Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows Off His Custom Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class


Former Hummer “spokesman” Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently has a newfound interest in the environment.

However, he’s not willing to give up his love for large, capable SUVs, with legendary off-road prowess. How about an all-electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class? Too bad for Arnie, MB isn’t making one.

How about an all-electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class?

How about an all-electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class?

It turns out that when money isn’t a factor, you can get whatever you want … within reason. The current boss of Celebrity Apprentice contracted Austria-based Kreisel Electric, a company that is known for electrifying vehicles.

Kreisel recently made its own version of the VW e-Golf, built on a regular Golf platform, and beat VW’s range by triple. Kreisel’s new MB G-Class, that’s now in the hands of Arnie, boasts 186 miles of range, and more power than the ICE version.

Schwarzenegger’s new ride, equipped with an 80 kWh battery pack, will take you on a zero to 62 mph sprint in 5.6 seconds. The company claims that its battery technology allows for an 80 percent charge in about 25 minutes. However, Kreisel didn’t clarify the charging specifics.

Kreisel Electric is working to make its name in electrifying vehicles. The company hopes to get the attention of OEMs through projects such as this. It is already in the process of building a battery factory and may have “unofficial” future plans with some automakers.

Arnie is shipping his new ride back to California and is exciting to start testing it out.

Video Description via Kreisel on YouTube:

The specialist for electromobility Kreisel Electric has electrified the off-road vehicle Mercedes G. At the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzebuehel they presented the electric car to the public for the very first time.

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If Kreisel can do it, they all can if they really want to.

100 kWh battery is probably enough for any passenger vehicle, it’s all down to the cost of the batteries.

“The electrified Mercedes G 350 d convinces with a realistic electric range of 300 kilometres with a single power-charge. The high-performance batteries are built into the car with a capacity of 80 kWh and an overall weight of 510 kg. The Kreisel batteries are distributed in the car: under the bonnet, in the rear, where it replaces the fuel tank and underneath the entry.
The new battery technology allows for extremely fast charging with up to 150kW.”

I’ve seen that “up to 150kW charging..” before, regarding their E-Golf project.
That one said: “55.7 kWh capacity, 330 kg battery weight, prepared for quick-charging with up to 150 kW”.
I’ll believe it when I see it.

Well, this is a lot better from when he was one of the first Hummer drivers…..

Maybe Arnold can make EV’s “cool” ? 🙂

Hey Arnie, that is a cool Benz! By the way, when you are telling folks about your bad ass EV conversion, the term “electric motor” is probably what the Kreisel Brothers would want you to mention, instead of “electric engine”.

Oh, and be on the lookout, when you get back to Cali, Govenor Moonbeam will be looking to get a photo op, of you and your EV Benz on the Cali Hydrogen Highway!

I remember the hydrogen Hummer…

Kudos to Gov. Schwarzenegger.

80% of 80kWh in 25 minutes is a average charge rate of 153kW.

Some say Kreisel is helping with the Jaguar I-Pace …

Kreisel is giving hope for aftermarket battery pack like the one they design to replace the original 22 kWh pack of a e-Golf with a 55 kWh one with the same volume and weight.

It means they could do 60 kWh pack replacement for the 24 kWh Leaf pack.
That would make me buy it right away.

I am sure the Bolt would be significantly cheaper and it has a 63kWh pack.

If they could do it for the same $/kWh as Tesla with the Powerwall, such a pack should cost around 22k. That should be doable. Used Leafs go for 8k, or less. So if they take back the battery for some change, they could beat the Bolt.

It wouldn’t be very good value, but possible.


We need them or someone like them to upfit all the old Leaves.
I need someone to rebuild the pack for my expired 2011 Ford (Azure Dynamics) Transit EV.
I’m praying to you!

“Get in the G-Class!”

OK so does it have a CCS charge port?

The Governator was talking about global warming back in 2007 and participated in a climate change conference with Florida governor Charlie Crist. Hope he has Trump’s ear and can talk some sense into Trump or maybe not…Trump is claiming millions voted illegally…here we go the roller coaster ride has departed HOLD ON LOL

Get to dah chargaaah!!

Arni to Da Charging Station:
“I’ll be Back!”

I wanted to see the video a second time so I touched the screen again and I got to see ALL the videos that Arnold did with his phone including the sausage and the cow bells. I don’t know if that’s normal or if he inadvertently left something open, but it was fun to see him doing well.

Arnold 2020.

As governor he was instrumental in getting CARB the waiver to regulate emissions. Kudos.

Whatever else you can say about him, he was a good governor for the environment in California, especially considering his party. He has since talked about climate change many times.

Unfortunately he cannot run for president. If we must have a Republican celebrity president, he would have been by far the best choice.