Aston Martin Working On 1,000 HP Pure Electric Car


Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX Electric Concept

Aston Martin DBX Electric Concept

According to reports, Aston Martin is “working on a four-door pure electric car with 1,000bhp.”

If approved for production, this pure electric supercar could launch by 2020.

The Telegraph reports:

“Speaking to The Telegraph at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston CEO Andy Palmer explained that a prototype of such a car exists so that engineers can work out where to place the batteries in order to maintain a 50/50 weight distribution.”

Palmer, a strong electric car supporter, spoke of Aston’s previous electric car (Cygnet, based on the tiny Toyota iQ) and on the automakers future electric car plans:

“On my watch we are never going to put a diesel in an Aston. And I don’t think the Cygnet was the right thing to do. I think something like an electric car would be interesting, to sit squarely above a Tesla. Most people who buy Teslas are buying fully loaded ones, so it implies there’s room for that.”

“I’m a great advocate of electric vehicles, not for fuel economy, but for performance. We are working on a car that would look like a four-wheel-drive, 1,000bhp Rapide. There is a prototype running around. It’s not a formal part of our six-year plan but it might have to become part of it if we have a regulatory issue.”

Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

Source: Telegraph

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Bolt. James Bolt.


I expect you to fry Mr. Bond.


OK, so in this article it was supposed to be 2018.

Now it’s 2020?

And in that article Palmer was quoted as follows:

“Palmer says that in two to three years an electric Rapide is likely and he adds that Aston is in discussions with electric vehicle technologies companies at this very moment”

but now it’s

“It’s not a formal part of our six-year plan but it might have to become part of it if we have a regulatory issue.”

In other words, this is vapourware.

philip d

Exactly. In other news I plan to build a 2000 bhp EV supercar in my garage when I get around to it.

Jouni Valkonen

Finnish Toroidion is planning for 2000 kW electric supercar. They already have 1000 kW prototype.

Good thing about electric cars is that megawatt scale power is almost free byproduct of fast charging and large battery.

mr. M

Or its now: sry cant talk any more about this topic, we are too close to official press release


Now I know where Tesla gets its design inspiration.

Warren M

Tesla definitely has design elements from Jaguar/Aston Martin. But then again, some of the Kia Optimas have some of the same design cues.


Everything I see a tesla, I would think it was a jaguar. If they are white in color- I can see the difference in the car as a tesla. Beautiful Aston Martin- I wish I had the pocket change to get one even if it had a V12.


As does my Ford Fusion Energi.

Shortly after I got mine 2 years ago, I saw what I thought was a 2 door Fusion… slowly over take me in freeway traffic, turned out to be an actual Aston. Oops.


Aston CEO Andy Palmer Said: “I think something like an electric car would be interesting, to sit squarely above a Tesla.”

Step right up and place your bets….we have:

Aston Martin’s partial attention & resource towards an imaginary EV concept project…


Tesla’s full attention & resource to improving an already existing freaking awesome EV.



considering the Model S looks better than a Rapide….


No supercharger access. That’s big gap in their offering.


They should indeed strike a supercharger access agreement with Tesla if they want to make long trips possible.


This. this. 1000000x this.


The front grill, makes me question their commitment.


Design recognition?

mr. M

Hu? You realize that the rapide is a normal ICE? They just stated that the EV will be based on the rapide. Shut the front grill? easy task!


I wish them the best of luck. They have experience building cars, let’s hope that doesn’t work against them.

Bill Howland

I hope this is a better idea than his first Great Brain Idea of fixing the missing bars problem on the Leaf’s gas gauge by adding a few bars, while doing nothing about the underlying battery problem causing it.


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