Audi A2Q BEV With 300-Mile Range To Launch In 2018?


Bring On The E-Trons

Bring On The E-Trons

According to Auto Bild, Audi is reportedly working on a tiny city car called the A2Q with range of some 300 miles!!!

We’re not so sure we believe that Auto Bild report, but here it is (via Google Translate):

“In the booming SUV segment, there will be with A2Q and Q6 soon purely electric-powered Audi with thick battery packs. We expect 2017/2018 with the idea. Then the lords of the rings want to give correct flow. If the expected advances in battery technology are true to the compact A2Q from 2018 sparkle with 500 km E-reach, a year earlier-starting Q6 to create even 700 km between the socket stops. Great prospects.”

The A2Q isn’t what we’d call a SUV, but rather more like a small BMW i3 (tall city car).

Auto Bild continues:

“The A2Q – the name Q2 and Q4 also has can be protected Alfa – it goes completely against the BMW i3. Unlike the Bavarian neighbors but Audi does not develop completely new electric platform, but uses the familiar MQB modular architecture of Golf/A3.”

The translation gets a bit rough, but here’s the rest of it:

“In the Ingolstadt then every but deliberately a unique silhouette in the style of earlier A2 – after all is not the electric Audi may be confused about how the e-Golf with its conventional brethren. One of the identifying features of all future electric novelties include a smaller single-frame grille with chrome and the great aerodynamics package in which you want to replace the mirrors with cameras as soon as this technology is qualified for admission to the major markets.”

Again, we don’t believe that Audi will have ready this A2Q with 300 miles of range in 2018, but perhaps we’ll be proven wrong.

Source: Auto Bild

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I thought Disney owned the name, “Tron”?

This just in from Audi, all Audi cars are/ will be now zero emission ! (at some point in the future)
We will have hundreds/ no thousands of EV/phev press release cars !

SUV = Small Utility Vehicle?

Comment disappeared?

Weird. I did see your comment briefly, until I refreshed. Maybe it was removed because you weren’t doubting/bashing Audi? πŸ˜‰

I hope not.
I gave a link, so perhaps that got picked up by a spam filter.

For the record, I don’t actually believe that’s why it disappeared (hence the emoti). If this site filtered based on your position regarding EVs or other technology (e.g. FCVs), we wouldn’t have half the spirited conversations that we do!

It could be due to the link, or just a glitch in the server.

Thanks Brian!
IMO we can only learn if we stick our opinions up to be knocked down, and dispute with each other with proper references and attention to the figures.

Of course, such discussions can get heated at times when people passionately hold their position, but that does not mean that dispute according to the rules of debate is not the way to test our ideas.

Pass the hemlock! πŸ˜‰

If they can get hold of the batteries, presumably from LG Chem, then why shouldn’t they be able to build this?

Their modular platform means that they have to only essentially plug in the most energy dense batteries they have available.

Here is an earlier report based on Bild on this car:

As the link says, it is likely to use exactly the same battery technology as Audi plan to use in bigger SUVs.

Over to you, LG Chem.

^comment that was lost…found, lol^

Despite supposedly having the ‘power of Zeus’ here at InsideEVs, no one can control our filter…it does as it pleases, (=

Where is the right place to offer sacrifice to the Filter? (Blessed be its name!)

I’ve got no idea what happened to my previous comment, but I noted that the this is dependent on new battery chemistry, presumably from LG Chem, and that their modular platform means that if LG can make this available there should be no significant problems in putting it in this car.

This is the battery chemistry also intended for BEV SUVs from Audi.

Found it Dave…see above

I can do better than Google:

If advancements in battery technology are as promised there will be an A2Q with a distinct, recognizable shape (unlike a Golf that you can’t tell apart from it’s gasoline siblings) on an existing platform and more than 300 miles of range. With an aerodynamics package and cameras instead of sidemirrors if legal. To be released in 2018. Size like the i3 probably.

The Q6 is seen as a Tesla fighter (same length as Model S) to be released in 2017 with 430 miles of range. Also available as plug-In hybrid, gas or diesel car of course.

Audi chooses SUVs for innovations like electric cars because they are very popular and are able to make electric cars popular in the Compact and Upperclass model range.

That will only be possible if ranges beyond 300 miles can be achieved.

Thanks for readable translation. I went to the website and there is yet more there.

However, Die Bild is kind of a sensationalist newspaper in Germany. It’s fun to read, but most people in Germany don’t take it too seriously. It’s a step up from say our National Enquirer and down from The USA Today – somewhere between the two.

You’re welcome.

In the beginning it just says that Audi is proud of being ahead of the competition technologically, but is quite late on electromobility. A little bit of hybrid (A3), no plans on fuel cell (Q5 prototyp) because there is no infrastructure. It also says that Audi does not confirm anything in this article.

In my opinion Audi can put any engine in any of their cars in a relatively short period of time. Just like all the brands of the VW Group, because it is their philosophy to do so.

In the long term this will probably be a great idea with barely any ramp up of production because they just use existing cars and production lines. However, at the moment special electric cars like the i3/Model S are getting all the attention.

Unlike VW, Audi is a premium brand that can’t accept a compromise rangewise. Officially they say they are all about plug-in hybrids for now.

