Audi A3 e-tron US Arrival Ad Takes Shots At Toyota Prius, BMW i3 – Video

SEP 21 2015 BY JAY COLE 61

A recently released advertisement for the Audi A3 e-tron‘s arrival into the United States heralds back to the “old days” of plug-in vehicle advertising…as in, my fellow fuel efficient vehicle is my enemy.

Audi A3 e-tron Ad Takes Aim At The Toyota Prius

Audi A3 e-tron Ad Takes Aim At The Toyota Prius

Like the early days of Chevrolet Volt vs the Nissan LEAF, and seemingly Tesla’s Elon Musk versus the BMW i3, Audi has decided the best way to promote the plug-in A3 is with a fairly slick commercial that pokes fun at both the Toyota Prius and the BMW i3.

Of interest: Check out the “Sacrifice til it HURTS” bumper sticker on the Toyota Prius in the clip.

The timing of the ‘throwing stones at others’ spot for how they achieve their efficiency standards by Audi (and the VW Group) is probably not the best, given the recently uncovered EPA cheating/”gaming the system” scandal that has caused the recall of more then 500,000 diesel vehicles in America.

As background on the emission scandal announced this week by the EPA:  VW equipped TDI cars with a “defeat device” to activate when being emission tested. Outside of the testing cycle, in the real world, the cars apparently were emitting up to 40 times the legal levels.  So that isn’t good – look for the company to lose billions in both market cap and in fines, as well as taking a pretty large credibility hit.

The Audi A3 e-tron will arrive in the US next month, and carries a fairly reasonable starting MSRP of $37,900.

Just for fun, here is some previous “hits” from other plug-in OEMs (feel free to pass along any other judgemental ad spots and we’ll add them in):

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The MSRP of the Audi is nearly the same as the EPA fine. Coinsidence?

VW can probably count at least 18 billion reasons why they shouldn’t be casting stones at other manufacturers.

We now have enough energy density in these storage devices
and the Germans are trying to make and sell these hybrid!

Please stop linking that around the site. I’m bored of all these miracle breakthroughs that never materialize.


Sun Vault Energy has changed company names four times since 2010. They started out as “My Natural Baby Boutique Inc”. They’re a ponzi scheme scam as detailed here:

So the point is buy an Audi and drive like an irresponsible idiot?

Yes, I would be pissed at someone driving like that in my neighborhood.

Plus, why back in a car that has a front bumper plug?

“Plus, why back in a car that has a front bumper plug?”

To show off the eco-friendly front bumper plug to the pretty eco-chick on the bike, of course.

eco-chick. funny.

If you spend some time on the German Autobahn, you’ll know that this is the definition of driving an Audi. I call them Audiots.

I can confirm, this is the image Audi wants. Drive like a maniac.

Had so expected an 80 year old lady to step out of the Audi, to give it that youth vs experience kick.

Where are those EPA rating again? CarandDriver expect the EPA to be around 98mpge that’s just a little better then a PPI and way bellow the Volt and the BMW i3 REX.

But we shouldn’t be surprised has it comes with a smaller battery then the category leaders.

With the mess they are into, the final EPA may take some time before being official.

31 miles AER lol!

Don’t tell me there is competition to get more electrics on the road.

No carmaker (exept Tesla and Nissan) want’s to compete for best plugin car (in your and my understanding of best). Your definition for best might be different to Audis angle of view. In Audis eye “best” means probably more sportier, less fuel used , little compromise. I think the accieved their goal. 100mpg instead of 20-30mpg is huge improvement!

Yes, this is mostly done to fullfill legislation (C02 regulations of California and EU), as long as you sell some of them there is no need to compete and since a 20 mile AER is selling it is fine.

It has an 8.8 kWh battery pack. It won’t get 31 miles unless on the NEDC. That’s about half the pack size of the gen 1 Volt. Maybe 20-22 miles EPA. And that 20-22 miles will be with a 102 hp electric motor. Not exciting.

You’ll get 31 miles and I guarantee it if my wife isn’t Morgan Fairchild, yeah, that’s the ticket.

Yeah, looks like Heads will Roll at VW, and California will have a Jaded Eye toward any VW Diesel in the future, so it looks to benefit the ELECTRIC side of the equation, at least for this company. In these ads, companies seem to be trying too hard to say that EV’s have plenty of POWER. At the Rochester ‘Drive electric’ event last thursday, we had Rav4EV squeeling tires as if to show how great the straight line performance is. More on the power subject at this I-squared event in Irondequoit later. My 2011 Roadster had swift straight line performance, even if the rest of the car’s performance was lacking, no doubt due to the heavy battery. But we never hear about that kind of thing in those venues, as if criticism of the car is violating some kind of oath. It seems most Tesla articles here lately are just drag races. I’m not well-healed enough to subject any car I’d own to that type of abuse, especially considering tesla’s problems with ‘Murmuring Gearboxes’, indicating it was under-designed for the job. I certainly wouldn’t want to over-stress an already over-stressed critical item in the car. A bigger day-to-day problem where… Read more »

Free electricity is a temporary thing. In the long run most public charging will either be paid for directly or it will be specifically for certain consumers (patron at a shop, employees, or closed systems like the Tesla Superchargers)

I’m wondering if the contractor that installed this station is the same company that installed the ones at Chili’s in Liverpool, NY (also a NYSERDA/ChargePoint install).

