Audi Receives 10,000-Plus Pre-Orders For e-tron

SEP 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 54

Audi e-tron enters the market with over 10,000 pre-orders.

According to Lahouari Bennaoum, Director of Audi France, the number of pre-orders for e-tron already exceeds 10,000 (globally).

For comparison, Tesla sold in 2017 over 12,600 Model X in Europe alone. We are now wondering what is the number of pre-orders from Europe, where e-tron could reach comparable sales volume to the Model X.

Production of the Audi e-tron started in Belgium on September 3, 2018 so the first deliveries in Europe are expected soon (for sure before the end of this year). Sales in North America will begin in the second-quarter of 2019, but with no dealer stock expected, we doubt the e-tron will sell in volume here.

Prices start at:

  • €79.900 ($94,000) in Germany
  • $74,800 in U.S.

Audi e-tron specs:

  • 0-60 mph – 5.5 seconds
  • Top speed – 124 mph
  • over 400 km (250 miles) expected under WLTP test cycle
  • 95 kWh battery (36 cell modules, each module is equipped with 12 pouch cells, nominal voltage of 396 volts)
  • battery pack weight: 700 kilograms (1543.2 lb)
  • dual-motor all-wheel drive – up to 300 kW and 664 Nm in S mode (boost) or up to 265 kW and 561 Nm in D mode. Front motor is 135 kW, the rear is 165 kW (S mode).
  • Maximum tow rating – 4,000 pounds when properly equipped
  • 9.6 kW on-board charger (240 V, 40 A) in U.S. and 11 kW or 22 kW three-phase in Europe
  • DC fast charging up to 150 kW: 0-80% in 30 minutes

To reserve your Audi e-Tron, click here.

Audi e-tron
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They are going to sell at least 50.000 of them in Europe during 2019.

Then then will have to make that many. That will not happen.
They may make 20k next year worldwide.

You will be in for a surprise. At the moment they make 200 a day.

Pls provide source

He won’t because he can’t
What are they gonna do with all the exess motors? Throw them in the bin?

The current production capacity is for approximately 400 electric axle motors each day and can be gradually increased.

I’m sure they could make 1000 hoods per day too. Completed cars are what matter. It is the same as Musk said, it’s the SLOWEST part that dictates production speed. Sure, they make 400 motors per day for a few days and then make something else for a few days until they need more motors.

The factory in Hungary only makes motors, nothing else.

VW Groups needs motors for how many other models?
e-tron just one
Interesting to see how fast they can/will ramp up.

They are making zero a day right now.

Production of the etron started at the beginning of September
This factory here makes 400 motors per day and the etron needs 2 of them per car. So they are producing 200 cars a day.

But what about seat belt retensioners? Are they making 800 per day? It is good they are making 400 motors, but there are a couple of other parts and assembly to get to 200 cars.

Nah, they’re probably being shipped in in batches from another company, like most of the other components – just as they do with their ICE vehicles.

VW doesn’t make parts like that, they buy them. They buy about 50 million of them a year.

don’t you know you don’t have a chance on sites controlled by Tesla groupies?

No they easily sell 50k

This is why the short attack, although not much affecting the stock price, is slowing down Tesla’s marketshare growth. They should be building the Model Y SUV Assembly Line RIGHT NOW.
But, the axxhole shorts, bitching about “profitability”, as if they don’t know Econ 101, is slowing Tesla’s Growth.

Tesla Should Go Back to the Saudi’s And TAKE their investment money and BUILD the Model Y Assembly Line.

…and did the Saudis build an empire around “not focusing on profitability”?

The Saudis built an empire on natural resources that essentially give them money for free…

How do you know that they are not?

They are starting the factory in Shanghai very soon, so they basically are building it right now. They had already raised about 700M USD for starting it.

In what way are “the shorts” slowing Tesla growth? How would that even play out? If Tesla can fford to expand they can do so wether their stock is worth 1 $ or 1000 $. The majority is owned by big shareholders and at the front Elon Musk. Short sellers have nothing to do with Teslas adverse situation, that’s Teslas own work.

