Audi Announces e-Tron Pricing In Germany, Expect ~$100,000 In U.S.

MAR 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 51

Audi revealed that interest in the upcoming e-tron all-electric SUV is tremendous – there are some 3,700 reservations coming from Norway alone.

Audi e-tron prototype

In addition, the automaker stated that pricing for the e-tron in Germany starts at €80,000 ($98,445 USD), which means that in U.S. it probably will be priced at approximately $100,000 before incentives.

We believe that the e-tron in U.S. will be priced above the Tesla Model X 100D ($97,200 incl. destination charge) but way below the $141,200 for the P100D.

The car is going to be unveiled in Brussels this summer. Production and sales will begin in the second half of 2018.

“In some markets, demand for the e-tron** has already started: Lots of customers have already reserved this SUV. We have received 3,700 reservations from Norway alone. The price of the e-tron** has been fixed as of today: It is available in Germany starting at 80,000 euros. The Audi e-tron** stands here as a representative of many more electric cars that we will present to you in the coming years. The Audi e-tron Sportback** will follow in 2019.”

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Audi e-tron prototype Audi e-tron prototype Audi e-tron prototype Audi e-tron prototype Audi e-tron prototype

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$100k is a ridiculous price for this car. You can get a new Q5 for under $40k. I hope Audi comes to their senses before they try to sell this car in the US.

Battery costs.

Welcome to reality. VW Group has contracts for $100 a kWh… but in 2025. Did you think that was now? They are production bound and will be for several years yet.

They have been quite the artists at making the most out of product announcements, though. People are convinced they will enter the EV space in volume right away.

€100 per kWh not $100.

That is $123.

They aren’t paying that either. Not for a while.

I have stated many times that the European price includes the VAT and that when converting for USD it needs to be removed. In Germany the VAT is 19%. In the US we price before adding sales tax (for staes that have sales tax).
Euros $80,000 = $98,445
minus 19% =$79,740
So the correct price in the US is $79,740 plus sales Tax.
This would be correct because it is $10,000 more than the Jaguar and I believe the correct entry point fro Audi.

Yes/No. Point right, arithmetic looks wrong. Setting it up as a grade-school story problem, “if the base price plus 19% VAT is $98,445, what is the base price?”

98,445/1.19 = 82,727 (plus 19% VAT of 15,718).

Sizewise, the e-tron is propably like the jag i-pace, volvo v60, bmw x3, audi q5 and the Tesla Model Y.
Performance wise it can only be compared other premium ev’s like Tesla Model 3, Model S or the performance versions of the ICE equivalents like Bmw M-, Mercedes AMG- or Audi S-Versions.

Prices will fall in the future, but not in the near future.

Like I said, some new Q5s are being offered for less than $40k. The eTron looks almost identical to the Q5 and will probably have very similar performance and capabilities. If a Q5 and an eTron are sitting side by side on a lot there is no way they are going to be able to ask twice as much for the eTron.

They have no problem asking 80k for the S5 which is just a q5 with a larger engine. The e-tron is more powerful, S5 260kW e-torn 350kW.
So this car is actually very cheap for what it is.

Why does everyone keep assuming that currency exchange means ANYTHING????

An Audi S4 is $60K Euros in Germany
An Audi S4 is $51K in USA

I’ll predict the E-Tron is $78K in US, priced a bit higher than the typical pattern to put the after rebate price at the right mark.

More likely it will be around $80k. VAT is included in European pricing.

Exactly. How many times are these writers gonna get it wrong!?!?!??

Furthermore car prices are usually cheaper in the US than the straight translation comes out at. The I Pace was a perfect example of that. You think they would have learned by now…

It isn’t going to be cheap and is honestly above what I thought it would be but it isn’t going to cost $100k here. The question though is if they can sell enough at home where their margins are higher how many will they actually export to the US?

Exactly the audi is priced very similiar to the Jaguar I-Pace. Which is 69,750$ or something in the US.
At insideevs and the readers from the US. European prices always incl. VAT, which is quite high in most european countries (19% in Germany in this case).
And as you have said for some reason prices in the US are always lower in the US compared to europe 🙁

80,000 euros includes the 19% VAT. The U.S. equivalent would 67,000 euros = $82,000. The roughly equivalent Model X (100D) is $96,000 and will soon be losing its $7500 tax credit, giving the Audi an advantage of approximately $21,000.

American politicians will not allow a situation where GM and Tesla don’t have a $7500 credit and all foreign companies save Nissan have a $7500 credit.

You can not compare the e-tron with the Tesla Model X which is substantially bigger.
The e-tron is more like the upcomming Tesla Model Y

Of course you can compare the Audi to the MX, and many people will. Anyone who doesn’t need something as big as the Model X will be comparing them because there’s no Tesla smaller than that. If the Model Y existed, then maybe I’d agree, but it doesn’t, so the e-tron and the Model X absolutely will be compared, except for people who need the size of the X, in which case the e-tron is out.

“there’s no Tesla smaller than that“

… other than Models S and 3. Perhaps you meant “no Tesla with CUV styling?”

It’s unfortunate for the traditional car company, people will always compare their EV with similar ICE model.

New EV company with no ICE history has advantage there.

Yes, but the shift will come eventually.

For now their cars are only to compete with Tesla and not ment to compete wirh own ICE models, or they will bemade to furfill compliances.

Given the assumed specs of 311mile range, $80-$100k make sense as it’s comparable in range to Tesla of similar price.

The Tesla has an aluminum body and some very exotic features. The Audi is steel and shares a lot of parts with the Q5 that goes for half that price. I think the price of the Audi will come down real far real quick.

Prices for luxury cars have little correlation to costs for the car. Seems more like prestige, etc.

People will buy it as long as it’s the new hotness.

