Audi A2 Electric Coming By End Of Decade


Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi is in early stage of development of an all-new city car, which is expected to be offered in both conventional and all-electric versions in 2019, most likely branded the A2.

The A2 was on the market in 1999-2004, but sales failed to meet expectations, and the German manufacturer shut down the project.

In 2011, A2 was back as a pure electric concept car at Frankfurt Motor Show with intention to begin production maybe as early as 2013. It could have been a competitor to the BMW i3, but alas, the A2 did not live on to see the production stage.

Maybe the new 4-seater will have more luck, although the forecasted price difference between ICE and EV versions is high (especially for 2019) – £15,500 ($22,500) and £25,000 ($36,000).

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

Audi A2 concept (electric 2011)

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18 responses to "Audi A2 Electric Coming By End Of Decade"
  1. Someone out there says:

    Audi is late to the party again

  2. meh says:

    Quite noteworthy is that the A2 3L is the most fuel efficient diesel car with its 3.6 L/100 km (65 miles per US gallon).

      1. Nichen says:

        meh I drive the Audi A2 1.2 TDI. (3L) your assumption is pretty spot on! I would say 3,6 liters per 100 km for citydriving and 3,2 to 3,4 liters per 100 km for highway and countryroads. During winter here in Sweden around 3,7 to 4 liters per 100 km. It’s got 280 000 km on the odometer. I love it!

        1. meh says:

          It’s not really an assumption. I’ve got the data from a German site where people upload fuel consumption for their cars:

          I had a VW Polo, now I have a Prius II and both times I got about the same fuel economy as the average from that site.

          1. PVH says:

            This is a very interesting link and it shows why BEV’s adoption in Europe while faster than in the US is not so much faster despite much higher gas prices in Europe.
            This site lists 50 different Euro “econoboxes” models which real life gas (diesel) consumption is 5l/100km (47 MPG). Those are actually the cars we see on the road. So higher gas prices are partly compensated by higher ICE efficiencies.

            1. mr. M says:

              Yes and electricity prices are three times as high as gas prices (in germany) if you compare it by kWh.

              This means a electric motor that is three times more efficient cost you the same to “fuel” it.

  3. Anon says:

    No big fake ICE Grill, lots of branding. Looks good.

    1. Foo says:

      I like the “empty and clear” footwell area. Sort of reminds me of early autos, like the Model T.

  4. Forever green says:

    Back in 2011 I was looking forward to seeing this car go into production. I was very disappointed. This car will never see production, it’s just another way of deflecting attention from the diesel scandal.

  5. JakeY says:

    Seems like another case of on and off announcements by Audi. I have deja vu with the R8 e-tron where it was cancelled multiple times.

    1. tftf says:

      Totally different segment. The R8 (EV version) was/is nothing more than a rolling lab for Audi.

      1. Rick Danger says:

        So what’s the A2’s excuse then?

  6. Rich says:

    Early stages of development for an all-new city car. “Early stages” meaning they’ve been lying all along about being the leader in electric vehicles. “City car” meaning low all electric range.

    More propaganda. The VW PR department must think that if they release enough lies someone may actually start to believe it.

  7. Rick Danger says:

    Really nice looking car. If Audi can’t make a compelling EV out of that, they might as well hang it up.

  8. Hector says:

    Audi does not want to make an electric car because it will not behave well in the Autobans of Germany. The will need still some years for catch up with the necesary technology to not be ashamed of them shelfs.

    VW thinks in other way.

  9. Goodbyegascar says:

    I hope that Audi is serious about making this car. Looks pretty cool.

  10. martinwinlow says:


    Oh… MW