Aston Martin Teams With Faraday Future & LeEco To Develop First Electric Car – Video

FEB 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 21

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with technology company LeEco (formerly LeTv), towards the creation of a partnership that will develop a production version of the electric RapidE.

The concept all-electric RapideE was unveiled several months ago, and Aston Martin intends to launch the production version in 2018.

Because Aston Martin is small carmaker, the British brand is gearing up for a strategic alliance, which include companies with Chinese roots: LeEco and Faraday Future.

We already saw connected technologies sourced from Letv at 2016 CES.

It is anticipated that the partnership will see the two companies working together in developing and manufacturing RapidE, with potential for adding a range of next-generation connected electric vehicles on behalf of Aston Martin, LeEco and Faraday Future.
This new signing extends the existing collaboration between the two companies.  In January 2016, LeEco and Aston Martin revealed the first results of their partnership – an Aston Martin Rapide S incorporating the latest Letv Internet of the Vehicle (IOV) system. The second area of the partnership – the development of low-emission vehicle technologies – has been accelerated as they have developed their respective plans for launching a range of new electric vehicles during the second half of the decade.”

Beside the Aston Martin RapidE, there could be other jointly developed plug-in models

“The first model developed by this partnership will be the Aston Martin RapidE. The Aston Martin RapidE concept was created to explore how the company can take an existing production vehicle and create an all-electric sports sedan. Since the creation of this concept vehicle, Aston Martin and Letv have been advancing the work on production feasibility including the identification of technology solutions for battery systems and powertrain. Both companies are now focused on bringing the RapidE to market in 2018 utilising the best technologies from the companies’ portfolios.”

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Commenting on the signing of the MOU, Mr. Ding Lei, co-founder and global vice chairman of SEE Plan, said:

“Signing of this MOU ushers a new phase of the collaborations between Aston Martin and LeEco. LeEco’s SEE Plan is dedicated to build electric, smart, connected and socialized cars. We have been targeting the highest standard in the auto industry in terms of design, R&D and manufacturing of our electric cars. We hope that, by strengthening collaborations with Aston Martin, our future models will provide premium qualities and delicate arts and crafts as good as those of Aston Martin.”

Aston Martin CEO, Dr Andy Palmer, said:

“Aston Martin are dedicated to developing a range of cars with low emission technologies.  We have been encouraged by the project speed and technical depth shown by Letv in the development of the RapidE concept towards full production. Bringing the RapidE to market by 2018 is an important milestone for both companies. ”

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Aston Martin & LeTV at 2016 CES:

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Easy way to get an EV that looks like a Tesla. 🙂

Looks Like a Tesla, Yea….At 3 times the Price…N0 Thank Y0U…Even Par Price Or even Less$$$

I meant in terms of an inexperienced, would-be BEV automaker from China, making their first mainstream (?) product.

This is one of the more easy paths to replicating Tesla-like vehicles…

Good luck – with these “partners”, they will need it.

I have to wonder if Aston Martin is actually serious about building an EV, if it’s partnering with a vaporware company like Faraday Future. Now, it’s true that FF has hired several (many?) ex-Tesla employees, but they have yet to demonstrate they can build a car which actually runs, or even an operational electric drivetrain.

Given that two thirds of Teslas may need their drivetrains replaced by 60K miles (see neither has Tesla.

That was an 0ld problem SOLVED….Long Ago under warranty…cheers!

He likes living in the past, which is weird for someone who frequents EV Blogs… 😉

Actually, 3E is just showing us his long-standing serial anti-Tesla/Musk bias.

Oh and by the way 3E, quoting Breitbart doesn’t help your cause. Might as well quote Drudge or Limbaugh for that matter.

Please, no. Don’t give him any ideas.

Three Electrics repeated his FUD:

“Given that two thirds of Teslas may need their drivetrains replaced by 60K miles…”

So tell us, 3E, how many times do you believe you have to repeat that lie before it magically becomes true? 😀

I would welcome a reasoned, factual counter-argument instead of an ad hominem attack. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

First of all, the GCR “survey” was small and poorly done, just read the 100s of comments that point out their errors.

I suggest that the much larger and professional Consumer Reports information be used.
And yes, CR changed its recommendation on the Model S for reliability but the car still significantly beats out all other vehicles it has ever tested on customer satisfaction. That is a more true indicator of the car then just one cherry picked metric.

Furthermore, CR does not say the Model S reliability is ‘terrible’. The Model S has the same reliability as the BMW and better reliability than the flagship Mercedes S Class. High end luxury cars have so many extra features that they tend to have more service issues. But I do believe it is important for Tesla to get their reliability up above the other luxury car makers because it is a new tech. And they are aggressively working to do just that and doing so very successfully as their customer satisfaction ratings prove over and over.

A reasoned argument? You mean, aside from pointing out the fallacy that this oft-repeated basher argument is based on an opt-in Internet survey, one that is skewed and scientifically invalid, as has been amply and frequently pointed out, not only here but widely on the Internet in previous discussions? However, for the sake of argument let’s set all that aside. Let’s look at some actual numbers. Here is a summary of the untruthful Tesla basher argument you’re citing: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About 60% of Tesla Model S’s will have to have at least one drivetrain replacement during the life of the car, and some need multiple replacements. A replacement costs Tesla about $15,000 (that’s also not true, but for argument’s sake let’s pretend it’s true). So that would average ~$9000 per car if it was just one replacement, and since many need multiple replacements, the average cost per car will be more like $12,000 or even more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [end of untruthful basher argument] To underscore just how ridiculous this entire argument is, let’s keep in mind that this is what the Tesla bashers are claiming is Telsa’s warranty costs just for replacing drive units! Reality check: The amount of money Tesla sets… Read more »

Don’t hold your breath.

‘Breitbart’ radiation is incredibly destructive to brain tissue. Protect yourself at all times!

It’s the other way around. The Tesla seems more likely to have copied the Aston Martin design philosophy first.

Oh, I’m NOT saying Tesla didn’t get “inspired” by AM, first… 😉 They certainly did. And it was a wise and tasteful choice.

Just saying what an easy way for a Chinese company with no automotive history, to make a Tesla-esque Clone.

What an awkward photo.

_______ made in ________. The dash looks familiar too.