Here’s How Artisan Vehicles Battery Swap Works: Video

DEC 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Mining is actually an application where battery swap could be the answer

Earlier this year, Artisan Vehicles introduced Z40, an all-electric 40-ton mining haul truck. Probably the biggest in the industry and ready for zero-emission mining.

The Z40 is equipped with a huge 345 kWh battery (main traction battery), but because the excessive energy consumption when climbing up with load the range would be not sufficient for the job. This is why Z40’s discharged battery can be swapped and replaced with a fully charged battery. For the time when the main battery is put on the ground, the vehicle operates using a 24 kWh tramming battery. The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes.

“One of our latest innovations is the fastest battery swapping method available in the industry. First introduced in our Z40 Haul Truck, this built-in mechanism lifts and drops off the battery cage reducing battery swapping time by 50% and removing the need for a gantry crane set up in mines’ charging bays. The Z40 Haul Truck can pull into a charging bay, swap its battery, and exit the bay fully recharged in about 8 to 9 minutes. Times as low as 7 minutes have been achieved by experienced operators working at a comfortable pace.”

Artisan Vehicles Z40 battery swap

Artisan Vehicles A10

The A10 is another EV from Artisan and it’s also equipped with a battery swap system. The 10 tonne Load/Haul/Dump (LHD) underground mining vehicle has a 265 kWh battery and 24 kWh tramming battery.

Artisan Vehicles A10

Artisan Vehicles A10

Artisan Vehicles A4

The smallest A4 is a 4 tonne LHD, with 88 kWh (or 133 kWh battery), but this time it seems without a battery swap option.

Artisan Vehicles A4

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Is this a joke article?

Hmmm … how did the truck move back and forth with a old discharged battery dismounted? Superduper capacitors, precharged to provide energy, or It has more than battery pack?

Id say it would be the Tramming Battery mentioned….

The article clearly states:
“For the time when the main battery is put on the ground, the vehicle operates using a 24 kWh tramming battery.”

Talk about the proverbial Trojan Horse:)

I’m not versed in mining operations so I don’t know how realistic it is to have a swap station with a high current power feed (assuming they need to charge multiple large packs at the same time). I assume the charge station has to move every n weeks too.

But the idea seems sound, and not having emissions in an underground mine is clearly a good thing.