What are these exotic features? Tesla has the build quality of a 1998 Hyundai. The only thing that makes the Tesla unique and exotic is the battery size and the exceptional driving dynamics. Take that away and you don’t have a luxury car. Granted, those are special and unique charateristics, but if you have an equivalently electric Audi, BMW, Cadillac, or Mercedes, why would you pay the same amount for a dinky Tesla?

What are not exotic features on a Tesla? The whole is built with parts that were never been built before. Audi has multiple models the eTron can share parts with.

Nonsense. The car would be about $83k. The German price does include 19% VAT. This car is cheaper then the fast Audis of similar size with the S name. It is also cheaper then the Model X. It is slightly more expensive then the iPace

The aluminum bed Ford F-150 4WD Platinum was going for about $70k when it first came out in 2015 but now you can buy one for about $50k. Once the new wears the eTron we should start see much more reasonable prices. About the time the prices drop will be about the time I will be ready to trade in my FFE.

I don’t think it will get much cheaper. The S5 Audi, which is less powerful and slightly smaller, costs 77k€ so at 80k€ this thing is priced competitive with high end Audi models.

Sizewise, the e-tron is propably like the jag i-pace, volvo v60, bmw x3, audi q5 and the Tesla Model Y.
Performance wise it can only be compared other premium ev’s like Tesla Model 3, Model S or the performance versions of the ICE equivalents like Bmw M-, Mercedes AMG- or Audi S-Versions.

Prices will fall in the future, but not in the near future.

Another good example is the Focus Electric. When the FFE first came out in 2012 it sold for $39k. In 2015 the same car sold for $31k and now the improved model sells for $29k.

Right now the eTron has a very strong wow factor. Once that wow factor fads and manufacturing matures we should see a much more reasonable price on the eTron. I just hope there is enough people willing to pay the wow factor price to bring the price down to my range.

I bought a 2017 FFE instead of the Bolt EV because the FFE appeared to be a better value and the Bolt EV didn’t come with all the features I wanted. I think the eTron will have all the features I want. The question is, when I’m ready to buy again, will the eTron be the best value?


Reminder: Euro prices include a high VAT

Comparing sticker prices is the disease of ICE car diehards. EV types are are more liberated and look at total cost of ownership. So Tesla owners with unlimited free supercharging will be way ahead of Audi E-Tron drivers, as there is no free lunch or free High Power Charging for Audi. Ooops… that’s gonna cost a packet!

Most people charge at home for the vast majority of their charging. Saving a few bucks when you’re driving occasional long trips (assuming Audi doesn’t follow Nissan/BMW and give free DCFC) is a minuscule amount of money to someone buying a Model X or e-tron.

Wait wait, wait until the full reveal of the car. Jaguar’s final pricing for the I-Pace turned out the be less then predicted in the US so let’s wait, not speculate. (rhyme unintended).

Over 4000 preorders in Norway. The Audi boss in Norway says they will be able to deliver fast, and much more then the preorders.

Time will tell. Comming in December?

She thinks Jaguar may take a few of those orders, since they have a head start.

Another Euro point of view

Bingo ! I can’t believe this mistake of taking a price that includes 20% European VAT and translating it into USD to have the US price. It will of course be much cheaper than that in the USA which has a much smaller sales tax (depending on the state I understand, but 14 to 18% cheaper).

Don’t fool yourself. It wasn’t a mistake.

That’s right. This was deliberate.

Actually, US sales tax is much more complicated than that. It can be charged at three levels, state, county and city, which are all independent. Some locales have all three; IIRC, a city in Arizona has the highest overall rate, ~13.8%. The average overall rate over the entire US is ~8.5% .
4 states have no sales tax at all, though none of them is large population-wise, and some of them still have a hotel-room and/or restaurant-meal tax. One state (Alaska) has no state sales tax, but does have local state tax.

Jaguar don’t offer free Superchargjng on their iPace either, so it’s gonna be expensive to fuel compared to Tesla being free.

Price of fuel i.e. electricity also includes VAT in Europe, unless you have a Tesla and get fuel for free which is then also VAT exempt. Nice for Tesla drivers and sorry for iPace and Audi drivers.

Yes, saint Elon has been working all these years just so he could spend his fortune giving you stuff for free. Lol, you’re real smart. Guys like you deserve to buy a tesla

Actually, Tesla model X starting starts in Germany at EUR 91 250 for the cheapest version.

So, Audi is pricing the e-Tron significantly below the Model X.

How about the fact these companies are just like Tesla in they need to make a profit, so high priced EV’s will come before low priced EV’s.
And this Audi will be comparable to their high performance models, not their cheapest model.
We are still way off getting cheap EV’s for the masses, the closest you will find is Leaf and Toyota PHEV’s. So far all the rest are low range or high priced luxury.

That 80000 Euro price tag includes sales tax which in Germany should be 19%.

It’s 80k euros including 19% VAT.
It will be 80k$ ex cat in the us

Probably a bit less, since the (virtually) exact same model nearly always costs less in the US (market pressures).
The i-Pace itself starts at US$70.5K, whereas the UK pre-VAT price translated to US$ is US$73800 . That’s ~4.5% lower.

Hey, Insideevs, How’s it going? Today I happened to read the best piece of journalism since a very long long time. It has such pearls of wisdom like
“In our collective rush to feed a constant hype machine and make celebrities out of anyone with even the slightest bit of charisma, we helped create the legend of Elizabeth Holmes.” Feel free to substitute Elizabeth Holmes with any name you feel appropriate. Hey, I’ll even leave you the link so you can study the article
Many thanks

Tesla will face real competition the years to come I really hope they get a new designer, model X is just not appealing.

80.000€ included VAT which is the same as the Jaguar I Pace. So around $85.000 for a first edition in US.