With Assistance From Nissan And ABB, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Gets 2 CHAdeMO Quick Chargers


University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM), together with assistance from both Nissan and ABB collaborate, got its first two fast-charge stations.

The units, both of the CHAdeMO-only variety, are available for public use.

According to the ABB press release:

“The two new UWM stations are the first EV fast-charge stations in Milwaukee County. They bring the number of fast-charge stations in Wisconsin to four: ABB offers one to the general public at its New Berlin facility and another is available in Madison.”

UWM has two Level 2 AC chargers as well.

Brendan Jones, director of EV Sales and Infrastructure Strategy at Nissan commented on EV sales and the ABB units:

“Nissan’s is the EV sales leader with more than 50,000 LEAFs on American roads today. Nissan is also making substantial investments in EV infrastructure such as these new fast chargers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to support EV drivers in markets across the United States.”

Andy Bartosh, Program Manager for the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure at ABB, stated:

“We see fast charging technology supporting electric vehicle adoption rates all over the world, so this project is an important milestone for both the university community and the greater Milwaukee region.”

The pair of fast chargers are free to use, but parking fees do apply for the lot in which both units are located.

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I’ve used all four chargers in WI on my Leaf (in one day, even!). It’s worth pointing out that these two are 20KW units and the other two are 50KW units. Parking is also free at UW-M in the evenings and all day on Sundays.

Minor correction to article: UW-M has 4 L2 stations (two locations of two EVSE’s each).

Really great job with the infrastructure there! I was impressed with my tour of the campus chargers last month (in an effort to update PlugShare appropriately :-).