President Of Audi America Discusses Electric Cars In Bloomberg Video Interview


Audi America President

Audi America President

It seems electric cars are now a part of nearly every speech we hear from Audi execs.

Which to us indicates that the automaker (after years of no action on the plug-in front) is finally ready to dedicate significant resources towards electric cars.

Video description:

“Scott Keogh, president at Audi of America, discusses the company’s record U.S. auto sales, new niches the automaker is going after with its 12 new models over the next three years, electric vehicles, and the debut of their new R8 Spyder.

He speaks with Matt Miller from the New York International Auto Show on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.”


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More VW Group PR after the DieselGate lawsuits started pouring in from all over the world.

Well, at least he outright admits that the “market is going to tip that direction.” when talking about EVs. It’s a pity the only vehicle the sell with a plug on it right now is the A3 etron, which I’m not all that impressed with… mostly due to the abysmal 14 mile range. In fact, the sad part is, if I had the choice between the A3 etron or the Prius Prime, I’d pick the Prius Prime at 2/3 of the cost.

They just started selling the Q7 e-Tron in Germany and it looks to be a big seller. it will probably be a big seller when it hits other European markets, not sure if it’s coming here in the U.S. But I believe it has a rather big battery at least compared to other German plug-ins.

Big curb weight demands big battery. However, you are right, it has more EV range than the X5 and GLE plug-ins.

That’s the quote that grabbed me, too. Nothing about hydrogen, phew.

For too long it has been “race on Sunday, sell (the race car) on Monday”. Or, is it “lie about the TDI on Monday”? Whatever.

It still burns me that Mueller said “we didn’t lie”, we “defaulted”, as if no one programmed the emissions controls.

“years of no action on the plug-in front”? Actually globally VAG has the widest range of plug-ins in the industry, though most model are not or only in some states available in the US.

And it has every reason to take plug-ins seriously. Its diesel dreams destroyed this dog desperately needs some new tricks to meet ever more stringent emission/MPG madates around the globe.