Aston Martin CEO: Rapide E In A League Of Its Own Above Tesla

Aston Martin


Andy Palmer, chief executive of Aston Martin, one of several automakers who skipped the Paris Motor Show, spoke of electrification in an interview with CNBC.

Aston Martin RapidE concept

Aston Martin RapidE concept

According to Palmer, one of the early electrification pioneers (think Nissan LEAF), electric cars – specifically those from near-luxury and luxury (Aston Martin) automakers, have a pricing capability that make them highly successful in terms of profit for the automaker. This puts Aston in a prime position to deliver a pure electric car that profits the company.

And Aston intends to do exactly that with its upcoming Rapide E, a mid-size luxury electric that’s coming in 2017-2018.

The four-door Rapide E will boast up to 1,000 HP and a range of approximately 200 miles. Price of the base Rapide E will be at around £200,000 ($309,000), £50,000 more than ICE, and even more if you opt for AWD.

When asked if Aston would compete with Tesla, Palmer responded:

“I would argue that Tesla fits in the premium market, competing with the likes of BMW and Mercedes. Aston sits above that.”

Financially, Aston has struggled as of late and the Rapide E won’t likely turn that around with annual production expected to be only 400 units, but at least this 4-door electric luxury car hints that Aston knows where the future is headed.

Source: CNBC

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Well . . . at least people will stop saying that Tesla is a hugely overprice car only for the super-wealthy.

Aston Martin? I wouldn’t touch one with a 10 foot pole. N0 THX !

Yeah and just several years ago he personally said no Electric for Aston, and now they want to sell us a 1000hp electric car for absurd amounts of money, however AWD is optional if you really want the car to go anywhere. Good luck with that, Porsche will eat them for breakfast.

You can’t afford a pole that long 😉

I expect the tallest Poles are about 6.5-7 feet in height (-:

How he dares to come with only 200miles of range in 2018 in a $200’000+ car ! Lol

I’ll take mine in black.

Only if it has rotating license plates and machine guns behind the front lights 😉

Th paint is likely all you could afford.

Of course it’s by a league of it’s own. Let’s start by it being non-existent…

It’s basically a Conversion car ,From Gas To electric..


I drove one in Seattle several years back with the v12 in it. Very lovely car. Not for 250k.

Then they want 50k more for electric.

I’d be impressed if he said it would be all electric w no gas version.

Let’s be real here… non-existent doesn’t make it in a league of it’s own, it makes it in a league full of other dreamy electrics that are vaporware

200 miles for a $300k luxury sedan seems like a dissapointment.

and way below Tesla it seems too!
That hot air pumping guy argues they sit above… Above what?

They’ll do great in the Imaginary league.

No thanks even if I won the Florida lottery.

It sits above Tesla, kind of like a vapor….

I can’t wait for a premium EV, that doesn’t have Tesla’s attitude for its interior. Bring it, Andy!

Yep. My thoughts encapsulated.

I’d fire him. I bet Carlos Ghosn is laughing his ass off.

In 5 years they will need more than a partner.

Lots of trees to shake Mr Palmer!

So comparing to Tesla, less range, higher cost and no capability for long distance travel. Good luck with that!

Even the Zoe and Bolt have better range for 15% of the price, not to mention what it will be in 2018, when it comes on the market.

Everybody says they are going to make a better car than Tesla.

I’m still waiting for somebody to do it and I suspect we’ll all be waiting for a long time.

You need to name your criteria, then prioritize them. Everyone’s “better” is different.

Everyone’s criteria is different Kdawg. Great Point.

For me, better means a car I can actually afford that has more than 200 miles of AER. I don’t need 1,000 horsepower or falcon wing doors. I just need to get to work and back, without stopping to charge. I think the Bolt is great, but I’m waiting for a Model 3.

There will be more competition for Tesla at some point. But, Tesla is a step ahead of everyone right now and it’s not just the drive train and battery density. Their styling is great, safety is unprecidented and the autonomous features are impressive. Plus, they have the super-charger network. They are definitely ahead of the pack.

