As Best Buy Exits The EVSE Game, Ford Goes With AeroVironment to Provide Home Charging


Ford Selects AeroVironment For Home Charging Solution For Their Electric Vehicle Lineup

Ford Selects AeroVironment For Home Charging Solution For Their Electric Vehicle Lineup

In addition to Ford branded Leviton charging stations, Ford Motor Company has selected AeroVironment as the preferred installation partner and authorized charging station supplier for the Ford Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi plug-in electric vehicles. AeroVironment is also the preferred charging solution provider for the Nissan Leaf, BMW ActiveE and Mitsubishi MiEV.

New Ford EVSE Equipment As Provided By AeroVironment

New Ford EVSE Equipment As Provided By AeroVironment

But what about the Best Buy’s Geek Squad?  Well, Best Buy decided they wanted to get out of the EVSE business, which opened the door for Ford to choose AeroVironment.

With AeroVironment, Ford plug-in customers can now purchase a Ford-approved 240-volt charger and schedule a turnkey professional installation with a single telephone call to AeroVironment at 1 (888) 219-6747. Customers can also visit the AeroVironment website to order their home charging package or purchasing their charging station.

The difference with AeroVironment seems to be that many customers will have the opportunity to schedule a charging station installation in a single visit, without the need for a preliminary site consultation, depending on local regulations and the layout of their property.

Wahid Nawabi, AeroVironment senior vice president and general manager of its Efficient Energy Systems business segment had this to say about the deal:

“AeroVironment looks forward to delivering a complete home charging solution to Ford plug-in customers so they can enjoy the benefits and convenience of faster charging and cleaner driving. Turning home garages into electric vehicle refueling stations with a single telephone call is one of several ways we work with transportation leaders like Ford to make it easy for drivers to enjoy the benefits of plug-in electric vehicles.”

Ford’s plug-in hybrid models, C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi, will recharge in 2.5 hours, giving drivers another 21 miles of all-electric driving. The Focus Electric will be ready for 76 miles of all-electric driving in less than 4 hours. By comparison, charging the Focus Electric from a standard 120-volt wall outlet can require 18 to 20 hours for a full recharge.

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· Not sure I understand Ford’s motivation here. I’m under the impression that at least in the States, most people obtain their EVSE’s from either Home Depot or Lowe’s, at least the Do it Yourselfer types, of which the EV community probably has more than our share of somewhat adventurerous types. I bought my EVSE at an electric supply house, only because I got a better price, and got better service than Home Depot would have supplied. But I was the first sale in the entire North East USA (for the Schneider charger dock), as I stumbled onto the charger dock the day it was officially released for sale. Big box stores, or electrical distributors, seem to be a more natural place for sales of these items, since they will either installed by electricians who already have a relationship with electrical distributors, or sometimes the contractor desk at the Big Box stores, or else for the DIY who basically feels he’s up to the challenge but just wants to ask a few simple questions about wiring, safety, capacity, disconnects, etc that the distributor counter deskman can answer, or, in the big box store, the retired electrician they have assisting customers… Read more »

Home Depot has stopped carrying inventory of EVSEs in their Northern California stores quite some time ago. You have to order one, either at the desk or on their web site. Their web site offers in-store pickup if you like. I bought the Leviton 40A EVSE from their web site and it was delivered to my office by UPS 2 days later. Amazon was selling the same unit for the same price but they did not have available stock at the time I needed to purchase.

I think the key point for Ford is that many customers’ garages are not prepared for Level 2 electric vehicle charging, so the service that Aerovironment offers is valuable because they are experienced in EVSE installation. Clearly, any electrical contractor can do it, but most people don’t have a trusted electrical contractor’s info in their Rolodex.

How about this, instead of giving me a big hunk of plastic to connect to a 240V socket in my garage, just give me a cord that hooks to the 240V socket in my garage. This is not hard. Don’t partner with anyone to give me an extra piece of hardware. Partner with whoever makes your 110V core, and MAKE IT A 220/240V CORD!

It’s what Tesla does. Buy a Tesla, and it’s easier to set up L2 charging at your house than a LEAF or Focus or anything. The engineer and analyst in me wants to destroy these stupid plastic boxes. I won’t rest until they are all dead. Ship a 220/240V cord with the damned cars!

Right! Especially since manufacturers have to do that anyway with their European cars. Permanently mounted EVSEs are ridiculously expensive for such rather rudimentary devices. At least if the cost reflected durability and longevity it would make some sense, but for being basically glorified GFCI boxes EVSEs malfunction all too often, and yet the warranty and service aspect is often overlooked.

To play a devil’s advocate however the permanently installed EVSE’s are safer. There is less cord to trip on, the permanent connection does not degrade as rapidly as a socket, and the device mounted on a wall is usually better protected from the elements and from handling. Permanently mounted EVSEs are more convenient as well. Drive up and insert the plug into the EV. Nothing to stow all the time except hanging the cord. Last but not least, with the expanding clientele for EVs charging should be made simpler. Not all EV drivers are going to be enthusiasts or have a background in electric equipment.

I hired a local electrician to put in a 240 vt plug. I went to amazon and ordered a Leviton L2 charger for $700. I plugged it in to the new wall socket. I collected a 50% rebate from my city utility for installation plus charger. /happydance

If I move, I take the charger and the new owner has a freezer plug… oddly located halfway down the garage wall.