Aston Martin Rapide To Ditch V12 In Favor Of Electric In 2018


Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin Rapide To Lose V12 Engine And Go Electric In 2018

The naturally aspirated Rapide S will be phased out to make room for the all-electric RapidE.

Aston Martin and Williams Advanced Engineering joined forces in 2015 to create the RapidE concept providing a taste of things to come as far as an all-electric version of the gorgeous sedan. Several months later, the folks from Gaydon signed a Memorandum of Understanding with LeEco to pave the way for a production version of the concept slated to arrive in 2018.

Now, Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer has reiterated the firm’s plans to launch the RapidE next year, but with a twist. The EV won’t join the V12-powered Rapide S on sale today as it will actually replace it altogether. In other words, the Rapide will be going all-electric in 2018, so it’s only a matter of time before the sexy four-door sedan will lose its naturally aspirated 6.0-liter gasoline engine pushing out 552 horsepower (411 kilowatts) and 465 pound-feet (630 Newton-meters) of torque. As a side note, the Rapide recently gained a beefy AMR version, but that’s only a limited-run edition to signal the company’s newly formed AMR sub-brand.

Aston Martin RapidE concept

As for the forthcoming EV, technical specifications are shrouded in mystery at this point, but it is believed the RapidE will have 800 horsepower (600 kilowatts) and enough battery juice for a range just shy of 200 miles (320 kilometers).

The RapidE won’t be the only four-door new model from Aston Martin in the years to come taking into account the DBX crossover will be out by the end of the decade and could be followed by a series of Lagonda-badged sedans.

A diesel is out of the question, especially since these “are definitely persona non grata these days,” according to Andy Palmer. He believes embracing electrification is the way to go as he estimates pretty soon only EVs will be allowed in some cities around the world on specific days. That’s why Aston Martin considers the V12 Rapide does not have a sustainable future and as such it’s going all-electric.

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I hope for their sake this time it’s a from the ground up EV and Not an EV conversion like the previous one.

We’ll see

Rebadged Model S with better trim and finish :O) Will be hard for AM to improve on the performance.

Not really…Tesla has yet to show much performance except being quick in a straight line.
But it’s a family sedan, if it’s not beaten on a track by a sports cas then something is seriously wrong.

It would be awesome if Tesla could make a sports car one day.

Tesla will bring back their Roadster in about two years. It’s being designed from the ground up this time and reportedly will have the world’s first sub 2 second 0-60 time for a production car. I assume it’ll handle like a champ, too.

AM has some bland ass steering wheels and there’s nothing special about their interiors

Considering all the recent news of money troubles, seems risky to be bringing on LeEco for this project.


What the?

Is Andy this CEO?

Dude said never would he do Electric.

Andy Palmer was heavily involved in electronic vehicle development at Nissan so this is no surprise.
He would not embark on such a project unless he was serious about it.

I guess Andy was hit on the head.

He said never on Aston Martin.

I cannot wait to drive it.

It only makes sense for Aston Fartin after that P85 embarrassed their Rapide on that YouTube car review.

And it was just a P85

It probably doesn’t hurt that the Nio EP9 lapped the Nürburgring about a minute faster than the fastest recorded Aston Martin either…

Exciting to see these exotic supercars going electric finally… What about Mclaren?