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DEC 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin and LeTV signed a memorandum of understanding to develop connected technologies and electric cars, according to the latest news from China Daily.

Connected technologies will be presented at the 2016 CES in Rapide S (non-electric version, we believe). But Aston Martin unveiled an all-electric prototype two months ago and intends to offer EVs too.

“The two companies will start a series of research projects ranging from connected technologies to car engineering and manufacturing, according to a memorandum of understanding they signed on Thursday night.”

We should note why this deal is of particular interest.  LeTV (or the “Netflix” of China” if you will) is backed by billionaire Jia Yueting, who is also the driving force behind Faraday Future and Atieva.

Things are getting mysterious and complicated, but clearly there are some bold Chinese moves into high-end EVs.

“Jia Yueting, Letv’s chairman and CEO, said in addition to the connected technologies, the two companies will leverage their respective resources to carry out long-term, allaround cooperation in building connected electric vehicles, with the aim of providing next-generation transportation tools and global traffic solutions.

“It is a win-win venture which symbolizes the deepening collaboration and reformation between the IT and automobile industries,” Jia said.

Jia said on its Sina Weibo on Friday morning that Aston Martin will be the OEM for Letv’s first electric car.

The car has completed testing in the US and a small scale trial production is on the horizon, the company said at a news conference in Beijing in late October.”

Source: China Daily and Autocar

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Huh. A quick way for a Chinese company to make a Model S Clone that isn’t fugly…

You mean a Maserati clone? You can’t really clone a clone.

You can clone a clone but you get replicative fading.

Genetic Drift… 😉

This is tied in to Faraday Future.