Assault & Battery Sets New EV 1/4 Mile Record at 9.122 Seconds

OCT 20 2013 BY MARK KANE 17

John Metric got ticket

John Metric got a ticket…or is that a time slip?

A few days ago, a converted electric drive Mazda Miata named Assault and Battery set a new world record in the 1/4 mile beating Black Current III.

“NEDRA NEWS – TEXAS (October 11, 2013) NEDRA President John Metric took his Miata, Assault and Battery to an all-time 1/4 mile record for a door slammer at Royal Purple Raceway with a best time of 9.12 at 145 mph!”

According to NEDRA, Assault and Battery has “333 volt LiPo pack and two 2000 amp Zilla controllers feeding dual NetGain 9-inch motors“, but at the event current was limited to less than 1,100 amps.

This record was set in the XS Extreme Street class.




Assault and Battery vs. Mustang video:

Source: NEDRA

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To the author of this article: Mark, you seem to have a knack for producing records broken by EVs. Any possibility you might provide an article showing
1) Records currently held by EVs
2) EV records vs ICE records Meaning if there is an EV division, how do their numbers compare to the overall record regardless of the technology.

I know this is a daunting task, but you have a better chance of compiling even a partial list. Your writing on the racing arena really draws attention to the status of EV technology both now and what is to come.
Thanks for your support

Mark K definitely loves racing, as do I. However, this list would definitely be daunting. You’d have to narrow down the focus, as there are simply too many motorsports/racing divisions out there.

Mark H thanks for feedback. Maybe we will do such list one day :).

In this post, record was set in “XS Extreme Street” class which disappeared when editing :(.

And magically reappeared now.

Thanks. You are fast.

Here’s a link to NEDRA record holders…all of which are electrics, but it’s only for 1/4 and 1/8 mile records:

NEDRA web seems to be not updated :(.

Mazda Miata 1/4 is only on SX list, but without Black Current III, which was previous holder:

NEDRA is keeping Land Speed Records of NEDRA Members now too.

I met John Metric at an EV Convention in Missouri in August and he is a man on a mission! Congratulations on your new 1/4 mile record john.


Thanks, Randy Soon, we will race my Fiero DC Plasma against Assault&Battery and start using the “Summit Racing Equipment – Electric-Powered Vehicle 7.5 seconds and slower” Series for an actual points championship. I hope you can join us.


That’s pretty good speed. I’d really like to know the 0-100km/h time.
That’s comfortable faster than a Veyron and actually too fast for a road car at which point I figure it’s enough 🙂
When it’s dangerous even for an intelligent driver to have in daily driving then it’s too much.

I’d say we should design EVs for 4 second acceleration and then you can have a button where it allows a bit more like say 3 seconds. Faster than that is essentially irrational. Until we have UFOs and fly.
And for poor drivers it should maybe have a mode where it’s limited to 12 second acceleration with a slow initial ramp up during the confusion where they insist it’s the brake they are pushing 🙂

This car is likely also faster than the Dutch formula student team.. and a couple of other cars are too.

0-60mph is calculated from the 1/8th mile time using Wallace Racing Calculators.
It calculates for A&B 60mph reached in 1.47 seconds. This fits my drag modeling software calculations as well.

60ft time of 1.315 seconds, meaning we are doing 60mph in about 75feet.

0-100kmh is right around there.

These 60ft times have been about the same all year long. Dutch kids are in a different class. This is a 2475lb full size car.


Btw, I would like to see what this car could do on road legal tires. It’s a lot cooler if you have a fast car that looks stock and you can drive on the road. I think it would be quite fast on BFgoodrich drags like White Zombie uses.

Dan, these are Hoosier DOT street legal Bias Ply tires. Called Quick Time Pro DOT. I could drive these on the street technically at low speeds if I figure out a way to put windshield wipers back into the car. Which is all I lack to be street legal.

You are right on the a concrete street with a friction factor of about 0.8, these 60ft times are overkill, you can’t hold that on the road.


I wonder what people think when they bring these EVs to the racetrack for the first time. So some guy in his loud gasoline (or nitro or whatever) racecar is getting ready to race an all electric he’s probably thinking its going to be like racing a golf cart. I bet its a shock when he looses to an EV.

That guy in the right lane, it was his very first time to the race track with his red mustang. He said he had been building it for several years, he thought it made around 900horsepower. He brought about six of his best friends out and and the very first car he ever lined up against was an Electric Miata. He told me later his friends taunted him and told him he had better not lose to a Miata. He was so nervous, being his first run down the strip, he left about 0.45 seconds early. Which is nearly on the second light.

Of course we ran him down with me leaving 0.4 seconds late (cause we can’t redlight on a record attempt so I usually am conservative on the reaction time), we crossed first with me running a 9.1 and he ran a 9.99 giving him nearly 0.85 second headstart.

It was a great race.


Thanks for popping by and telling us the backstory John! Appreciate that!