The Bolt EV is the first BEV I’d ever consider for the same reasons you note; affordable and 200+ miles. I also have a reservation for the Model 3. I have pluses and minuses for both. The Bolt EV will have more utility than the Model 3, but I just need a car for me and some stuff, so I can squeak by with the Model 3. I know that won’t work for everyone. I think the Model 3 is sportier looking, but I also like the higher seating position of the Bolt EV. I have my concerns about the Model 3 interior and quality, but hopefully they will KISS to help robustness. I don’t have any Tesla service centers nearby, so I can’t deal w/any issues that may arise easily. I am also concerned that the price of the Model 3 will continue to rise and the release date continue to be delayed.

I might be able to afford a Tesla S (and threw in my 1000.- for the M3), but not that AM.
But @ 200 miles it is just a silly joke by now.

You get what you pay for.

You don’t always “get” ., what you pay for ! In fact most of the time we over pay.

As long as you know the car industry needs you more than you need them, you will always get a great deal.

That said, I completely get your point.

By the time the 200 miles AM comes to market, it will be the lowest range EV out there and the laugh of everyone.
They will surely avoid to make fools ot of themselves.
Thus no RapideE, just hot air!

He’s partially right. The interior of an Aston is a luxury interior, far above what you get from a Audi, BMW, or Tesla. Obviously their EV powertrain isn’t going to be comparable to Tesla. The smart thing to do would have been having Tesla supply their powertrain and let Aston focus on the interior and making it pretty.

My thoughts exactly. Aston would be better served offering the very British “bespoke” line of Tesla product, if they could arrange that. Get the shells and spiffy the hell out of the interior like only the Brits do properly… Develop an extended length chassis for Tesla based limos, develop sport coupe and shooting brake versions of the Model S.

Tesla could use a partner to expand in the Rolls Royce/Bentley/limousine market without spending their focus any thinner, but I doubt they’d play along. I think Aston is a little stuck hanging in the breeze on the electric front but I’m glad they’re making the effort.

Why Tesla doesn’t make “luxury” golf carts is beyond me, they could corner the luxury golf cart market and baby step the old rich dudes used to the EV experience…

The Tesla golf cart would be autonomous and go from 0-60mph in 2,5s.

Irony off

Tesla would damage the brand by buiding golf carts. It’s better to let Aston Martin do it. It fits better in their future road map and will be quite a chalenge for them too.
Either this or go bankrupt soon.

There are enough redneck EV haters that already call them golf carts that we don’t need to confirm their bias.

Looking at the ICE RapidS interior on the config, it’s nice but fairly minimal…I’d argue all current Jaguars, another Brit automaker, are more impressive…With AM, everything is covered in leather and it’s probably a higher quality leather than Tesla uses but then there’s the angle if you care about the environment, you should avoid leather where ever possible…Tesla offers a leather free option along touted it’s “vegan” interior…You buy this car for exclusivity I guess…

How does avoiding leather helps the environment? Cattle are killed for their meat. Should we throw the hide away and use oil or cotton for seat cover? Leather is a byproduct of food. Nobody kills a cow just or their hide.

“Leather is a byproduct of food. Nobody kills a cow just or their hide.” I’m sure you have references to back up this claim?

regardless perhaps the original poster meant that something like being environmentally conscious and an opposition to meat or animal cruelty etc. go hand-in-hand.

I would be an example of such a case as a lifelong vegetarian and would the board member at Tesla who originally noted the need for a leather-free option.

glad to know Tesla has one now, last I had read was about the one person saying there needed to be one indicating there wasn’t one yet.

feeling the need for an edit button just a bit. ouch.

me too

Yes, an adult cow worth $1000 to $2000 wholesale, depending on weight. You can buy a processed cow hide for $100-$200, wholesale is probably about $50. So the hide is negligible in comparison to the meat. Now if some genius wants to dump the hide and use oil, water and energy to make pleather or cloth, that is their own problem. I am OK with using leather as long as there are enough meat eaters to generate practically unlimited supply of leather as a byproduct.

“Aston sits above that.”

Am I reading this correctly?


Yes you did read it correctly

Good Lord Andy is cocky. The car he is talking about is a serious land-yacht. He is going to rip the V 12 out and then fill the trunk and frunk with batteries. AND,,, It will still not best a Tesla P100DL.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Or, perhaps dont count your chickens before they’re hatched.

