Atieva Edna Electric Van Schools BMW i8 and Dodge Viper, 0-60mph In Under 3 Seconds – Video


Let's Race

Let’s Race

California-based and China-backed Atieva unveiled its powertrain test vehicle “Edna”, which happens to be a converted to electric drive Mercedes-Benz Vito commercial van.

It features ” “two electric motors, two sets of power electronics, two gearboxes, one battery capable of storing 87 kWh of energy and outputting over 900 horsepower.”

Recently, Edna blew away a Tesla Model S with a 0 to 60 MPH time of 3.08 seconds.

Not content with that time, the Atieva team did some fine tuning and hit the track once again to pit the electric van against a BMW i8 and a Dodge Viper.

The result was a sub-three-second blast to 60 MPH: As Atieva explains:

“We studied our data from the last session, made adjustments and put Edna to the test again.”

The company explains:

“Since the last test we have been poring over the data looking for ways to further enhance low-end acceleration. Until this month the team had been focused primarily on the low-end, but with the performance now approaching maximum potential we are extending this tuning beyond 100 mph.”

The quarter-mile in Edna is now accomplished in 11.3 seconds at 117 MPH, according to Atieva.

Atieva welcomes all challengers who’d like to bring a vehicle to race Edna. Learn more about that here.

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There’s a house that needs to be painted stat!!!

Coincidentally, I’m waiting at home for the plumber to show up. I wish he had one!

I wonder what that same powertrain could do if it wasn’t housed in a brick.


Better secure your cargo! 😉

Its one thing to embarrass an ICE sports car with a Tesla. But when even a cargo van EV can do it, then ithe end is here sooner than we thought.

Imagine this thing below away performance cars on the street and drag strip…

It will turn some heads for sure.

I’m just as surprised the 3cyl i8 beat the V10 Viper!