ARPA-E Dishes Out $36M to Fund Robust and Affordable Next-Generation Battery Technology


ARPA-E (otherwise known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy) is dishing out $36 million to support future electric vehicles.

ARPA-E Header

ARPA-E Header

The funding goes out under a program called “Robust Affordable Next Generation Energy Storage Systems,” or RANGE for short (we’re not sure why it’s RANGE and not RANGESS, but whatever).

Under RANGE, ARPA-E is looking to back companies and organizations that will “re-envision the total EV battery system.”

In total, ARPA-E is funding22 projects (PDF) that it believes will “accelerate widespread EV adoption by dramatically improving driving range and reliability, and by providing low-cost, low-carbon alternatives to today’s vehicles.”

ARPA-E Deputy Director, Cheryl Martin, issued this statement on RANGE:

“The breadth and volume of technology approaches embodied in the RANGE projects demonstrate ARPA-E’s commitment to transformational innovation.  The success of RANGE battery technologies will reshape our thinking on EV storage and help reduce U.S. dependence on foreign energy sources, decrease emissions and help maintain our technological lead in R&D.”

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5 Comments on "ARPA-E Dishes Out $36M to Fund Robust and Affordable Next-Generation Battery Technology"

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If the title is accurate, I don’t think $36 is going to go very far. I will double it to $72 if that will help. 🙂

$36? That’s like 7 Quick Charges on the DoE Funded EV Project network.
Not going to go very far! 😉

Haha, nice catch guys. I’ve updated the title for Eric L. to include an “M” after the $36. Maybe one day that’s all we’ll need for additional battery advancements if costs keep coming down! 🙂

$36 million….chump change! The oil companies will no doubt value a serious battery breakthrough for what it’s really worth and add a couple of zeros to that number to get the patent. After all there has to be a reason why of the dozens of apparently serious battery breakthrough announcement I have read about over the years exactly 0% has resulted in an actual product.

ARPA-E is for very speculative research. It is not for funding companies that are bringing something to market soon.