When good ‘ole Andy was at Nissan, and people started complaining about battery loss so soon after purchase, he had the BRILLIANT idea of just adjusting the ‘Guess-o-meter’ gas gauge thingy to always read full.

And now this superdope is in charge of a premium British Brand? I wonder what the stockholders think…..

He’s better than EV-Hater DeNyschen at Cadillac, who has said in the past “Electric Cars are Dumb! People should drive CLEAN DIESELS if they want to help the environment.”

Tens of Billions of dollars in lawsuits later, that was equally good advice.

Per Allan Sherman: “Good Advice costs nothing and its Worth the Price!”.

At 3 to 4x the price and half the range…yeah, that’s a class all it’s own.

They are just trying to prove that “Electric Cars are Dumb!”

Heck, I hope they make a great EV, and I hope it is a good one and the owners love them. The more the merrier. But their pricing makes me think they are intentionally trying to make a mockery out of electric cars, just so they can prove “nobody” wants an electric Aston Martin. £50,000 more than ICE for only 200 miles of range? Nothing they could possibly do could justify that kind of price premium over the already expensive ICE version. It is almost like they have already worked with Jeremy Clarkson to story-board the review. “Limey chaps! £50,000 more than ICE, and it takes 5000 hours to charge using this exercise-bicycle charger? Look, I just got it, and see how I’m already pushing it across the car park for the camera? Because even though it is fully charged and would drive just fine, I’ve decided to film pushing it just to take the mickey out of it! £50,000 more for this EU greenie car, when you can get the ICE and use the extra £50,000 to fund the NHS? Now watch me wreck this EV Aston Martin into a caravan loaded with rocket fuel. See how easily it… Read more »

*THAT* was an awesome approximation of the great orangutan’s voice and thought patterns.
I doff my hat to you, Sir.

League of its own….. A fantasy league.

Car like Aston Martin using V12 engine ruled the road, but now the Tesla Model-S P100DL which is the World’s fastest car has dethroned such cars besides seating 7 passengers and having a range of 300 miles.

So there is no sense in paying an extra $180,000 to buy the Aston Martin.

And all this money for just 200 miles. Hahaha.

They are good at building dinosaurs. No they plan to convert a dinosaur ICE into a dinosaur EV.

have automakers always been this FOS? just throw wild claims out there and see who buys them. I ask because it seems to be the case with every article quoting the head of some manufacturer.

Well, nobody buys them. Everybody is waiting for the EV version.

Tesla’s are on the roads of planet Earth. RapidE is vaporware.

Vapor is in the atmosphere which is above the roads so Aston Martin is in fact above Tesla, non existent.

Aston Martin = sexually unsatisfied old fashion low tech guy

This only shows how inadequate many CEOs of large companies are. Those people usually get to the CEO position only because they are good posers and have lots of connections. And after that they rely only on the inertia of the company to stay afloat.

And if things go wrong, they personally take full resposability and resign, taking themselves out of the line of fire, like Martin Winterkorn. And they never forget to take the bonus with them.

BINGO! Correct!

Hmmm, a loaded Model X plus a Model S, or a more expensive, much lower ranged RapidE?
Decisions, decisions….?

Bonus English lesson for commenters:

Many of you have misused “its” in “…a class of its own” by using “it’s”. The simple way of remembering is to expand “it’s” to “it is” and re-read the sentence. “…a class of it is own” makes no sense. 🙂

Niche car at best.
Small sales

Mr Palmer:
Get back to us when you have an actual prototype to demonstrate.

Nobody buys your new car except for the badge anyway — there have been so many ownership changes it’s ridiculous.

Everybody has to start somewhere. Let them spend the money and learn. Perhaps some of their customers will go for it. As long as they don’t buy an ICE for the money instead, our air (and the silence) wins. I doubt that someone going for an Aston Martin would buy a Tesla which is less than half the cost or any lower priced EV for that matter. Those cars a bought to show off, the buyers want to show they have money. As there is currently no EV for 300 k in this class the cars will probably be sold. The market is much smaller than the segemnt that Tesla is taking over currently.