AT&T Unveils Heads-Up Display To Help Current ICE Owners Make The Switch To Electric


AT&T Heads-Up Display

AT&T Heads-Up Display

“Watch as we discuss a heads-up-display for gas cars that shows the value of electric vehicles.”

States AT&T.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any additional information on this heads-up display.

Presumably, some parameters can be set (such as range, so that it matches an electric vehicle you might consider buying).  Then, as you drive your ICE vehicle, the range display counts down, showing whether or not you could’ve made the trip in an electric car.

We think the idea is creative and applaud the effort put forth by AT&T, we just wish that the display had more info (charger locations, perhaps the time it’ll take to recharge at a given site and so on).

What are your thoughts on this heads-up display?  Do you think it would be successful in converting ICE owners over to electric?

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Interesting concept that may have legs if it was available as a free “app” downloadable to your smart phone. The cost of a specialized standalone device is too high for any wide adoption.

I agree free app is the way to go and I could certainly see it helping regular folks on the fence.

BMW had an app like that, but I haven’t seen it in a while. You identified home and work locations, and it would tell you based on mileage and time at home if you could be a match for an EV.

i don’t get this; i don’t see how useful the information would be. it would seem to me that this device would have to, at best, operate on assumptions of how many miles you would per kwh. but the reality is that this can vary according to driving style, driving terrain, use of hvac, &c. i mean, for daily driving tasks, such as commuting, i would think that most people already have an idea of how many miles they are driving.

it seems to me that anyone who is going to fool around with this as an added task while driving probably already has a pretty strong commitment to getting an EV. such a person would probably at least lease a BEV as a second car.

No, I don’t think it would help at all. All it will do is reinforce range anxiety.

A heads-up display can’t give a driver the visceral experience of how much better it is to drive a well-designed car powered by electricity. It can’t show him how much more pleasant it is to have a near-silent motor, nor the lack of any noxious fumes coming from an exhaust system subtly leaking into the passenger cabin, nor having a vibration-free drivetrain.

Most importantly, no electronic gadget can show the driver the pleasure of having instant response to pressing the accelerator, nor the availability of high torque from a standing start; nor will it show him that it’s a genuinely better experience to plug in at home every night, instead of having to drive to the gas station once a week to refuel.

Pretty sure I read about this before.
IIRC, it’s more than just a box to show how close to an EV range you used.
It reads OBD data to feed into the ‘guess-o-meter’, so it can be an actual useful device.

Ok, looks like it has it’s own sensors. Maybe I was thinking that it SHOULD have OBD to be most useful.

Sounds too complciated

Seems like it would just be easier to offer extended test drives like BMW. Apparently it’s been a successful program. I think if Nissan and especially Chevy did that for the Volt their sales would be tremendous.

There is an app that keeps track of your travel for tax purposes. It uses smartphone sensors to log travel.

The range part is a very small aspect. Drive experience and refuel experience cannot be simulated in software.

EV is a commitment that will continue to be beyond general public grasp until it it has some compelling (yep, Elon) reason that EV is better.

Stupid idea. How the hell am I supposed to bolt that to my 1961 Land Rover dash?