Ask Men Wonders: “Is The BMW i8 The Sexiest Car Ever?” – Video


Ask Men Test BMW i8

Ask Men Test BMW i8

“In this new series, we put four ordinary men into an extraordinary car and give them the keys. Here’s what happened when they road-tested the BMW i8.”

The video itself is far more interesting than the description (posted above) would lead you to believe.

In fact, at one point, four guys squeeze into the i8, a feat we thought was impossible. Turns out it’s possible, but it sure doesn’t look comfortable.

Do check out the video.  It’s executed well and, despite the title, is actually a solid review of the BMW i8.

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With gasengine it is the unsexiest car ever

no comment

this actually is a very good review of the BMW i8. one interesting point that they raised is that you need at least 1m of clearance to open the doors. 1m required clearance is not going to work with most 2 car garages in the U.S.

i believe that the tesla model X is ok with regard to horizontal clearances because it looked to me like you could open those door with considerably less than 1m of clearance, and vertical clearance shouldn’t be a problem because any garage should give you at least 7′ of clearance even considering overhead lighting and trolley bar operators.

entry and exit is very suboptimal in the BMW i8 but the design is very good, i especially like the center console and dashboard layout. as pointed out in the video, the BMW i8 is effectively a 2-seat automobile.


hello why is this ugly car an amazing looking car ? because its just a german car, its not difficult to understand. the same car with an other name would be named a **** car !


by the german ADAC the best cars are …… japanese cars !!

Big Solar

jap cars are much better than german, yes, no doubt


Personally, I’d say the Lamborghini Countach is the sexiest car ever. But that’s me.