Shorters would be somewhat of a problem if Tesla was short on capital. Musk has stated again and again that they are *not*. The limiting factor is simply the pace at which they can scale production and engineering efficiently.

(The smear campaign run by the shorters could hypothetically also be a problem, if they were so convincing that suppliers, customers etc. would no longer be willing to do business with Tesla… But there is no indication of that actually happening as far as I can tell.)

I wonder if it Was One Guy That Ordered All Those Cars.. ….lol

Only one per person can be reserved.

That’s a silly thing to wonder.

Yea , Isn’t It !…rotf lmao….I must Be Going Nuts ! Ha Ha Ha …Loosen Up & Have a Laugh Guys , It’s Good for You ..

You Guys are all Minus a Sense of Humor..Give a Rest ,Or you’ll Die of Stress !…

Waymo ordered 20000 iPace SUVs for their self-driving fleet, so it wouldn’t be farfetched for one “guy” to order thousands of e-trons too.

Good point Tid

I’m curious about the production rates and deliveries in the next months and if they will be able to managing a probably (I hope) demmand increase.

In one hour of German satellite television you will see at least 3 etron commercials. They are clearly planning to sell this car.

So much so that they are not planning on even stocking it at any North American dealership.

Why would they ship unsold cars. It doesn’t make any sense if you are production limited. That is why the US is not getting any Hyundai, KIA or eGolf cars above the CARB requirements. There is enough demand in build to order markets to sell the entire production.

Why would they ship unsold cars? In order to sell them of course. That’s how it works in the US. The majority of sales come from dealer lots.
Clearly they can sell what they plan to make in Europe so they are not concerned about the US. Problem is why they aren’t producing more so they can push them everywhere.

You know the way the US market is Tesla’s priority? Europe is Audi’s priority. Just like at Tesla, when production allows then other markets will receive stock. It’s not an indicator of a lack of ambition, its an indicator of a planned sales strategy.

That’s Great ! Very Positive Gesture To Promote All EV’s !

That’s excellent news, but it doesn’t match the low production schedule.

Actually almost every Youtube video me and my children start is the same Audi E Tron commercial.

“Muhammed Al didn’t invent the knock out, Audi didn’t invent the electric car… but.. blablabla…”

Marketing has always been great at Volkswagen Group.

Article headline: “Audi Receives 10,000-Plus Pre-Orders For e-tron”

Good. I hope Audi sells a bunch of them.

Looking forward to seeing e-tron on the INSIDEEVs Plug-In Sales Scorecard.

Agreed. The more EVs sold, the better, no matter who is making them.

Exactly, progress towards wider adoption.

Did Audi miss an extra zero in their number ?

Aw, come on. They’re not Tesla. Don’t be mean. 😉

The car cost €79.900 ($94,000) — so no surprise it’s not getting reservations like $35k Telsa-3.

They say that there are 25000 reservations for the car??

Whatever, the question is: how fast are they willing and able to ramp up production … they made 100000 Q7 per year at the Moment

But the Q7 is a much cheaper car.

Q7 MSRP starts at US$ 50,000 for 4 cylinder

Reservations vs. pre-orders… Not the same thing.

I don’t remember whether the large numbers Nissan for example was touting for the new LEAF were reservations or pre-orders, though… Let’s hope it was the former — otherwise, it would indicate that demand for the e-Tron is actually much lower than for the LEAF, and they might have trouble selling 50,000 per year…

Good news for the rEVolution!!
Now Audi; make 100,000 units each year and not just enough for compliance and you will earn some respect.

unlike tesla they need to advertise it

For the boring any expensive one… Or you can pick the ugly one (BMW), or extra ugly one from Honda, or another boring and expensive one from Mercedes, or, nothing special one with low range from WV. And guess what, that all is not coincidence, it it well coordinated move and I hope also last try, to kill the EV idea in peoples heads!

How do you preorder? Theres no link on their site. Are these stats made up clickbait?