Atlanta Is A “Top Market” For The Tesla Model S – First Georgia Store Officially Opens January 19th

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Tesla Opens Marietta, Georgia Store On Sunday

Tesla Opens Marietta, Georgia Store On Sunday

While electric car sales in Atlanta seem to be synonymous with the Nissan LEAF (more than 1,000 LEAFs were sold there in December alone), the Tesla Model S is apparently quite a hit with the locals as well – despite having all sales routed through a “service center” in an industrial part in Marietta.

That all changes soon as Tesla’s first corporate store will officially open in Georgian on Sunday, January 19th.  Tesla notes the grand opening celebration runs from 10am to 2pm.

Location Of New Marietta Store - Tesla Is Reported To Already Be Looking For A More 'Metro' Store In Atlanta

Location Of New Marietta Store – Tesla Is Reported To Already Be Looking For A More ‘Metro’ Store In Atlanta

In anticipation of the event, local magazine – the Atlanta Business Chronicle has been reporting on the developments of the Tesla brand in Georgia, as well as spoken to Tesla reps on the progress of the company in the state.

Tesla spokesperson Alexis Georgeson noted that while Georgia is not yet Tesla’s absolute best market for the Model S (that honor goes first to California, followed by New York, then Florida), it is still one of their top markets.  “We’re seeing a number of walk-ins into our Atlanta service center.”

Enter the need for the new corporate store;  Ms. Georgeson told that Business Chronicle that locating a stand-alone store in Atlanta underscores the local demand for the Model S.

According to sources to ABC, “Tesla’s Atlanta sales center is said to have delivered nearly 500 cars, the majority of them to metro Atlanta residents.”  That’s  a lot of cars for only having a service center.

We imagine that once open, the corporate store will be quite busy  – which is why Tesla is reportedly already on the hunt for a location for a second store, but in a more high profile, metro Atlanta location.

Atlanta Business Chronicle

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Hi there,

COAST TO COAST OPEN !!!!!!! 65 SC !!!

Who’s gone do Miami to Vancouver for FREE?


Good road with Tesla.

No, not yet. Just because the circles touch doesn’t mean you can travel from the center of one to the center of another.

That dadburn physics. Gets you every time.

As anyone who has lived in Georgia would know that Marietta is one of the more wealthy suburb of Atlanta. That is very close to the wealth area of the East Cobb (Cobb county).

If Tesla opens another store inside the I-285 in the Northern Fulton County area, then it would make some decent impact in sales.

But I think we are still in the early adopter phase where the people will chase after the Model S regardless where the store is.

Atlanta should be a HUGE market for Tesla given all the high end luxury car owners. The Product Specialists led by Cale Brock (trained at Tesla HQ) know their car and provide an incredibly low pressure ‘shopping’ environment. I’ve visited Cale in his Service Center office a half a dozen times since August 2013. Every time I learn something new about the Model S. You need soak time to absorb all the features and the incredibly thrilling driving experience of the Model S!

While the gallery is a bit down scale (it’s more a test drive & product selection center) you get to learn everything about the Model S. A true mall gallery store should and likely will be part of Tesla Atlanta to build out Atlanta market potential. Maybe Tesla can help Atlanta begin to embrace EVs in a bigger way. LEAF has the entry commuter market. VOLT is marginal in mid-market (I lease one now). Welcome to Atlanta Ya’ll!

It’s Atlanta Business Chronicle.
Thanks for the distribution.

Hey Urvaksh, apologies on the typo – got it all fixed up now! You wrote a very nice piece…happy to pass it along/promote it.

See you in Marietta on Sunday. You did a story on my company (MEDA) in 2011. Check out my EV Twitter @AtlantaEV.
Jeff Cohen.

My turn to miss-spell. Sorry Urvaksh!!