Audi A3 e-tron To Arrive In U.S. This October With US-Specific Tweaks


Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

Courtesy of Autospies, we learn that the U.S. won’t received the Audi A3 e-tron until October 2015.

In case you’re wondering, Audi had planned to launch the plug-in A3 in the U.S. this Summer, but it now looks like Fall will be the earliest we’ll see the PHEV A3 on these shores.


Autoblog also separately reports that the plug-in’s delayed arrive in the US was due to poor range results in the winter; of which the company is rectifying before launch.  Some reports had stated that in certain temperatures the internal combustion engine was always on, and that the vehicle may operate in too much of a hybrid-mode for Americans.

Brad Stertz, the corporate communications manager for Audi of America, told AutoblogGreen that, “Audi is taking a fairly conservative position to ensure the long-term credibility of the E-Tron platform and plug-in technology, while still creating the best experience for our drivers in each region. Overall, I think it is safe to say low temps affect performance in all vehicles to some degree, but that plug-ins face unique challenges that we will continue to work through with the A3 e-tron and other plug-in models to follow.”

Source: Autospies via Green Car Reports, Hat tip to Patrick!

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Saw “concept” at LA Auto Show in Dec. 2013 –very nice looking in person but between poor EV-only range and the likely Audi/$ premium, this will be DOA. This would be a great car for the Bay Area.


You forgot to mention Audi’s infamous reliability. 😉


In New Zealand we had had the Audi A3 E-Tron for a few months now, at NZ$75,000 sales are a bit slow.
Feedback has been that the battery is good for between 50-60km’s of driving.

John in AA

Y’know, I had an A6 for almost sixteen years. It was pretty reliable, considering. I’m more concerned about Audi’s infamous press release/execution ratio.


To me Audit is a rather pointless brand within VW group except for bigger cars like Q7 that do not exist in VW’s cheappest brands (Volkswagen, Skoda & Seat). Let me explain. A audit A3 will share same platformn, (mostly) same engines, (most) nobs of all sort/seats etc… than a VW Golf , Skoda Octavia or Seat Leon. What is different on a audi: badge, body styling & (mostly) price tag. Best value in VW group are brand that benefits from their 13 billion annual R&D expenses but do still have a not so prestigious badge. Indeed, Skoda’s have their latest engines (their 13 billion R&D expenses definitively shows there, they just are better engines than most other cars). Unfortunately I understand those “best deal” VW brands are not available in the USA.


I’ll flip that around and say that the Audi badge provides a very useful function to VW – being able to charge more money (read: more profits) for what is nearly the same car.




But as a consumer who doesn’t care about the Audi brand, that helps me too. It allows the VW group to be more profitable without having to increase the price of the VW version of the same car. In a sense, Audi customers are subsidizing the lower price of the VW models.


Indeed. In the VW group this taken to an extreme not often seen before. Skoda for example has better reliability & better customer satisfaction than Audi despite being the low cost VW brand. Components are often the same than for an audi but some extra care while assembling those components can explain that difference in reliability. Same group but slightly different corporate culture.


Audi usually has significantly better interior materials than the “lesser” VW brands. Arguably they look much nicer too, which is a big factor for many people.

BTW, the Q7 shares the same platform with the VW Tuareg and the Porsche Cayenne.


meanwhile, boy should we be excited about their 300+ mile cars coming soon… simply ignore the fact that they can’t figure out how to make a good 18 miles on the A3 E-tron!


Exactly, move along, nothing but a tweak here.

It’s almost 2H 2015 and Audi is just figuring out batteries and cold don’t mix.

If it takes 18kwh of Q7, to get 10kwh of performance, they’re in trouble. The Cadillac CT6 PHEV battery will be the perfect comparo, at ~17kwh. GM is probably good on its 37 mile range estimate. will the Q7 do much more than break 20, on a warm day?

Being a PHEV rather than a EREV, at least the USA will be spared the 1.9 gallon fuel restriction limit ‘tweak’ of the i3. Millions of commuters in Europe have long commutes into major cities ( 50 to 90 miles a day is not unusual), but most have access to pure EVs ( trains, not battery-only cars!). Hence the typical car commute in Europe is less than 25 miles each way & most people who can afford a new Audi have access to parking in a public car park or company car park where EV charging can be rolled out. Compared to the Audi e-tron prototypes, the A3 PHEV has too little range to be badged as an e-tron. The key feature of the A3 & Golf PHEVs is that they retain the full power of the e-Golf electric motor, like the Volt & unlike the Prius. By coupling a strong electric motor with a downsized but still sporty ICE, VW/Audi is targeting the GT hot hatch buyer who is prepared to pay a premium for performance. A sports PHEV offers sporty performance when you want it with economical commuting. This does address the key failing of the ICE –… Read more »

And why is this big news? 18miles electric range, which in reality it means 12-13 maybe? Who cares! As someone else said: DOA!


In compare with Volt 1 battery is a Joke, in compare with Volt 2 Audi is a shame…


1st off they have to remove those great looking wheels and put some stupid looking ones on for the US customers….. then they should remove any ability to choose when the engine runs and make the gas tank smaller…
then they will be competitive with the other range extended German car…….


i3 has the same wheel options worldwide and it will best the eTron in EV range by a solid 4x even with the gas engine staying off.


Doesn’t it get cold in Europe too?
Or is it that the EPA testing exposes this behavior?


Nah, I hear Norway is practically sub-tropical in climate these days. They decided they were tired of being cold.

Ford Prefect

I thought this car was going to be better because of the way it was being marketed back in 2013. So far, I think my money can be spent elsewhere.

Peter B

Range is a disappointment, for sure.

Car Guy

Sounds like a Fusion or C-max energi but not as good. At least they are trying.


Not sure how you come to that conclusion. The Energis are rated at 19 miles range, almost the same as the A3. But the Audi has much more usable trunk space than the Fords.


I like the look of the e-tron and the GTE, not because they are for me but because they are absolutely not for me. I am the proud owner of one of the first 500 Nissan Leaf’s sold in Australia – I am not normal, people like me are not the mass market.

This car is not a Leaf, i3 or volt replacement. It is a hot hatch, this is for the great unwashed masses who think a “killa-what-hour” is a Q&A based sports program reviewing the most exciting things that have happened this week in the sports world, it makes plugging a car in normal.


OMG!! A car maker is delivering a car behind schedule!

The A3 e-tron is vaporware! Dump Audi/VW stocks, they are going to go out of business! They aren’t even building their battery factory like they say!


/sarc (obviously)