They installed the wrong breakers, so when 2 LEAFs were charging, it would also trip the breakers.

These companies need to learn how to properly (stress) test these stations, and pay more attention to their work.

I don’t understand how licensed electricians can make rookie mistakes like that.

I definitely wouldn’t have offered to replace the breakers, who knows what else they screwed up.

Yeah I believe they were both installed coincidentally by the same company. Of course in Liverpool (I’ve charged at the Chili’s many times) they were the ‘old’ Chargepoints that we mainly have in Buffalo, that have no provision for load-sharing, so there it was definitely a silly mistake as you say. But in Irondequoit, both decisions were INTENTIONAL. They deliberately chose the much higher construction cost – harder to get to 200 volt electricity since THEY weren’t paying for it, and used the pricey $7,620 a pop CP’s since they had the loadsharing option, which seems unbelievably silly to use on NEW CONSTRUCTION. So instead of using 4 unlimited j1772’s at 240 (28,000 watts), the ‘desired’ configuration by the owner was somewhat under 12,000. Now, in practical day-day use, where there are no ‘events’ going on, people will use the cp’s like they use Tesla superchargers – i.e. use every OTHER parking spot so that the units don’t go into limiting mode. As far as the New CP’s go, as was stated later here, I don’t like them. They have a fancy tv set playing a cartoon, but they display next to no information, where at least you got a… Read more »

I’m going to have to ping my contact @ NYSERDA on this one, I really hope this is not the new standard.

I’m wondering tho, were you able to confirm this was an actual NYSERDA install (which has various requirements/restrictions), or is there any chance that the owner just used one of NY’s EVSE tax incentives to get a private station installed?

I asked the salesman (you’ve met him – the white-haired guy), why would anyone pay $7,620 for just 2 – 30 amp ports when there is lower cost stuff on the market, and he said, basically, Nyserda paid for the job, and the owner’s only requirement was ‘free’ electricity for the EV’s for 4 years.

So, they pay 100% of the electricity, but what isn’t specified is HOW MUCH electricity, hehe.

I’m sure the proposal was “Computer Controlled Demand-Limiting Load Sharing SMART devices”, which of course, since it used the latest buzzwords, NYSERDA signed off on the design.

Going after Nyserda is a lost cause because I’m certain they’ve already APPROVED of the design, whether they knew what in effect, they were signing to, or not.

You can’t believe anything VW/Audi says! Liars and Cheats!

God forbid VW compare the benefits of a 70-100 MPG PHEV to a gasser. Got to beat up the other 2% low emissions vehicles instead. Time for serious and deep self-examination.

Clean diesel will be a punch line for a long time.

I don’t understand your post. Do you think it is bad to compare a PHEV (A3) to a gasser (Prius) and you would like Audi to make adds for a small part of a market segment?

Do these cars use a cheat-code when the EPA tests them too, like their diesels? Do they have exaggerated EPA ratings because they have special programming for the electric motor when it is on a dyno?

Sadly, I just can’t believe anything this company says anymore. (Not that I have any delusions about any other ICE car companies either….)

That automated chargeport door will be the first thing to jam/stop working.


Afaik the german cover is manual… and imho flimsy. Another lie? or special U.S. feature…dunno

Perhaps 20 Epa miles a downhill with this small battery, or Audi will use 100 % of battery in Epa and 80 % for customers :-D.

I’m pretty sure they can easily get 20 miles from an 8.8kWh battery. Ford gets 19 miles EPA out of a 7.6kWh battery.

Too bad those 20 miles will be a chore with the 102 hp electric miles. I don’t understand why all the plugins out there with the exception of the Volt can’t simple put a minimum of a 150 hp motor for all electric driving?

It will add almost no extra weight and cost and the EPA AER won’t be affected unless driven hard. The driver can simply put it in an ECO mode when they want the maximum range or put it in Sport mode to drive it like a normal car.

ugh. “102 hp electric motor”

While hardly a “chore” at 102HP, it certainly won’t be with the amount of excitement that Audi advertises. Remember that the Leaf has about the same (80kW = 107HP) and it is plenty peppy from 0-30. A PHEV can (and should) kick in the gas engine for assistance at higher speeds.

It amuses me that people get so upset at a PHEV using its gas engine. It’s not just an electric car, it’s a hybrid. By definition both electric and gas.

So how do you like your new Ford Brian? If 19 miles is good enough for your family, then so be it.

