world? Doesn’t matter what you think you are, we are in the same planet sharing the same breathable air! I wish people do embrace Tesla because it’s the only company truly committed with sustainable mobility. Please don’t forget that Elon Musk, the guy that made PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity happen is South African!

Hear, hear!

In fact, don’t forget that 99% of those who call themselves “American” are decedents of immigrants themselves. In fact, that goes to 100% if you consider that the Native Americans immigrated during the last Ice Age…

Bottom line, we all live on the same planet. We are all part of the same human race. Like it or not, we are all in this together. National borders and ethnicity are artificial lines that can only divide us and pit us against each other.

That doesn’t matter – entitlement and provincialism runs deep in this country – and the Ruling Class, via the Republican Party and Tea Party, are very polished at deliberately confusing liberty with responsibility.

It’s the old, tried-and-true divide and conquer theme – us vs. them – we’re not all in it together, if you pay attention to their narrative.

+1 James

He is right, I own a Tesla model S and is not the car I really want. I can’t wait for the Model X. 🙂

*Jay? How we doin’ on that post edit feature?…

Sorry for my spelling/grammatical errors – I see them, but I can’t fix them…grrrr

An Audi Q7 PHEV with decent range will surely sell in decent numbers. But I highly doubt they will get many Tesla owners back once they have gone all electric.
And the few Tesla owners that get a Q7 PHEV will probably have it as a second car anyway.

That bad?

Squeaky wheels get greased! $50,000-$100,000 PHEV cruisers shouldn’t come with ~10kwh. For less than 10% of the price, range can double and power can improve in the mode most will want to use.


Seriously, who’d say that. I like how Audi is finally waking up after they got rid of a certain CEO who became CEO of Infinity and now looking for a space in Cadillac, but they have to aknoledge that their previous decisions were mistakes. Now they’re behind the game. There’s no point comparing a 20-mile EV range on an SUV to the range of a Model X. It’s best to be competing with the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

Should we beegin to start comparing vehilces by their EV range? The whole plug-in SUV offerings are all going to come short of 35 miles, at best. There’s nothing to fill the gaps between them and the 200+ mile range of the Model X.

As a Tesla owner, I will NEVER go back to a combustion engine… a hybrid is the last thing that I want… more Tesla owners learn just how viable EV-only transportation is than wish they had their gasoline engine back

What an idiot!

This is along the lines of the CEO’s giving their stupid predictions about the iPhone when it first came out.

Lets just make a poll, what would you rather own a Tesla S or an Audi Q7 PHEV?

Nice idea! let’s populate this pool, using facebook, forums, websites.

OK that despite I’m more interested in the Tesla Gen III, it will be more BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class what is more my size and price tag, I voted for the Model S 🙂

There used to be a time when producers would propose products on the market and customers would decide what they choose; now apparently, the producers want to decide what the customers choose and only put those products on the market.what the customers should choose, so we end up still having the choice between the
Lucky for us the producers don’t agree on different producers choices, EV, Hybrid, PHEV or EVER.

This makes more sense:

There used to be a time when producers would propose products on the market and customers would decide what they choose; now apparently, the producers want to decide what the customers choose and only put those products on the market.

Lucky for us the producers don’t agree on what the customers should choose, so we end up still having the choice between the different producers choices, EV, Hybrid, PHEV or EVER.

It highly depends on the EREV’s range. If we are talking Chevy Volt-like range – I might go for the Audi.., but anything with less than 40 real-life EV range would be just mrketing-phev for me..

I think Audi is going to lose their shorts long with Toyota and Honda once their 400 mile range EV comes out next year.

Audi is a maintenance grenade set to go off when the warranty expires.
Why would a Tesla owner want that?