Atieva Atvus Electric Sedan Leaks Out


The first grainy image of the Atieva Atvus (a so-called Tesla Model S competitor) has leaked out via Recode.

As the story goes, some documents connected to Atvus were filed with the state of California and uncovered (via a public record request) by Recode. Among those documents is this side profile image of the pure electric car.

The four-door sedan features no door handles and seems to be designed with aerodynamics in mind. Note the rear wheel arches that are partially covered and how the roof seems to extend fully to the rear of the vehicle.

According to Atieva, the Atvus will feature the same powertrain (and 87 kWh battery pack) as found in its Edna, the mind-blowingly quick electric van that can do 0-60 mph in 2.74 seconds. HP is ~900.

Few other details on Atvus are known at this time. What we do know is that Atieva has tentatively set 2018 for the launch of Atvus and that the automaker has a target of 20,000 units in its first year of production, but as of right now the company is still in the process of securing land for a manufacturing facility somewhere in California, so we consider that 2018 target to be highly optimistic.

Recode also found out that initial manufacturing facility is in China, at least according to the filing, as officials in California asked for the location and photo for the point of origin for the EV.  Atieva noted that e-bike/scooter maker Dayang Motorcycle company in Luoyang was that facility.  We should note that Atieva does also have 2 US locations/workshops today in Silicon Valley for vehicle development.

Source: Recode (via Car Scoops)

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How come there even exists a grainy picture of a new secret car model?

I wouldn’t say it looks good. But maybe we are looking at the future of design language.

Cuz it’s fake. This isn’t what the car looks like

Achieva would be a more proper name…If they can Achieve all that..

Why is it so ugly? Were all the good designers too expensive, and already stolen? I’d say stick with the van if this is what they’re offering as a premium luxury car. It looks like a late ’90’s Lexus GS400, but less attractive. What’s up with Chinese companies and ugly cars? That garbage design for the LeEco is such a joke, too. If you’re going to be derivative, at least copy something good.

Demolition Man called and they want their car back! 🙂

Hopefully the production version looks a little more “normal”.

Robocops new “SUX 6000” Gen 3.

Personally, I think if the rear wheel arch covers are removable, I think it looks fine. The rear makes me think Cadillac, even though it clearly isn’t a direct knock-off. The sides could be any car, nothing offensive.

I hope they find their niche in the market and succeed. The more the better. At least they are trying.

Insidevvs is a daily goto site for me but if you want to see what this vehicle really looks like you need to see the series of views of it on Autoblog/green. It is actually a very sophisticated design without what I saw an author state on another auto release “the tortured sheet metal design” that are spreading across the new autos.

The car looks like it was designed by Citroën, even with partially covered rear wheel arches like old Citroën models had.