I should have evaluated Leases instead of just categorically saying I’m not interested in them. The Ford CMAX energi’s leases are so attractive it seems buying out the lease at its end is the very smart way to go.

Oh by the way, my neighbor kitty-corner to me has just put in a 12 panel (I suspect 3500 watt) system on his house ALL OUTDOORS, (whereas mine is all indoors, except for the panels). I think he used good panels whereas I just used the cheapest they’d put in – (but then I didn’t have any trouble hiding 38 of them).

I dunno. After driving 3 years in a Volt getting 90% of miles all electric with 150 hp and now since I’m leasing an i3 with even better electric hp I would have a hard time going back to something with 104 hp.

Just my opinion but I would have to go with the new Volt over the A3 etron since it costs less, is quicker in EV mode and quicker in hybrid mode.

Those Leaf/Volt comebacks are a great reminder what a lose-lose battle it was.

There’s an entire 99% of the market out there, don’t bicker over the 1% that’s already sold on the basic concept of plug-ins.

And as the post reminds us, these pokes grow old very quickly.

In Audi’s case, they’re too old before they even started. Everyone watches it will wonder what kind of “defeat device” they used to achieve that claimed “best in class” on whatever measure 🙂

I think the Leaf ad is a classic. I never noticed that was a Volt gassing up until it was pointed out (years ago). I still smile when I see the Volt there, and I own one.

The Volt ad is boring, and the new Audi ad is insulting.

This commercial implies that Audi’s are for *ssholes. Yeah.

That was my thought…

Almost worse than the ELR commerical since that one was all “talk”. This one acted out like a jerk in real life


Thinking I’ve got a better car, driving like a *sshole, going too fast in a residential neighborhood, and thinking that someone sharing the same road on a bike would be impressed. It might be an ok add for the minority of jerks out there, but not a good add for most people.

I don’t mind Audi beating up on Prius. Toyota refuses to get on the EV bandwagon and keeps pushing “someday” fuel cell vehicles powered by natural-gas-created hydrogen while maintaining membership in climate-denying ALEC and directly lobbying against increased fuel efficiency standards. The original Prius can’t go over 42mph on electricity and even the plug-in Prius can’t go over 62 and has pitiful electric range (EPA rated 6 miles) so it may as well be a gasmobile.

I always thought it curious when EV proponents criticize hydrogen as coming from natural gas, but don’t have a problem with electricity coming from natural gas. What am I missing?

Not all electricity comes from gas. Virtually all hydrogen comes from gas because it is to expensive when made from water.

Wait . . . Audi actually shipped an Etron?

After some 10 years of creating and cancelling Etron projects, they finally shipped something?

Yeah, insane.


At the exact time of confessing to jacking the EPA….


Me things VW Group ( Audi ) needs to send a lot more products with plugs – Schnell!

“truth in engineering”….might want to change that slogan as of last Friday. Lol

I burst out laughing when I saw that! It was so unbelievable that I googled it to see if perhaps that had been added as a joke!

It seems like a weird tag line even outside the current circumstances.

I like the ad. Shows that PHEVs can be fun to drive. The timing is of course very unfortunate for Audi.

I still think the New A3 ‘compact’, should be a 50+ mile plug-in hybrid approaching $40k. At just 20 EV miles, it’s a package that’s about 5 years late. Especially with the Volt offering over 50 EV miles and setting the benchmark for plug-in hybrids.

Audi is supposed to be a ‘luxury’ brand, so why make their owners plug in multiple times for a daily commute to benefit from electric power? When they can you a Gulf EV and do the round trip and plug in at night.

Exactly. As far as performance the Volt will blow the A3’s doors off in electric mode and will apparently beat the Audi 0-60 in hybrid mode as well if Motor Trend’s test was accurate.

And the Volt has double the electric range for less cost. What’s left in the pro column for the A3?

Better 5th seat?

Front grill charging location?

That is it. I ran out of excuses for the Audi… LOL.

The question is: where would you put the larger battery? The cramped cabin, particularly the rear seats, is the downfall of the Volt IMO. And it’s caused primarily by the larger battery …

How is that making fun out of i3?

Ad just suggest that A3 e-tron was choosed over i3. Now Prius life got tougher 😉

after seeing 3 times i finally saw the i3. It is parked at the street to the right of the garageway.

But i see it also as only making fun of the prius, since the i3 is hard to notice and just a parked car…

How is it making fun of the i3? I see one parked at the end as the Audi backs into the driveway but it looks like the i3 is actually parked in front of the house of the guy driving the Audi.

Anyway the i3 would whip the Audi’s a**. Maybe not on sliding sideways through a neighborhood but the i3 is certainly quicker on electrons than the A3 etron is in hybrid mode.

Isn’t it normal for the one with the smaller pack(age) to act out in an attempt to display superiority?

I’m no psychologist, but does Audi have “pack envy”?

Conclusion: So, the bad boy is still the guy driving a polluting ICE and apparently a bad driver. Not sure this is the image VW/Audi should be going for right now.