Aston Martin Might Launch Direct Competitor To New Tesla Roadster


Tesla Roadster

Won’t see the light of day before the early part of next decade.

Aston Martin is in the middle of a complete model overhaul which might also include a brand new sports car, powered entirely by electric energy. According to a new report by AutoExpress, the British exotic manufacturer is interested in launching a direct competitor for the new Tesla Roadster as part of its wider push towards electrification, which includes an electrified version of every model by 2025.

New Tesla Roadster

New Tesla Roadster

The online publication asked Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer whether the automaker is interested in creating an electric vehicle that is smaller, faster, and more expensive than the current Vantage.

“It’s possible, yes,” he replied. “There are various challenges involved in making an EV, and the one everyone focuses on is the battery – the management system and the chemistry involved.”

Palmer believes that companies like Aston Martin have an advantage over regular mass car manufacturers in developing electric cars, because they have a much deeper knowledge of aerodynamics and weight reduction.

“The interesting thing is that the other three key components of any electric car – weight, aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance – are areas sports car manufacturers, and us in particular, are really good at mastering.”

If the all-electric Roadster-fighter from Aston Martin gets the green light, it will likely be based on a modified version of the marque’s new aluminum platform, which was introduced with the DB11 and Vantage. Using the existing architecture and not developing new underpinnings would help Aston reduce the costs.

In the next couple of years, Aston Martin will remain focused on its model offensive, which plans a new vehicle every 12 months until 2022. The electric sports car, if approved for production, could happen in the first years of the new decade. Meanwhile, the British brand will use 48-volt technology for its future electrified cars.

“We won’t offer plug-in hybrids. I don’t see the point,” Palmer also confirmed.

Source: AutoExpress

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So what Aston Martin is saying is that they won’t be making any meaningful moves towards electrification until their ICE business is out of business.

So… sometime like a few years from now they are going to directly compete with the Tesla Roadster?

Yeah. Right.

Wake me up when it happens.

Aston Martin is well into an electric car development program, so it’s not a great leap to expect they can pull this off.

Besides, when do you think the Tesla Roadster 2.0 will really be available?

That’s the thing. There is so many negative comments on these boards about anything that isn’t Tesla or American.
As far as sports cars go, if I had the $$$, I would buy anything made buy Porsche, Audi, Jag and Aston Martin before I bought Tesla. There is far more to a sports car than straight line speed, zero to 60 and these other companies have been making cars for generations for the street and on the world stage of racing. They know a thing or two about sports cars. Just because they are late to the game doesn’t not mean they aren’t all over this.

It was the American’s (GM) and Tesla’s choice to use a lot more battery, bringing scorn on the higher priced less equiped cars. That said, it should also be clear Tesla doesn’t, or can’t afford, to care about track performance, to use LiPo, or employ better cooling for that 1% of its customers. It seems the best ingredients, between street and track EVs, aren’t the same.

That will probably change with the roadster. It’s a diffetent animal. Not housecat but tiger. Come to think of it maybe that would be a better name: Tesla Tiger, or Tesla Terminator (as in terminate gasmobiles).

“As far as sports cars go, if I had the $$$, I would buy anything made buy Porsche, Audi, Jag and Aston Martin before I bought Tesla. There is far more to a sports car than straight line speed, zero to 60…”

Your comments certainly apply to, for example, Tesla Models S and X… which are not sports cars and are not marketed as such.

Let’s wait until we see some actual third-party reviews of the Roadster Mk II before we dismiss it as merely a drag racer, hmmmm?

Certainly Motor Trend’s “First Drive” rave review of the Tesla Model 3 would lead the average person to think Tesla is capable of building a sports car whose performance isn’t limited to just drag racing!

DING DING DING! We have a winner! From the way these anti-Tesla types talk, you’d think that if you turned the steering wheel in the car, it would cease to function. Straight line only for Teslas!

“There is so many negative comments on these boards about anything that isn’t Tesla or American.” Perhaps if other auto makers actually produced plug-in EVs as well-designed, as enjoyable to drive, and as competitive as Tesla’s cars are, then there would be a lot more fans of those other auto makers. In the real world, cause precedes effect. In the real world, Tesla’s accomplishments with the original Tesla Roadster and then the Tesla Model S preceded Tesla’s cars becoming wildly popular, getting more “best car of the year” awards than any other car in history, and becoming the favorite of EV advocates. In the Bizarro world of Tesla detractors and Tesla haters, they are pushing the Bizarro notion that somehow effect precedes cause; the Bizarro idea that people have a very positive view of Tesla’s accomplishments only because they were already Tesla fans, rather than — in reality — people becoming Tesla fans because of Tesla’s outstanding accomplishments! * * * * * Now, Two99, as to your comment about pro-American bias on InsideEVs: I’m not going to try to defend it; I’ll just point out that pride in things made locally/regionally is human nature. Certainly there is as least… Read more »

If they replace their CEO they might actually get it done.

He’s only been on board Aston Martin for a little over 3 years. It may take a while, for him to gear up his forces to take on Tesla, but he may be able to pull off a “Roadster fighter”, before the inevitable.

Time flies good to hear he was replaced

Andy Palmer oversaw development of the Leaf while at Nissan. Why would he be bad for EV development at Aston Martin?

How would you rank Nissan’s achievement in upgrading and updating the Leaf’s EV engineering in the years since 2010, when it debuted, in comparison to the newest EVs, such as the Bolt EV and the Model 3?

Would you rank Nissan near the top in pushing forward its EV tech, keeping it a leader in the field? Or would you put it in the same place I would, at or near the bottom, an abysmal and embarrassing case of an auto maker debuting an innovative vehicle, altho one with a very serious flaw, and stubbornly refusing to significantly improve the model for 7-8 years?

An auto maker like Aston Martin, one that has a reputation for making exclusive and desirable luxury cars, shouldn’t be aiming to compete with one of the worst-performing EV makers among first-world countries. It should be aiming to compete with the best.

Another Euro point of view

Making EV super cars makes a lot of sense, much cheaper and super cars ranges are usually very bad anyway. Now I wonder if Aston Martin has sufficient R&D budget for such project, electric cars are very simple to make as compared to ICE super cars but still AM is a very small car company and most of their knowledge/experience is ICE technology and even with ICE they are more about style than high tech.

“Won’t see the light of day before the early part of next decade.” Isn’t that when the Tesla Roadster 2 is coming out?

Andy Palmer was the head person who insisted the LEAF not have liquid cooling. They batteries lose range faster than any car make. Tesla is the best and longest battery life.
So these Super cars cost a lot but with Tesla you get the best that will last.

Just around the corner!

and monkeys MIGHT fly out of my butt.

I keep hoping that some other auto maker(s) will offer Tesla some real competition in the BEV market segment, but so far nobody has stepped up to the plate. 🙁

The comments in this article certainly don’t give much hope that Aston Martin has any real plans to put a Tesla challenger into production anytime soon.

The current Roadster prototype, that people were driven in, is only the BASE model. So if anyone really wants to challenge the Roadster 2, they’re going to have to likely go up against the MAXIMUM PLAID model!