Aston Martin Confirms Production Version Of DBX Concept, Issues £200 Million To Fund Development

MAY 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin Lagonda confirmed that the DBX Concept will enter production!

The company issued £200 million (over $300 million) in funding to handle product expansion for this and maybe other models with electric powetrains.

Will the production DBX be all-electric (like the concept) or maybe a plug-in hybrid? We don’t know.

“This major investment in new luxury models is at the core of Aston Martin’s strategic vision. Under the plan, the company will expand into the luxury GT crossover market with the introduction of a new vehicle based on the DBX concept shown at the recent Geneva and Shanghai motor shows. With the addition of new model lines, the company’s strategy will help drive future growth, always ensuring that Aston Martin builds the world’s most beautiful cars that deliver true sporting ability with passion and refined luxury.”

We believe that this is the first fruit of new Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer’s labor, which sets a new direction for the 102-year old luxury sports car manufacturer.

Aston Martin Lagonda CEO Dr Andy Palmer commented:

“This additional long-term funding, will enable us to add extra model lines and broaden our presence in the luxury market segment by the end of the decade. The DBX concept, has generated interest far beyond our expectations. The additional investment announced today will allow us to realise the DBX and other new luxury vehicles that will form the strongest and most diverse portfolio in our history”.

“Our shareholders have shown their strong commitment and confidence in the management team to execute the strategic plan.”

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hopefuly it will look better than this and they will team up with tesla for superchargers

They need to do away with the pornstar mustache grill that Fisker imbued on to Aston martin from the 80’s. Yuck.

Yes. If ever there was a screamin’ need for Nose Cone here…

They’ll build it and it will likely be conventionally powered “ICE”. If it has a plug at all it will be a “token” range of a few all electric miles at some performance disadvantage if the ICE is not called on.

I’m holding out for it being more of an AMG SLS Electric drive rather than a porsche 918

It’ll either be a token 15 miles AER to boost fuel efficiency or it’ll be a very limited edition ultra expensive electric supercar.

With Andy Palmer at the helm, it very well could be fully electric. There was an interview with him posted here a few days ago. His philosophy is 100% electric cars to offset the V12 cars.

That’s a very big grille for an electric car that aspires to 300 mile all electric range.

300 million dollars is less then a half year of Teslas R&D budget, but as we know, strangely the small companies are the electric innovators. Maybe this Aston could become a great EV.

Tesla sells roughly the same number of cars in a month ~3300 as Austin Martin does in a year ~3500. Lot’s of Tesla R&D is tied into production capacity expansion.

Tesla also builds much more of their vehicle in house than most automakers.