This isn’t the first I have read of a 300-mile Audi BEV, and I doubt it will be the last. So why do we think that it cannot be done? The major automakers can make 300-mile BEVs today, with today’s batteries. The problem is that they will be large, heavy, and expensive. The next generation battery will be smaller, ligher, and cheaper. It will still have a price premium over a gas car, but Audi already commands a premium price. I’m positive that if the batteries come, Audi could build and sell this car for a profit. The questions in my mind are 1) will be next gen batteries be here in 2017 or will they hit a roadblock/delay? and 2) will Audi still remain committed to EVs if/when the batteries are here (given their rocky history with EVs)?

how has Audi demonstrated its commitment to EV’s exactly? and don’t even mention any of the vaporware / press release cars or the cars they will build ….. IF the customer demands it.

Audi has been doggedly committed to using the name __T R O N__ for anything relating to upcoming vehicles, for years.

If that does not show convincing commitment, then I don’t know what will. πŸ˜‰

I’m prepared to bet that we will see the PHEVs from Audi as scheduled.

They and VW have spent several billion getting ready for this with new platforms, and they are not about to throw that investment away.

Never mind what people say, follow the money.

I would take your bet – I can’t lose!

I would much rather see Audi produce to their proposed schedule. But if they didn’t, at least I’d have a little extra spending money.

You must be a very rich man already, if you can afford the legal costs of trying to screw money out of me!

You’ll have better luck suing your Congressman for failure to keep election promises!

I’m not sure why you think I am trying to “screw money out of you”, so let me rephrase.

If I make said bet with you, one of two things happens:
1) Audi delivers their PHEVs as promised, and I pay you your due winnings. This is a net win for me because I want to see them build and sell these cars.
2) Audi does not deliver their PHEVs. I would be disappointed, but at least I would win some extra cash.

That seems like a pretty fair way for a wager to end – winner gets the money. So tell me, how does this require legal fees to “screw money out of you”?

the article says :
Again, we don’t believe that Audi will have ready this A2Q with 300 miles of range in 2018″

But you believe that Tesla will sell its model 3 in 2017 ??

This looks like a commuter car to me, not an SUV. But maybe the pictures are deceiving.

Regardless, Audi gives an AWD option for all its cars, so this will likely get AWD!

Audi is on record as saying that they ~”will not let Tesla stand alone in the performance/luxury long range EV space”

I just hope they step up with something a little more exciting than a station wagon. Tesla competes on utility, but also on desire. Make it sexy Audi. Just because a guy (or gal) has got a family, doesn’t mean he doesn’t still want to drive a hot rod. Tesla figured that out and delivered beautifully. Can Audi?

For 2018 Tesla will be selling 500 miles car if that is the right way to go. I mean the best range will be 350 to 400 miles and work better in weight reduction and driving aids.
once more Audi will be late to the party.

I really think we’ll have different battery options by the time Tesla sells 500 mile range cars

Many people simply won’t need or want to pay for 500 mile range. Since 1999 the longest I’ve ever driven in 1 day was under 300 miles (Mpls to Madison). Longest round trip was under 600 miles (the same trip, and we could in theory charge overnight). And we’ve done that Mpls/Madison Round trip ONCE in 15 years.

We drive about 160 miles one way from Mpls to Duluth. And we do that maybe 1-2 times per year.

Anything longer than that we would simply fly. In fact, after that Mpls/Madison round trip we flew all the other times.

Depending on battery price, I doubt I’d pay extra to get more than 250 to 300 mile range.

If we had battery options we would buy a 300 mile AER AWD SUV, and a 150 mile AER AWD sedan. (EVs)

I’m not sure where the notion that Tesla has a 500 mile range car anytime soon comes from.

Present battery technology of the chemistry they are using might be able to be bumped a bit in voltage, say by 20%, which would make the S well over 300 miles, and of course they could always increase the size and weight of the pack, but that is a losing game due to diminishing returns.

At the moment other formats, pouch and prismatic, are closing the gap on the 18650’s used in the Tesla, hence all the talk of 200 mile range GMs etc.

There is no sign at all that new chemistries are imminent, nor has Tesla any advantage at all in obtaining them before others.

They gave their patents away because they weren’t worth much.

That notion comes from the golden lips of Elon Musk himself.

(it’s like the Midas touch, but Elon only has to speak it into existence)

The Roadster has a 400 mile battery upgrade in the works. With a Li-Sulfur type chemistry, Tesla could deliver a Model S with 500 mile range with the same size and weight pack.

Does anyone need it? Not any more than anyone needs a Hummer, or a Cadillac Escalade.

In other words, it will almost certainly be produced.

Americans, it seems, can never have too much.

I expect it on about the same time schedule as Musk’s battery swapping stations. πŸ˜‰

Tesla ain’t got serious battery chemistry expertise and patents behind them, as Panasonic, LG Chem and others have.

Nor have the got the R & D budget which VW have.

Other than that Musk is God, I can’t see any reason at all why Tesla should have lithium sulphur any faster than anyone else, and I don’t expect anyone at all to have them in mass production until after 2020.

Tesla’s expertise was in battery pack assembly, which they did better than anyone else, or at least in a way no one else fancied for mass production.

They are starting from way back in battery chemistry, if they are working on it in any serious way at all.

Tesla launched the model S with 3 battery sizes, but with the current technology, almost everybody buys the top model.

As battery technology improves I expect all manufacturers to offer a range of battery sizes, and a smaller proportion of buyers will buy the maximum size.


I will believe it when I see it. Just another routine PR news from automaker.

Sort of a stupid idea. If it’s a very small car for city use then you don’t need a 300 mile range. You want/need that kind of range on cars which you actually want to take on a trip, even a limited one of 300 miles.