As With i3, BMW Predicts US to be Largest Market for i8


BMW i8 Targeted at US Buyers

BMW i8 Targeted at US Buyers

BMW has long since stated the the United States will be the largest market for the soon-to-launch i3.

i3 Expected to Sell in High Volumes in US Too

i3 Expected to Sell in High Volumes in US Too

That’s the same position BMW is taking with the upcoming i8.

BMW once again says that its focus will be in the US or, as i8 product manager, Hendrik Wenders, told Automotive News Europe:

“The U.S. will be by far the largest sales market for the i8.”

Aside from the US, BMW expects a decent amount of i8 buyers to reside in the UK, Germany and France.

Who will i8 buyers be?  Wenders say the average i8 buyers are “high-earning, technology-savvy men who are at least 35 years old,” according to Automotive News Europe.

The full production-ready BMW i8 will be unveiled in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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I think BMW has been smokin’ somethin’.

$150,000 and the thing is going to be lambasted in all the car rags.

Why? It doesn’t do anything well. By “anything” I mean performance
parameters in comparison to anything in it’s price range. Want
electric? Buy a Tesla? Want a $150,000 playtoy sports car? Buy
any number of cars that’ll outperform it.

The whole “I” series from BMW just makes me wonder what BMW
was thinking. Sure, they’ll work well for well-off bankers and lawyers
in Europe who are concerned about high congestion, or no Co2 zones
now being implemented in several of those countries. Here? No
bleepin’ way!

If we’re talking a proof-of-performance machine to show that
electric+ICE can be the 21st century version of turbocharging,
look to the Porsche 918 or any number of Le Mans cars. Thing
is – those cars are built to equal or outperform their competitors.
i8 isn’t there. It has a package shelf for a back seat with zero
headroom and some neat “wow factor” seagull-wing doors…
So many ICE 911s will leave it in the dirt at less MSRP, who’s
going to buy an i8? There just aren’t many wealthy “green”
folks who’ll dish out $155,000 for a 911 that’ll get 15 miles
all electric.