Arcimoto To Open First Rental Center For Three-Wheel EV


Now, you can test drive Arcimoto’s three-wheel EV, as long as you are cool with planning a trip to Oregon.

C’mon … Oregon is a wonderful place that everyone should visit if they haven’t already been there, and if you have, perhaps you should head back to test out the Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle at the new experience center, which opens in just a few days. From what we’ve heard, you’re sure to have a ton of FUN!

The all-new Arcimoto experience center in Eugene, Oregon opens this Saturday, October 27. Even better … it’s open on the weekend. All silliness aside, while Arcimoto isn’t a company we cover extensively at InsideEVs, it’s still a vehicle that’s pretty innovative and cool and deserves some press.

The first Arcimoto orders haven’t yet made their way to new owners’ driveways, so there haven’t been many opportunities for people to jump in and take them for a drive. Not only can you check out and test drive the Arcimoto in Oregon beginning soon, but you can also rent one. Thus far, we have no details on pricing for the rental situation, but we imagine that it has to be somewhat reasonable.

The reality here is that if people are going to consider dropping nearly $12k to get a vehicle that isn’t really for traditional use, then a rental should be relatively cheap or the company is wasting its time with this new effort. Fingers crossed here!

As you can see based on the informational video below, the Arcimoto three-wheel EV seats two in an exposed cabin and offers a 70-mile range. This type of EV might be awesome to rent and troll around on vacation, but it’s not necessarily advantageous for regular use. Hence, renting it might be an outstanding concept.

If you want to partake, starting this upcoming weekend you can head to 543 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR. Also, please be sure to let us know how the experience plays out.

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Is this a good idea to open rental center in arctic cold Oregon? SoCal gets really really cold (sometimes as low as 40F! brrrrr), but it’s better than rainy and arctic Oregon. This weekend would be perfect for this as temperature will hover 85F.

Saddle up boys … this looks like a really fun little pony!

No doors?

What about bad weather conditions?

It’s cheaper than a Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, but you also get a lesser vehicle.

The Smart ForTwo is an overpriced toy, and sells pretty badly.
There are plenty of 4-seater Segment A cars sold in Europe & elsewhere that are better deals.
Currently only the Fiat 500 (in the US) and the Citroën/Peugeot C-Zero/iOn and VW e-Up! have BEV versions, but that will change within 1-2 years.

I recall from my MBA days about market penetration, e.g. how families went to color TV’s (from black and white screens) and then had two to three TV’s in their homes. Then the same thing happened with cars as families went from one-car to two-car to three-car homes (because TV’s got ridiculously cheap and [used] cars were bought because reliability and technology improved, e.g used cars were safe to buy at low prices.).

The problem with this vehicle is it’s a niche product (the market has to be tiny), can’t get economies of scale (much less economies of scope) so it will remain overpriced with limited utility. I see the vehicle as a fad with the CEO aping the Tesla model.

It’s a nice toy for rich families but has little value when a family can buy a used BEV for the same price.

Remember, sometimes parking spaces can be an extremely tight fit in urban/metro situations.

The Arcimoto FUV is perfectly sized to fit in spaces that others (regular compact sedans), would normally have to pass on. The San Francisco Marina district comes to mind, as “sardine central”, when it comes to extreme mini parking spaces. It’s Perfect vehicle for Pizza delivery/ Grubhub/ Uber Eats/ etc.

Having lived in NYC (and was a master at parallel parking in tight spots), the argument about creating special purpose vehicles for limited situations (like food delivery) is a bit specious.

Clayton Christian who introduced disruptive innovation in business had a great question when understanding new technology: What problem does this [product] solve?

You look at Model 3 and the answer is vast. You look at the Arcimoto, and if the best answer is for delivery in tight spots, then Arcimoto has a big problem – the business model won’t work because the economics won’t work.

You work backwards to see if it makes sense: The food business delivery has very poor margins and make it up on volume. In the food / restaurant business, their biggest margin (like 100% mark up) is drinks or wine and entrees follow the 1/3rd rule. What I am saying is the delivery business cannot afford a new Acrimoto’s.