Aston Martin Debuts Plug-In Hybrid DB9 (video + pics)


Aston Martin, along with Bosch Engineering have pulled the wraps of a plug-in hybrid version of the British auto-maker’s DB9 super car.

Aston Martin DB9 Plug-In Features 16 Miles Of Electric Range

Aston Martin DB9 Plug-In Features 16 Miles Of Electric Range

So, what does hybridizing Aston Martin’s 510 hp – 15 MPG, two door sport coupe do for you?

Well,  the DB9′s V12 – 6 liter engine is now paired with two electric motors that push total power up over 740 hp (522 kW), while the car also has 650 lb-ft of torque.

Uniquely, this pair of electric traction motors are fitted to the front wheels, while the traditional engine powers the back; meaning if you always wanted a four-wheel drive Aston Martin (why?), this would be your only choice.  The car’s lithium batteries are housed in the back as well.

Aston Martin DB9 Plug-In Interior

Aston Martin DB9 Plug-In Interior

NO!  The Dreaded Protoype Name-Badge

NO! The Dreaded Protoype Name-Badge

Sadly, this is a classic ‘one and done offering’ (unless a Saudi Prince really, really likes it), as Aston Martin dropped off a copy of the DB9 to Bosch in November of last year, and this is that engineering team’s creation.

The plug-in modifications also have given the electric DB9 a 16 mile (25.7 km) all-electric range; and despite a 300 kg (660lb) weight increase, the 0-60 time has dropped to around 3.6 seconds (from 4.4 previously).

As for what the new eMPG of the car is…no one really seems to care enough to throw out any numbers – however, the car is to ‘officially’ be released later this year, and more specs on persnickety things like fuel efficiency and top speed should be available then.


Aston Martin DB9 Plug-In Gallery:
(below that is video footage from the DB9’s reveal)

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