Atlanta Leads U.S.’ Electric Car Race – Video

DEC 2 2015 BY JAY COLE 11

CBC Shines A Spotlight On The EV Scene In Atlanta - with some help from Michael Beinenson

CBC Shines A Spotlight On The EV Scene In Atlanta – with some help from Michael Beinenson

The National put out an interesting piece on the US electric car market, and specifically on the market in Atlanta.

And while the piece features some good information and a first hand look at the situation, it also features InsideEVs’ contributor Michael Beinensonso how can it not be good?

The documentary goes through both the initial boom of EV sales in the city thanks to a $5,000 Georgia, state-level, incentive program, the realities now that it has been removed, and what lies ahead.

Editor’s Note: Michael also recently took delivery of one of the first BMW x5 xDrive40e SUVs to be delivered in America, look for his 1,200 mile review here shortly!


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Too many people, who know the environmental benefits, loose sight of where this video ends up.

“Money talks” and “pushing them to take the risk”, are the bigger drivers to EV / PHEV sales. If the electricity, to gas $$ gap goes away, folks will just keep inviting those gas car repair bills. When you yank $5,000 subsidies off the table, down to zero, you also don’t do anybody favors. That’s just political polarity showing up, again. …same for the wind tax-credit.

I didn’t see a single PHEV in that video. But that’s probably because Georgia never gave the $5,000 credit to PHEVs.

I’ve been in Atlanta for 7 hours now, and have not seen a single Leaf. Only 1 Chevy Volt so far. I thought this place was supposed to be crawling with Leafs?

I you want to see LEAFs, go drinking to Manuel’s Tavern (the bar in the video) tonight 😉

Where are you in the city? My neighborhood has about 6 Leafs.

Drove through the city to/from the airport, but stayed in the Norcross area.

they should of drope it slower exp 5000 to 3000 to 1500 2018 gone

It did do 70% of the job and got people to see things could be anotherway.if every state would of done the same ,things would be getting done faster for climate change.

IF there were such things as subsidies, just ‘pretending’… would I rather have 20 billion dollars a year given to fossil fuels and gasoline vehicles or 20 billion dollars a year given to renewables and electric cars? Which will more likely give my grandchildren a better chance at life?

Nobody mentioned that money not spent in gas stays in the local economy

I live in a suburb of Atlanta and regularly see 5-10 Leafs’ on my 14 mile commute.