Aston Martin CEO Confirms 2017 Arrival Of 800 HP Rapide Electric Car

AUG 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer again hinted at future electrification plans for the British brand.

Within two years, so by late 2017, Aston Martin intends to introduce an all-electric Rapide. A few assumptions were made in Automotive News article:

  • Rapide EV in 2017
  • price range from $200,000 to $250,000
  • all-wheel drive
  • 800 hp
  • some 200 miles of range
  • batteries from established manufacturer (possibly LG Chem or Samsung, unlikely Panasonic)
  • there is a test mule already on the road

Rapide EV will be the first electric Aston Martin, while the concept DBX needs to wait for its turn by around 2019.

For consolation, the DBX crossover coupe probably will be developed in three versions (plug-in hybrid, gasoline and electric).

Palmer believes that there will be enough demand for hundreds of Rapide EVs annually for customers looking for the legacy of Aston Martin.

Tesla Motors is selling over 50,000 Model S annually and we expect it will sell more in 2017, so the Rapide EV will not be direct competition, but rather something for consumers looking for a more unique car.

Source: Automotive News

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I`m still waiting on the trickle down theory.

Way to play “follow the leader”, Aston Martin.

This is what Musk wants. Competition. And I think it makes sense that Astin Martin, and Andy Palmer, are not bluffing.

So on the one hand Aston thinks that P90D acceleration is “stupid” because it doesn’t do “fast laps” – but counters that with a car that is almost double the cost with less range – assuming they actually release it.

less range = less battery = less weight = faster laps

if you think long enough it makes sense 😉

less battery = more current per cell = more energy losses in heat in cells = need of a better cooling system.

Or, you use other chemestry, with an lower internal resistance.

but if you want to run “few laps of a decent race course”, you need a big battery pack.

Wrong. Big batteries in the right place (under the car, lowering the center of gravity), will do better curves in higher speeds. That’s all about design, not just heavy or light parts.

This car is really amazing one.

In Due Time, All the ‘Other OEM’s’ will have a Vehicle with a Plug – be they PHEV’s or BEV’s, if not just to say – they are on board the train as well! Someday – even Toyota will get back on the Train, too!

Must has said – he basically wanted to create compelling cars that happen to be Electric, and drive all other OEM’s to making similar Vehicles that are no longer fueled by liquids, but by Electrons, instead!

This is just one more player that is starting to get it!

How are they going to get it to leak oil?

That’s the second switch on the left, James. Please do be careful, 007.

They could be really British and have Lucas “The Lord of Darkness”, supply their batteries. 🙂

That grille looks ridiculous.

Yes. Needs nosecone. 😉

Robert Trickle down is happening. Many EVs will have 200 mile range in 2016 and lower cost. More public places to get a charge are poping up all the time and Utilities even have special Off Peak rates to charge at home while you sleep.

I don’t need 800 hp and I have a choice. I like to ride my bicycle most of the time. If it’s far or with more people we take one of our 100% electric cars.